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#BEADS0052 - Square Faceted Taupe Czech Nailhead Glass Bead
#BEADS0052 - Square Faceted Taupe Czech Nailhead Glass Bead
Price is 8¢ per bead. These have faceted top sides, and are an unusual Taupe color. 7 strand out to about an inch. Use the dime in the picture for perspective. Nailheads are very small, but very beautiful. They were made almost exclusively in the 1920s for flapper dresses, purses and other items of clothing. There are many types. When the Great Depression hit, production ceased and a lot of these were left behind. The ones we have came from the basements of old shops in New York City that made outfits back in the day and somehow survived the depression. Nailheads are named as such because they have a look a little like the head of a nail, and like nails, some have flat heads, some are round, and some are square.

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