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Vintage Beads and Findings
Our goal is to supply craft folks, dealers, and collectors with beads and findings that are dealer priced, and that are genuinely old. We will give you specific information about the age of every bead or finding that we offer.  They are all old with no exceptions. We will be offering you a wide selection from Venetian trade beads from around 1900 to nailheads which were use to decorate clothing in the roaring 1920s to Hippie Beads from around 1970, and more.

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#BEADS0406 - Miscellaneous Glass Cameos
(75¢ each). Miscellaneous vintage 18mm tall glass cameos. These all came from a store up in the Northeast. They carried a number of different glass cameos this size that were all made in Japan between the 1950s and the early 1970s. These are the leftovers. Very few alike. If you order 10, you will likely get 10 different. The ones in the picture are typical examples. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0407 - Beads/Findings Display Cards
($2.50 each). We have a box of bead store display cards from that are from around 1960 up to the early 1970s. No two alike. Most are 9" or 10" tall. Some are larger. These are sample cards that displayed bead types with their colors and styles. Some are for findings too. Most have all the items still on them, but there may be a piece or two missing here or there. These are pretty cool and near impossible to find. These came from an old store in California we visited. They are in good shape. Many have prices or dates hand written on them.

#BEADS0415 - One Dozen Various Colored Faceted Transparent Navettes
(You get 12 for $1). Vintage large 18mm tall transparent faceted navette cabochons. Colors will be mixed like the ones in the picture. We found several large packets of these marked Made in Czechoslovakia in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0397 - Small Mother of Pearl Bead
Vintage small 4mm diameter round bead. These were in old packages from the 1950s or 60s that were marked "Mother of Pearl" which indeed they are. They came from a bead store on the east coast that closed over 30 years ago. Excellent unused condition. They are small, but very pretty.

#BEADS0387 - Bright Yellow Japanese Millefiori Bead
Vintage 8mm bright yellow glass Japanese Millefiori Flower Bead. Theyhave very fancy flower patterns. The word "Millefiori" is Italian and means 1000 flowers. To make these flower patterns on the beads is labor intensive and requires hand cutting a hot cane of glass that has been patterned. These are unsold old stock from a warehouse on the West Coast. They are made in Japan and were imported in the late 1960s during the flower power hippie craze. They are all handmade and so the sizes will vary a little and they may not all be perfectly round.

#BEADS0416 - Amber Glass Scarab Cabochon
Vintage 13mm tall glass scarab (Egyptian) cabochon. Beautiful clear amber glass with a lot of detail. We found these in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition. You could make all sorts of interesting jewelry with these.

#BEADS0418 - Irregularly Shaped Rounded Suface Small White Cabachon with Painted Flower Decoration
Vintage 8mm tall white glass cabochon. Irregular shape with flat back. Green and red flower decoration. Unusual. We found these in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0401 - Green Glass Shell Sew on Decoration
Vintage 11mm wide green glass shell with a single hole for stringing or sewing on something. These are unsold old stock in excellent condition from around the 1950s. They came from an old store in the Northeast, and are Czech.

#BEADS0408 - Large Artistic Cabachon with Multi-Color Foil Center
Large 18mm diameter jet black glass cabochon with a clear domed top containing shiny multi-color metal fragments. They are very unusual and beautiful. We got these from an old store up in the Northeast where they had been since at least the 1960s. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0409 - Hobnail Surface Purple Glass Cabochon with Aurora Borealis Finish
11mm diameter foiled back purple hobnail cabochon. These have a bright rainbow Aurora Borealis finish and are from the 1950s. We got these from an old store up in the Northeast. They are unusual and in excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0404 - Green glass leaves with Bud Glue on Decoration
Vintage 11mm tall glass glue on decoration. It looks like a bud or flame arising from between two leaves. These are unused stock from around the 1950s from a store up in the Northeast. Most likely Czech.

#BEADS0417 - Diamond Shaped Rounded Suface Small Pink Cabachon with Painted Flower Decoration
Vintage 8mm tall pink glass cabochon. Diamond shape with facets on the reverse for mounting. Green and red flower decoration. We found these in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0398 - 12 Sided Tranlucent Olive Colored Bead
Vintage 12 sided 7mm long crystal glass bead. These have an unusual translucent olive color when held up to the light. They came from an old store in the Northeast. They are Czech and from around the 1960s.

#BEADS0399 - Multi Faceted Grey Base Aurora Borealis Finish Bead
Vintage multi sided 6mm long grey aurora borealis finish glass bead. These are from the heyday of the aurora borealis finish when it was very popular in the 1950s. They came from an old store in the Northeast, and are Czech.

#BEADS0414 - Large Teardrop Shaped Smoky Colored Cabochon with White Clouds
Vintage large 18mm tall clear smoky glass foiled back cabochon. It looks like white clouds floating in the smoke. Very unusual. We just found a few at an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950 or earlier. Excellent unused condition. These are really nice.

#BEADS0410 - Purple Striped White Glass Cabachon
10mm long West German white glass cabochon with purple stripes. Circa 1960s. We got these from an old store up in the Northeast. They are in excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0150 - Group of 3 Different Colored Large Rare American Glass Beads/Curtain Pulls from the Civil War Era
(You get 3 for $3 - That's $1 each). Early large heavy wound glass American hand made beads. The sizes are very variable ranging from about an inch to over and inch and a quarter. They are glass that was worked on an iron rod. These have the iron residue up the entire opening which was caused by rods used from about 1840 to 1870. The three different will be green, amber, and cobalt (out of light blue). These handmade glass objects were sold as beads and as curtain pulls, and sold by the peck. They are one of the very earliest forms of American lampwork bead. They light up brilliantly with a lot of light behind them. Here's the crazy story of how we found them. We were out looking for hippie beads at a store in California when we found these packed away with a bunch of old hippie stuff. They told us that grandpa had bought them from a store that exclusively sold vintage American glass that went out of business. He bought them because of the large holes and colors, thinking the hippies would like them! It turns out they are real deal mid 1800s blown glass. This is one of the best find we have ever had.

#BEADS0030 - Group of 3 Different Larger Metal Peace Pendants
You get all 3 different for $1.50 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 1 3/8" - 2" tall diecut punched metal peace pendants. Two are aluminum. The other is solid brass. These are well make and have a hole for stringing or dangling. They have a nice patina, but will really shine with some metal polish if that's the look you want. They are unsold old stock from a bead store on the east coast that closed 30 some years ago. These were hippie staples and you rarely see the ones made in a crude circle shape like this any more. The peace sign was originally a symbol developed by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1957 in the UK. It was adopted by the hippie culture and the symbol could be seen everywhere between about 1967 and 1972.

#BEADS0148 - Amazing Large Glass Swirl Floral Pattern Hand Made Bead
Vintage nearly 1" wide (average) handmade bead. These are large heavy glass beads that have swirls forming a floral pattern in white and red against the black glass. Because they were handmade (also known as lampwork beads), no two are alike. The sizes are plus or minus a bit and the designs are unique on each one.

They are in unused condition, and are some of the most beautiful pieces you will ever see. As far as we can tell, there are no other examples of these to be found anywhere online, or anywhere period. They came into the store in 1967, but look very much like fancy Venetian floral beads from the early 1900s.

They were sold as hippie beads in the late 60s from a bead store near the Haight Ashbury area.

#BEADS0051 - 200 Candy Cane Czech Nailhead Glass Beads
Price is 3¢ per bead. These are very small and very beautiful. 200 should strand out to around 20" or so. Sizes vary a little. Use the dime in the picture for perspective. Nailheads were made almost exclusively in the 1920s for flapper dresses, purses and other items of clothing. There are many types. When the Great Depression hit, production ceased and a lot of these were left behind. The ones we have came from the basements of old shops in New York City that made outfits back in the day and somehow survived the depression. Nailheads are named as such because they have a look a little like the head of a nail.

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