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#BEADSC0251 - Pair of Large Brass Pat Boone Pendant/Charms
#BEADSC0251 - Pair of Large Brass Pat Boone Pendant/Charms
You get both pieces for $2.50. Both are vintage brass. The one piece is diecut into a heart shape and is 1 7/8" tall. On the one side it has Pat's Boone's picture and signature embossed in the brass witha record and a pair of 50s shoes. The reverse says "Always Your Boy" "Pat Boone" which was his trademark saying. The smaller one is about an inch tall and is embossed "Always Your Boy" "Pat Boone" on one side and has a record embossed on the reverse. The brass shows age patina. This was quite the find. They are from the 1950s. They are in excellent unused condition, but show some minor scratches from getting tossed around over the years. Did you know that Pat Boone had 38 top 40 hits mostly in the late 1950s? Elvis is the only artist who charted more hits during that time!


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