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#SIGN161 - Group of 20 Different Paper Diecut Soda and Floats Diner Signs
#SIGN161 - Group of 20 Different Paper Diecut Soda and Floats Diner Signs
(You get 20 for $10 - that's only 50¢ each!). These are fantastic. Please click the picture to get a larger, more complete, and detailed view of them. Vintage diecut paper Soda and Float signs that were made in the 1950s for use in diners and ice cream/soda shops. The tallest one is 15" tall and sizes vary as you can see in the picture. They are bright and colorful. Includes all sorts of flavors and types of sodas and floats. These are larger and more colorful than many of the cardboard ones. They are old stock found in Pennsylvania. We had been on the trail of these for a couple of years. One of our customers tipped us off to the location. Thanks Norman. These were printed in 1951. They were found at a distributor still in their shipping boxes dated 1953. These have the look and are about as 1950s as you can get.

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