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Vintage movie, theater, and stage memorabilia of all sorts. These items are all guaranteed vintage and all dealer prices.

#ZZB061  - Charlie Chaplain Silent Movie Handbill - Fall of Babylon

OK guys. Something like this is uncommon. Vintage Charlie Chaplain items like this are nearly impossible to find. They came out of an old theatre in Brooklyn, NY. They are 11" tall thin paper handbills that they passed out in front of the theater to attact customers. It advertises D. W. Griffith's The Fall of Babylon which was made in 1919, so that is the time period these are from. It shows the second feature was Charlie Chaplan's comedy "Carman" which was made in 1917. This was the era of the silent movie and so it says "music throughout the entire show". What that means is that some guy played the organ while you watched the silent movies. This is a very good piece and we are proud to be able to offer it. These are the only examples we've ever seen. We bought them right and so are passing them on at an amazing price.


#ZZB003 - Grease Pin

Vintage well made gold colored Grease pin with the movie logo. These are about an inch and a quarter wide with a long stick pin (be careful, they are sharp). These came from a fellow who sold merchandise at rock concerts and various events between about 1977 and 1978. I guess this was a popular item at that time. He still had these in storage. They are well made and in great shape. This kind of stuff doesn't come around very often.


#ZZB058 - 1974 The Royal Lipizzan Stallion Show Equestrian Program
Vintage 11" tall full color souvenir movie program from the 5th anniversary 1974 Wonderful World of Horses Royal Lipizzan Stallion Show. These are in great unused condition.

#ZZB044- Superman II Special Promotional Poster
Vintage 38" tall folded poster. They are marked CINEPIX Sales Display for promotional use only. "1981 Budmore Publishing Corp." This is an extremely rare piece that was used for displays that sold color stills. It pictures eight stills from the movie on it. Also marked "Copyright 1981 DC Comics". I may have these vastly underpriced as sometimes this kind of stuff goes for big bucks. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#ZZB051 - Large Nicholas and Alexandra Souvenir Movie Program
Vintage 13 1/4" tall full color souvenir movie program from the 1971 movie Nicholas and Alexandra. This is a very high quality piece. Unused condition.