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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of Zane Shaffer. He was a pioneer in this field who recently left us. A lot of you have likely crossed paths with him. He was, arguably, the largest dealer in our type of merchandise on the East Coast. His family sold us a large lot of his inventory with the hope that his items will find good homes with people who appreciate them. You will see a lot of them over the next year or so, and we will mark them as such. Here is a note from his family "Whether he was gettin' his road warrior on traveling to antique markets in places like Shupp's Grove or buying/selling online, he enjoyed every minute of it. He held a very special place in his heart for the people, the places, and 'the old things'. It's really good to know that his collection will reach all the folks that had the same passion about them. We truly hope you enjoy them as much as he did."

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#SIGN192 - Small Tidepoint Oyster Stew Grocery Aisle Sign
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage small 3 1/4" tall thin cardboard sign advertising Tidepoint Oyster Stew. These were grocery aisle marker signs. Colorful picture of a bowl of oyster stew and crackers. Says "Why not try Tidepoint Oyster Stew". Circa 1940s. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#TY045 - Set of 3 Made in Japan Tin Litho Duck Clickers
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get all three different for $2.50. Vintage tin litho clickers. Marked made in Japan. 2 1/4" tall unsold old toy store stock that sat in storage for many years. Excellent condition. Circa 1960.

#TY650 - Group of 3 Different Metal Puzzle Ring Toys (each in their own package) - Japan
You get all three different for $2.00 (that's 67¢ each). Click the picture to see a large detailed image. These are vintage metal puzzles in parchment paper packets marked "Puzzle-Ring" "Made in Japan". They have an illustration of a hand doing the puzzle. Inside is a thick metal wire puzzle. You will get three different puzzle types each in it's own package (The one pictured is a triangle puzzle, the other two are knots and loops). All three come in packages like the one shown with an illustration of the specific type. These were sold in vending capsules, and showed up in Cracker Jack boxes back in the 1950s. They are classic puzzle toys from that time period. The parchment packages are wrinkled up from sitting so long. The toys inside are perfect. We found these in remote storage at an old store up in northern Ohio.

#ZBOT204 - Blumers Itonic Remedy Label Picturing an Eyeball and Containing Morphine
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 2 7/8" wide label pictures an eyeball and says "Blumer's Itonic" "1-10 of a grain of Sulphate of Morphine to relieve the tension" "An excellent remedy for all complaints affecting the human eye......" "Prepared expressly for C. Keller's Optical Parlor". Brand name is "Bonne fête" which means good celebration. Pictures flowers on the sides. Circa 1920. These came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business and we are very grateful to her. Excellent unused condition.

#ZBOT403 - Updated Set of 40 Different Pharmacy Bottle Labels - Lots of  Poisons
Click the picture to see a large picture of a typical group. You will get 40 different vintage pharmacy bottle labels for $6.00 (that's 15¢ each). The sizes vary, but they average about 2 1/2" wide. They are from pharmacies all over the country and vary in age from around the 1880s to the 1940s. This is mostly different from previous sets and contain at least a dozen poison labels with skull and crossbones. There are some real unusual concoctions here. They are great for old bottles. Pharmacies used whatever bottles they had on hand, so there is no specific bottle that goes with these labels. Go pick up some cork top bottles for a quarter at your local flea market and stick these labels on them. You can sell the bottles for $3 - $5 each. This is a very nice group that we have rounded up from collection in Wisconsin and Washington State. If you order more than one set, there will be some different ones in each group. No two groups will be identical. These are by far the best sets we have ever had.

#ZLBE028 - Schoenling Old Time Bock Beer Label
Vintage 4" wide 1960s beer label picturing a guy handing a goat a glass of beer. Unused stock in nice condition from the Schoenling Brewery Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. My brother used to work at the now defuct brewery many years ago and found these labels in storage. Nice image.

#ZLBE060 - Bavarian Light Beer Label
Vintage circa 1960s 3 1/2" wide Bavarian Light Beer label. These are in great shape and picture mountains. Marked "Christian Schmidt Brewing Co. Phila, PA". Unused old factory stock in perfect condition.

#ZLC086 -Victorious Louisiana Yam Crate Label
Vintage 10" tall Victorious Louisiana Yam label. Fanciful image of a cowgirl on a decorated horse strutting on top of giant yams. Circa 1950. Unusual. These are in very good condition. Unused stock from the St. Landry Packing Co. in Sunset, LA. Got these from a kindred spirit who also loves looking for old store stock. I got him hooked on this stuff 20 years ago and he has been looking for it ever since. This is one of several outstanding labels he has been able to procure.

#ZLCA*029 - Dolly Orange Crate Strip Label

8" tall vintage crate label with a neat image of of a period girl holding an orange. Circa 1950. Unused stock from H. Jennning Rou packers in Eustis, FL.


#ZLCA273 - Mermaid Smoke Sardines Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4" tall Mermaid Sardines label from the 1940s. It pictures a mermaid sunbathing on a rock. Marked "Mermaid Brand Smoked Sardines" "Sunset Packing Co. West Pembroke, Maine". We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLSC069 - Sonny Boy Cigar Box Label
Vintage 6" wide heavily embossed and gilded cigar label from around the 1910s. Nice picture of dad and son. These don't have the word "cellophone". They are beautiful. Unused old warehouse stock that sat for many many years. Near mint condition.

#ZLSC097 - Rare Richard Mansfield Cigar Label - Jack the Ripper Suspect
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 7/8" square circa 1910 very heavily embossed and gilded stone litho outer cigar box label. Very detailed image of Richard Mansfield who was a Jack the Ripper suspect in London in the 1880s. He was considered one of the best actors of his time, and was in London performing the lead in the "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" when the murders occurred. He was so convincing as the man (Jekyll/Hyde) who transformed from a gentleman to a total madman, that people became alarmed, and he was investigated by Scotland Yard as a Jack the Ripper suspect. Of course, the mystery was never solved. These labels are in excellent unused condition and there were not a huge amount found.

#ZLSG035 - Out West Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide Out West grape crate label with an image of a cowboy on his horse with a lasso. Unused old stock from the Reedley Grape Growers in Reedley, CA. Circa 1950.

#ZLSG036 - Lady Rowena Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide Lady Rowena grape crate label. Really nice image of a crusade scene with Lady Rowena on her horse and two knights in armor fighting on horseback. Unused old stock from the Ivanhoe Fruit Association in Ivanhoe, CA. Circa 1950.

#ZZA080 - Pack of Rad Dudes Trading Cards
Vintage 1990 pack of Rad Dudes trading cards. These are out of an unopened box and are in great condition.

##MUSICBG0129 - Metallica OTTO Video World Door Sign from the 1991 Wherever We May Roam Tour
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11" tall cardboard sign. Marked "1991 Otto Printing" Says "Metallica Video World Keep Out - Except for J.B.". These are tour signs that were placed on appropriate doors in whatever venue Metallica was playing in. We found these at the OTTO warehouse. They supplied the bands with door signs too, but few have survived. These are in excellent unused condition. There aren't many.

##MUSICBP0035  - 1980/81 Cheap Trick OTTO Backstage Pass from the All Shook Up Album Tour
Vintage 3 3/4" tall 1980/81 Cheap trick cloth backstage pass. These are not marked OTTO, but are cloth and since OTTO was the only pass maker using cloth at that time, they are OTTO. Excellent unused condition.

##MUSICBP0146 - Special Deal #3 - 15 Different 1980s and 90s Cloth Backstage Passes from Well Known Music Groups
Click the picture to see a large detailed image. You will get 15 different vintage cloth backstage passes from the 1980s and 1990s for $14.95 (less than $1 each). These are getting hard to find. They are from well known acts of the day. We found more of these than others in the OTTO (manufacturer) warehouse, so we are offering them at a super price. They are all pre-packed. No special requests. There will be some variations in type or size, but all passes will be from the tour listed. Includes:

AC/DC - The Razors Edge Tour (1990/91)

The Cure - Wish Tour (1992)

Metallica - 1991/92 Tour

Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith Tour (1984)

John Mellencamp - Mr. Happy Go Lucky Tour (1996)

Jackson Brown - RockNight Tour (1986)

Huey Lewis and The News - Fore Concert (1987)

Paula Abdul - Under My Spell Tour (1991)

INXS - Kick Tour (1987)

The Cars - Meadowlands Arena (March 1982)

Krokus - The Blitz Tour (1984/85)

Kansas - Audio-Visions Tour (1979/80)

Jennifer Holiday - Say You Love Me Tour - (1985)

John Waite - No Brakes Tour (1984)

April Wine - Nature of the Beast World Tour (1981)


##MUSICBP0228 - Pair of 2010 Bob Dylan Cloth OTTO Backstage Passes from the "Fall 2010 Tour"
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get the pair (a purple one and a red one) for $2.50 (that's $1.25 each). Vintage 4" tall cloth OTTO Bob Dylan backstage pass from the 2010 tour. These are uncommon and perhaps the last cloth pass that OTTO made. They went to vinyl on paper after this one.

##MUSICBP0232  - Ringo Starr (Beatles) Laminated OTTO Backstage pass from the A Concert for all Generations Tour
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 1/4" tall laminated Ringo Starr (Beatles) Backstage Pass form the 1989 "A Concert for all Generations Tour". Excellent unused condition.

##MUSICBP0271  - Paul McCartney OTTO Cloth Radio Pass from the 1990 Cincinnati Concert - As low as $3 each
Click the picture to see a large detailed image. Vintage Paul McCartney OTTO cloth radio pass from the 1990 Cincinnati tour. Not real common. Says "Q102 The Paul McCartney World Tour Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum Feb. 12, 1990". We found these here locally at the manufacturer's (OTTO) warehouse where they had been sitting for a very long time. Excellent unused condition.


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##MUSICBP0382 - Scarce Bob Dylan OTTO Cloth Backstage Pass from the Autumn 2002 Tour - Pinup
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the pass. Vintage 3 3/4" tall OTTO (manufacturer) cloth backstage pass from the Bob Dylan Autumn 2002 tour (Part of what has been called his Never Ending Tour). Nice pinup image. Pinups and Western themes were featured on many of his passes. Scarce pass. We found these in storage at the OTTO warehouse and they are in excellent condition.

##MUSICBP0428 - Bob Dylan Laminated Backstage Pass from the 1993 Never Ending World Tour
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the pass. Vintage 4 1/4" tall OTTO (manufacturer) laminated backstage pass from the 1993 Bob Dylan Never Ending Tour. Nice graphics. Excellent unused condition. These are unused old stock that we found at the OTTO (manufacturer) warehouse.

##MUSICBP0466  - 1982 Cotton Bowl Promotional OTTO Backstage Pass for Foreigner, Ozzy, and Loverboy - 98 KZEW
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the pass (Reverse pictures Ozzy and says Diary of a Madman". Vintage 4 3/4" tall 1982 Cotton Bowl backstage pass. Says "Rock 'N Roll Superbowl" "Foreigner Ozzy Oxbourne Loverboy Leroux" "Cotton Bowl Dallas, Tx August 7th, 1982" "98 KZEW". OTTO cloth Backstage Pass. Excellent unused condition.

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