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#PL178 -  Montana State Senator Letterhead and Calling Card - L. M. A. Wass
Vintage unused 11" tall letterhead stamped with the official seal of the State of Montana and marked Senator L. M. A. Wass. We will also include a calling card from the senator that was found with the unused letterhead. These are from the 1930s, but look much older. They are very detailed and nice. Very scarce and nice item.


#PL075 - Wallace 72 Pinback
Vintage 1" diameter tin Wallace '72 pin. These were made for George Wallace's 1972 run for the presidency which was disrupted when he was shot that year. Interesting historical piece.


#PL141 - 1973 Nixon Inaugural Parade Map/Flyer

Vintage 1973 Nixon - Agnew Inaugural Parade Route Flyer. 11" wide. Map of the parade route & photos of Nixon/Agnew. These came from the original distributor and were leftovers that were never used. They are a cool piece of history.



#PL086 - Building a Bridge to the 21st Century Inaugural Pinback
Vintage 3" wide uncommon Bill Clinton Inaugural pinback from 1997. Marked Official Presidential Inaugural Collectibles. Says Building a Bridge to the 21st century.


#PL208 - 48 Star American Flag Keychain
Vintage keychain with 1 3/4" 48 star American flag embossed on metallized paper and encased in plastic. It slides out and has a place to put your identification info on the back. These are in nice unused condition and are old stock that we recently found at an old distributorship in Boston. They are from the 1950s.


#PL054 - Bill Clinton Saxaphone Pin
Vintage 1 1/2" tall gold colored saxaphone pinback that was sold at Bill Clinton rallies. Nice shape. Neat political collectible. These are leftovers that I got from a fellow who sold them at Clinton rallies.


#PL174 -  Johnson Humphrey Political Tab
1" tall 1964 Johnson Humphrey tab. These are in nice unused shape. Marked Bastian Brothers.


#PL192 - Nixon Now PInback
Vintage 1 3/8" diameter Nixon Now pinback. This was the main slogan for the 1972 presidential campaign. Marked Committe to Re-elect the president. These are unused and in nice shape


#PL340 - Rare Early Celluloid Hello Bill Elks Pin
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 1/4" tall celluloid "Hello Bill!" pinback. These are the old versions. Likely 100 years old. Rare pin. These are quite a deal at this price. The Hello Bill! greeting is a tradition used by the fraternal Order of Elks. It started in 1897 and is used to this day. Really really nice condition for their age. You will never find any nicer.


#PL069 - George Wallace for President Pinback
Vintage 1 7/8" diameter George Wallace pinbacks.This one was made for Wallace’s 72 campaign by the Hendricks Co. in Atlanta (where they were found), but they were never issued as George canceled that campaign. Great condition.


#PL325 - Ike and Dick (Eisenhower and Nixon) Presidential Campaign Button
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1" diameter Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon (Ike and Dick) campaign button from the 1952 election. Has the union marks on the side. Most people don't remember that Nixon was Eisenhower's Vice President. Excellent unused condition.


#PL339 - Pictorial Nixon's the One 1968 Presidential Campaign Button
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 1/4" tall Dwight Richard Nixon campaign button from the 1968 election. Says "Nixon's the One". Nice image of Nixon. Side is marked "Votes Unlimited" "Ferndale, New York". Excellent unused condition.


#PL288 - President Nixon Bumper Sticker from the 1972 Election
Vintage 6"  wide "President Nixon" bumper sticker. These are marked "Comm to Re-elect the President" and are from the 1972 election campaign. Excellent unused condition. These are not real common.


#PL344 - Hubert Humphrey 1972 Vote Humphrey Sample Ballot Brochure
Click the image to see a larger more detailed picture (front cover and inside of brochure pictured). Vintage 8 1/2" tall full color 4 panel brochure tells about how to vote for Hubert Humphrey in the 1972 primary which he won. The inside is a sample ballot showing what to mark to support Humphrey. These are rare. Just have a few. Excellent unused condition.


#PL299 - 1980 The Time is Now Reagan Bush Presidential Campaign Brochure
Vintage over 15" wide when unfolded brochure with 8 panels. These are uncommon and in excellent unused condition. Items from the 1980 Reagan campaign have always been hard to come by and this is a good one.


#PL060 - Sock it to 'em Spiro Pinback
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 3/4" diameter pinback that says "Sock it to 'em Spiro". Excellent unused condition. These are interesting. They were made in 1968 by AAA novelty in Washington D.C. and are a reference to a 1968 cameo appearances of Richard Nixon on the Laugh In show which aired just before the general election. Richard Nixon deadpanned, "Sock it to me?" on the show. Many credit that appearance on Laugh-In as pushing Nixon over the top to get elected to the presidency. His opponent Hubert H. Humphrey declined the invitation. Spiro, of course, refers to Spiro Agnew, who was running with Nixon as his Vice President.


#PL150 - Group of 12 John McCain Bumper Stickers from the 2008 election
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $2.40 (that's 20¢ each). Vintage 11 1/2" wide John McCain bumper stickers. Leftovers from the 2008 election. Excellent unused condition.


#PL323 - Pictorial Ronald Reagan for President 80 Pin - As low as $1.50 each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 1/4"" diameter "Ronald Reagan for President 80" pinback button from his winning 1980 presidential bid. Nice picture of Reagan with the GOP elephant on the left side. This is an uncommon one, and Reagan items are hard to find. These are unused old stock in excellent condition. They have some minor foxing, typical of celluloid pins from this era as you can see in the picture.



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#PL335 - Larger 1992 Clinton Gore Rapid Response Team Campaign Button
Click the image to see a larger more detailed picture. Vintage larger 1 5/8" tall patriotic red, white, and blue pinback from the 1992 Clinton Gore presidential campaign. They say "Clinton Gore Rapid Response Team" and have the Union mark on the bottom. These were never used and are in excellent condition.


#PL342 - Nixon Pinback from the Presidential Campaign
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 7/8" tall pinback. Red, white, and blue with stripe and a star. Pretty one. Leftover from the 1968 presidential run. Marked "Votes Unlimited" around the rim. Excellent unused condition.


#PL347 - Large John F. Kennedy Promotional Picture
Click the image to see a larger more detailed picture. Vintage 10 1/4" tall JFK picture printed on cardboard. Marked "John F. Kennedy" at the bottom. Also marked "Copyright Fabian Bachrach" who was a well known photographer of the day. These are from the early 1960s, and are in excellent unused condition.


#PL049 - Group of 4 George Wallace Promotion Pictures with Photo Signature
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You will get 4 for $3 (that's 75¢ each). Vintage 5 1/2" tall unused picture of George Wallace from his 1972 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination with photo signature that says "Best Wishes George C. Wallace Gov".


#PL098 - Blue and Red Nixon Agnew Pinback
Vintage 1 1/8" diameter blue and red Nixon Agnew pinbacks. These are from the 1972 campaign and are marked "The Committee to Re-elect the President". Nice shape. May have some slight scratches. Nearly all tin pinbacks have slight scratches due to just bumping into each other in the boxes they were put in when they were made.


#PL199 - Jerry L. Pettis Congressman Letterhead

Vintage 10 1/2" tall sheet with Jerry L. Pettis Congress of the United States letterhead. Jerry L. Pettis was a congressman in California in the 1960s and 70s. He came to national attention in 1974 when he died unexpectedly in an airline crash. A special election was held and his wife, Shirley Neil Pettis, won and replaced him. These are official letterheads from his estate that were never used.



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