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#ZLT022 - Benco Smoking Tobacco Pack Label
Vintage circa 1940s 7" tall Benco Smoking Tobacco label. Says for pipe or cigarette. Unused old stock from the Bendixen Tobacco Co. in Syracuse, New York. These are in great condition.

#ZLT029 - McMahon's Celebrated Highland Piper Smoking Tobacco Pack Label
Vintage circa 1940s 9 1/4" wide Mc Mahaon's Celebrated Highland Piper smoking tobacco pack label. Says "It a Man's Smoke" and has a great picture of a Scotch guy playing bagpipes. Also says "John Weisert Tobacco Co., Successor". Unused old factory stock in great condition.

#ZLW008 - Group of 3 Old Sport Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Labels
You get 3 for $1 (that's 33¢ each). Vintage 3 1/4" tall vintage Old Sport Kentucky Whiskey label. Unused stock that was found in storage at the plant around Louisville. Race horse theme. Circa 1940s.

#ZLW161 - Hillside Rye Whiskey Bottle Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 2 3/4" tall liquor label says "Hillside Rye Whiskey" "American Liquor Company" "Boston, Mass.". Image of a house on a hillside. Circa 1940. These came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business and we are very grateful to her. Excellent unused condition.

#ZZA232 - Rare Unopened Wax Pack of 1968 Fleer Baseball Iron-Ons
Vintage 3 1/2" tall trading card wax pack. Marked "Fleer Gum" "Official Major League Baseball Iron-Ons". I wouldn't open them, but there are three Iron-Ons in each pack. Dated 1968. They are very rare and you are not going to find one near this price anywhere else.

#ZZA242 - Pack of 6 Disney Pocahontas Stickers
4" wide pack of 6 licensed Disney Pocahontas stickers. Made by Panini in 1995. Distributed by Fleer and marked as such.  Unsold stock in nice shape.

#ZZB068 - The King and I Souvenir New York City Center Program
Scarce vintage 12" tall The King and I program from the final City Center Light Opera production starring Michael Kermoyan and Constance Towers. It ran for 3 weeks in 1968. These are from a large collection of programs that we purchased. All are priced substantially lower than you will find on Ebay. Excellent unused condition.

#ZZCE063 - E. J. Korvette, Inc. Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "E. J. Korvette, Inc.". Korvette is considered a famous innovator in the discount market and was credited with developing the discount model whereby stores sell at lower margins and make profits by greater volume and fast turnover. They were eventually bought out by Spartans Industries and some of the certificates are stamped with the name change. These are are dated in the mid 1960s. Used stock certificate in great condition.

#ZZZ082 - Ritzville Trading Company 1940s Check with Indian Logo
Vintage  8 1/4" wide Ritzville Trading Company checks from the 1940s. They are all used and in good condition. The logo on the checks features an Indian saluting. They are Ritzville State Bank (Ritzville, WA) checks. Click on the picture to see the full check.

#ZZZ139 - Buff & Buff Surveying Instruments Letter - Detailed Telescope Pictured
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of the full letter. Vintage 11" tall letter that was mailed with Buff & Buff catalogs back around 1930 or so. Beautiful large image of a surveyor's telescope (transit). They about how precise their instruments were. The metal signs that went on the transits are in the "Sign" section of the catalog and are a real bargain. They came from the estate of the famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist and are in excellent unused condition.

#ZZZ147 - 1947 Ventura Attic Fan Brochure
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage unused 5 1/2" wide 4 page mini brochure for Ventura Attic Fans is dated 1947. Pictures a guy laying in bed sweating on the cover. From back in the day when few people had air conditioning. Illustrated on each page. These are unused stock found in the back of an old appliance store, and are in excellent unused condition.

#HH207 - Large Diecut Mechanical Valentine with Boy and Girl with Fan - Original Envelope
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 7" tall diecut mechanical valentine that features a boy and a girl fanning herself. The girl's fan swivels on a brass grommet. Nice condition. Fun image. The picture is set against the original envelope which is included.  From a long closed factory that made them in the 1950s. Includes original envelope. Very colorful. These days it will cost you $5 to buy a new good quality oversize card with the envelope like this. These are a real bargain.

##MUSICBP0192 - Robert Cray Otto Cloth Backstage Pass from the 1988 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Tour
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the pass. Vintage cloth OTTO backstage pass from The Robert Cray Band 1988 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Tour. Color varies. Uncommon. Excellent unused condition.

##MUSICBP0309  - Scarcer Crosby Still & Nash OTTO After Show Only Cloth Backstage Pass from the 1987 Summer Tour
Click the picture to see a large detailed image of both sides of the pass. Vintage 3 7/8" tall Crosby Stills & Nash "After Show Only" cloth backstage pass from the 1987 Summer Tour. Excellent unused condition.

##MUSICBP2022 - Grateful Dead Car Window Tour Sticker/Decal - Skulls, Arrows, and Barbed Wire
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5" square Grateful Dead sticker/decal. These are high quality art decals that were made for car windows. I peeled the cover off for the picture. They are in mint condition and can still be used. Early 1990s. This one is features two skulls on a fence of arrows with barbed wire between them. Excellent unused condition.
These Grateful Dead stickers/decals are old tour merchandise. I found them wrapped in plastic in boxes in master cases. They came from a distributor who sold them to tour vendors. The condition is pristine and they still will work as a car decal or window/mirror sticker. We found them packed away in storage boxes dated 1992 (many are older than that) and 1995 (year Jerry Garcia died). They are high quality artist renderings of Grateful Dead themes. Back in the day, the Dead did not monitor copyrights and that sort of thing, and in fact, at one point encouraged artists to do designs. The LA times explained it well “The Grateful Dead was famously lax in enforcing it’s intellectual property rights and trademarks, allowing fans to create their own designs using the band’s expansive iconography”. Since there was no serious monitoring or much concern back then, a lot of up and coming artists got involved in designing them. This is how some of them got their starts. Some of the sticker artists who designed these stickers went on to produce official licensed works for the Grateful Dead and other famous groups. These stickers include some by now famous designers including David Opie, and others. These 1995 and older stickers are very hard to find anymore.

#BA705 - 1990 Oversized Super Bowl XXIV OTTO Laminated Backstage Pass - NutraSweet V.I.P.
Very Large 5 1/2" tall laminated "V.I.P"backstage pass from Super Bowl 24 which was played on January 28th, 1990 at the Lousiana Superdome in New Orleans. NutraSweet was one of the sponsors and the passes have NutraSweet advertising on them. Excellent unused condition. The 49rs defeated the Broncos 55 -10 in their second straight Super Bowl win, but with two different coaches.

#BC044 - Group of 10 A and W caps picturing Mug of Root Beer
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage A and W plastic lined root beer soda caps picturing a mug of root beer. Unused,and in nice condition. Circa 1980s. Found in the Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in Jefferson, NC.

#BC108 - Group of 10 Sun-Rise Orange Plastic Lined Soda Cap - Coca Cola
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage Sun-Rise Orange plastic lined soda cap. Circa 1970s. These were found at the Coca Cola Bottling plant in Moultrie, Ga and are marked as such. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0010 - Group of 10 Czechoslovakian Glass Buttons - Red 13mm Coiled Rope Design
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You will get 10 for $2 (that's 20¢ each). Vintage 13mm diameter red glass button with fancy coiled rope design. They have standard button loops molded into the glass in the back. The colors and rope design may vary a little from button to button. These came from a long closed warehouse in boxes marked Czechoslovakia. Some of the designs that were in the case were art deco designs, and so they are likely from the 1930s or earlier. These are very uncommon, and go for a buck each minimum on Ebay. You are not likely to see them anywhere else. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0602 - 12mm Heart Shaped Emerald Glass Cabochon - Ground Glass Edges
Vintage 12mm (.5") tall heart shaped deep emerald glass cabochon. Flat back. High quality. Made in Japan. These have ground glass edges and are 1950 or earlier. Perfect condition. Really nice. We found these at a warehouse up in the northeast.

#BEADS0665 - 14mm Dark Blue Sapphire Glass Rhinestone
Vintage 14mm wide deep blue sapphire colored oval rhinestone. Many facets. Foiled pointy back. West German from around the 1950s. Excellent unused condition (the dust is free). This is from a warehouse of cabochons and beads! we discovered recently up in the northeast.

#BEADS0744 - 12mm Heart Shaped Emerald Glass Cabochon - As Low as 10¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 12mm (.5") tall heart shaped emerald color glass cabochon. Flat back. Edges are ground glass. High quality. Made in Japan. Circa 1950s. Perfect condition. These are really nice. We found these on a recent trip to an old warehouse up in the northeast. Nothing there has seen the light of days for many years.


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#BEADS0907.1 - Huge 25mm Yellow Glass Cabochon with Multiple Indentations
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage huge 25mm (1.0") tall cabochon. Flat edge rim on a hollowed out back. These are very eye catching with deep indentations across them. They were made with a layer of clear glass over a solid yellow glass. Made in West Germany in the 1950s. We found these in the remote storage area of an old warehouse up in the northeast.

#CA104 - Wabash (Railroad) Ashlar Club Letterhead - As low as 40¢ each
Vintage 11" tall paper sheet with the Wabash Ashlar Club logo. Also says "Moberly Chapter". Nice train picture in the center of the logo. The Wabash Ashler club was active in the 1950s and was promoted by the Wabash Railroad for employees. These are unused stock in excellent condition. Click the image to see the full sheet.

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