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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of Zane Shaffer. He was a pioneer in this field who recently left us. A lot of you have likely crossed paths with him. He was, arguably, the largest dealer in our type of merchandise on the East Coast. His family sold us a large lot of his inventory with the hope that his items will find good homes with people who appreciate them. You will see a lot of them over the next year or so, and we will mark them as such. Here is a note from his family "Whether he was gettin' his road warrior on traveling to antique markets in places like Shupp's Grove or buying/selling online, he enjoyed every minute of it. He held a very special place in his heart for the people, the places, and 'the old things'. It's really good to know that his collection will reach all the folks that had the same passion about them. We truly hope you enjoy them as much as he did."

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##MUSICBG0075  -  Trio of Licensed "Korn" Pinbacks from 1999
You get three for $1.50 (That's 50¢ each). Vintage 1 5/8" diameter Korn pinbacks. These pinbacks are from their earlier years. They are licensed and marked "Copyright 1999 Korn licensed by Giant" around the rim. These are unsold old stock in near perfect condition.

##MUSICBP0053  - Uncommon 1999 Matchbox 20 Laminated VIP Backstage PERRI Pass from The Big Rock Show Tour
Vintage 4 1/4" tall laminated PERRI Matchbox 20 The Big Rock Show tour (1999) VIP backstage pass. These are in excellent unused condition. I bought these a number of years ago directly from the collection of Tony Perri who owned PERRI passes before they went bankrupt. Tony was a friend and recently passed away. Click the image to see a picture with both sides.

##MUSICBP0308 - Chicago Laminated Early Foil OTTO Backstage Pass from the 1988-89 Tour
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 1/4" tall laminated Chicago backstage pass from the 1988-89 Tour. This is one of the first passes that OTTO made that used foil. Backs are blank. These came from remote storage at the OTTO (manufacturer) warehouse. Excellent unused condition.

#BC060 - Group of 500 Mello Yello Bottle Caps for 3¢ each!!! - Yellow Version - (Coke Product)
You get 500 for only $15 (that's 3¢ each). No foreign orders on this one. They are heavy, and, unfortunately, postage is prohibitively expensive! Mello Yello plastic lined soda caps. These are from around 1980 and were found at the Coca Cola plant in Thomasville, NC. Excellent unused condition. Mello Yello was introduced in 1979 by Coke to compete with Mountain Dew.

#BC160 - Cork Lined Canada Dry Tahitian Treat Soda Bottle Cap - As low as 15¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage cork lined Canada Dry Tahitian Treat soda bottle cap. These are from the 1960s. They are from the Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Company in Wausau, WI and are marked as such. They are unused and in nice shape.


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#BEADS0697 - Huge 30mm Jade Matrix Glass Cabochon - Japan
Vintage very large 30mm diameter domed flat back jade colored matrix base glass cabochon. Rare color and size. They were in Cherry Brand (high quality) japanese packages dating them to somewhere between 1946 and 1951 (those are the only years the company existed). Excellent never seen the light of day condition.

#BEADS0741 - West German Glass Cameo with Troubadour and Lady - As low as $1 each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 25mm (1.0") solid glass cameo featuring a romantic image of a troubadour serenading a lady of the day. Flat back. West German and from the 1950s. Near perfect condition. We found these in an old warehouse on our latest visit up in the northeast.


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#CC130- Coca Cola Holiday Special Carton Insert

Vintage 9" tall thin cardboard insert that went in the front of Coke cartons. They say "Holiday Special". Circa 1960s. Unused old stock from a Coke plant in great condition.


#PL296 - George W. Bush for President Republican Dignity Pinback
Vintage 2" square pinback from the 2000 election pictures an Eagle and says "George W. Bush for President" "Republican Dignity". Great unused condition.

#SP071 - Oscar Blues Brewery Canned Beer Apocalypse Coaster - As low as 12¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4" wide cardboard Oscar Blues Brewery Canned Beer Apocalypse coaster. Both sides are pictured. We got these locally from the basement of an old tavern. Everything down there was 15 to 40 years old, and so these are from somewhere in that time period. These are most likely 2002. Excellent unused condition.

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#TOP061 - Group of 4 Philip Morris Hat and Coat Check Cards
You get 4 for $1.50 (That's 38¢ each). Vintage 3 1/8" thick carboard hat/coat check cards. They mimic the 1940s style with the Philip Morris Bellhop pictured. They are not reproductions as some people have thought. They are simply a later version made around 1990. Excellent unused condition. Two will say "Hat and Coat" and two will say "Hat Only".

#ZBOT007 - Early Chautauqua Maid Quality Grape Juice Jar Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 1/4" wide Grape Juice Jar Label. Heavily embossed and gilded stone litho. This one is a real beauty and not real common. Found in storage at the Huntley Manufacturing Co. in Brocton, N.Y. Circa 1910s.

#ZLB016 - Broom Label Picturing the SS Atlantic
Vintage 5" tall colorful vintage broom label picturing the SS Atlantic. Nice old one. Circa 1920s. The SS Atlantic was a famous steamship of the White Star Line that wrecked off the coast of Nova Scotia in March of 1873. It was the worst marine disaster in Canada in the nineteenth century. Over 500 lives were lost. Labels have some curling, but will straighten right out if you put them in a book overnight.

#ZLBE023 - Golden Gate Draft Beer Label
Vintage 4 1/2" wide circa 1960 Golden Gate beer label picturing the Golden Gate Bridge. Unused stock in nice condition from the Maier Brewing Co. in Los Angeles, CA.

#ZLC163 - Channel Lemons Label
Vintage 12 1/2" wide circa 1930s Channel Lemons crate label. Nautical theme with gulls, a farm, and seascape out a portal. Unused old stock found at the Goleta Lemon Association warehouse in Goleta, CA. Great condition.

#ZLCA*038 - Turnpike Produce Crate Label - As low as 35¢ each
Click the picture to see a large detailed image. Vintage 6 1/2" wide circa 1950s Turnpike Produce crate label. Marked "Turnpike Finest Quality Herco Sales Co. El Centro, California" Nice unused condition. From an old collection that we recently purchased.


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#ZLCA014 - General Wayne Tiny Green Lima Beans Can Label
11 1/4" wide vintage label. Heavily embossed and gilded stone litho. Beautiful. These labels are unused stock that was found in the long closed factory in Newark, New York many years ago. I found a printers inspection tag between some of the labels that is dated April of 1927. This one is the 1 pound 4 ounce size. Excellent condition.

#ZLS071 - Snaider Pineapple Punch Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5 1/4" wide Snyder Pineapple Punch Syrup label. Great patriotic image of an eagle and anchors. Circa late 1940s. Unused stock from the Snaider Syrup Corp. in Brooklyn, NY. Not a common one.

#ZLS128 - Twin Lights Beverages Label
3 1/2" tall unused vintage circa 1930s Twin Lights Beverages soda bottle label. Found at Thomas Wilson & Co. in Rockport, MA. Beautiful old stone litho.

#ZLS161 - Cranberry Cola Soda Bottle Label
4 3/4" wide Cranberry Cola soda bottle label. Says "A delightfully Different Cranberry Taste". These are from the 1960s and were found at the "Cranberry Cola Corp." in "South Easton, MASS.". Excellent unused condition. These are not very common.

#ZLSC030 - Abe Martin Inner Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8 1/2" wide inner cigar box label. Heavily embossed and gilded. Abe Martin was a cartoon character created by Kin Hubbard. He was very popular in the 1920s which was likely when these labels were made. Unused stock in nice condition.

#ZLW130 - Edgewood Club Whiskey Label
Edgewood Club Whiskey label. This is the 3" tall size. These are unused old stock found at The American Liquor Company in Boston, MA. High quality gilded labels from the 1930s. Whiskey barrel image.

#ZZA233 - 16 Card Set of Exhibit Supply Hair  Color Fortune Teller Cards
You get 16 for for $3.00 (that's around 18¢ each). Vintage 3 3/8" wide cards that were dispensed at penny arcades and amusement parks from Exhibit Supply hair color fortune machines. They say the hair color like "Yellow Hair - Men" (there are 16 variations) and your fortune. These were first made in the 1920s, but were in continual production till about 1960 when there weren't enough machines left to make them anymore. These are likely from the 1950s. They used the same plates to produce these for 30 years, so some of these later cards have some small smears and faint lettering even though they are in unused perfect condition. They were found in original bundles with exhibit supply packaging in storage at an old amusement park up in the northeast.

#ZZCE048 - Collins Radio Company Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from the Collins Radio Company. All are from the 1960s and have signatures. The Collins Radio Company became famous when they built the equipment the Admiral Richard Byrd used in his South Pole expedition in 1933.  They became a major military suppliersduring WWII because of their uncompromising quality. They supplied communications for many of our space craft in later years including Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. They were bought out by Rockwell in 1973. These are in way above average condition for issued stock certificates.

Displaying 2929 - 2952 of 3185 
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