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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of Zane Shaffer. He was a pioneer in this field who recently left us. A lot of you have likely crossed paths with him. He was, arguably, the largest dealer in our type of merchandise on the East Coast. His family sold us a large lot of his inventory with the hope that his items will find good homes with people who appreciate them. You will see a lot of them over the next year or so, and we will mark them as such. Here is a note from his family "Whether he was gettin' his road warrior on traveling to antique markets in places like Shupp's Grove or buying/selling online, he enjoyed every minute of it. He held a very special place in his heart for the people, the places, and 'the old things'. It's really good to know that his collection will reach all the folks that had the same passion about them. We truly hope you enjoy them as much as he did."

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#ZLSC008 - Dime Bank Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8" wide embossed and gilded inner cigar box label from around the 1920s. Not a real common one. Fantastic detailed image of the Dime Bank building in Detroit, MI as it looked at that time. Pictures people and cars around the building and gilded coins around the logo. Nice unused condition. Lithographer mark on it is Consolidated Lithographing of Brooklyn, NY.

#ZLW045 - Alexander's American Sherry Wine Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 4 3/4" tall Alexander's Sherry Wine label. Unused condition from Richard's Wine Cellars in Petersburg, VA. Circa 1940s. Embossed with gilding.

#ZZCE060 - Arlen Realty & Development Corp. Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "Arlen Realty & Development Corp.". Arlen Realty was one of the very first Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). It was found in 1959  and controlled over 1.7 billion dollars of US real estate assets by just 1975.  They developed the Olympic Towers and merged with CBL in 1978 which is still one of the largest mall REIT owners in the US. These are are dated 1973 or earlier. Used stock certificate in great condition.

#BC022  - Group of 10 Sun Crest Strawberry Soda Bottle Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage unused plastic lined Sun Crest Strawberry soda caps. These are from around the 1970s and are in excellent unused condition. Found in a Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant in Monet, MO.

#BC038  - Group of 10 Fancy Dad's Classic Draft Root Beer Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (That's 10¢ each). Vintage plastic lined very fancy looking Dad's Root Beer caps. Unused condition. These are one of the prettiest bottle caps you'll ever see. They are from the 1980s.

#BC081 - Group of 10 Dodge City Sarsaparilla Cork Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $2.50 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage Dodge City cork lined bottle cap. Nice unused condition. Circa 1950s. Found in an old bottling plant in Saugatuck, MI. Nice western image.

#BC115 - Group of 10 Scarce Cork Lined Grapefruit Crush Bottle Caps
Vintage circa 1960s cork lined Grapefruit Crush soda bottle cap. There never were many of these found and they have become almost impossible for the collectors to fine. Unused old plant stock in nice condition.

#CH086  - Unused 1970s Shoney's Burger Wrapper
Vintage 12" tall unused Shoney's Burger wrappers. Unused 1970s stock found in storage. Great condition. They have the Big Boy name on Big Boy's chest which Shoney's gave up the rights to in 1984.

#CH368 - Larry the Cable Guy (Comedian) Otto Backstage Pass - As low as $1 ea
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 1/4" tall OTTO cloth backstage pass for the Larry the Cable Guy Tour. They say "Lord I Apologize". These are about 10 years old. You may notice an odd corner cut in the cloth at the upper right corner. This is the way they were made. They are unused old stock that we found in the OTTO (Manufacturer) warehouse.


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#PL149 - McCain Palin Bumper Sticker

11 1/2" McCain Palin 2008 bumper sticker. Perfect condition.


#PL150 - McCain Bumper Sticker
11 1/2" wide bumper sticker from the McCain presidential bid. We bought these right and so are selling them at a stupid low price. These are unused old stock from a distributor. This is a large find and contained merchandise from Clinton through the last election.

#ZLBE095 - 905 Beer Bottle Label - Evansville, Indiana
4" wide premium 905 Beer Bottle Label. Went on a 12 Oz. bottle. These have the old Associated Brewing Company of Evansville, Indiana marking. Pictures Louix IX of France on a horse under the St. Louis Arch, with Busch Stadium on the right. The beer was originally produced in St. Louis. Hence the pictures. That company only existed from 1968 till 1972 when Heileman bought them out. Uncommon. Unused vintage stock that was rescued from the now defunct brewery many years ago.

#ZLC115 - Cheerio California Vegetable Crate Label
Vintage 10" tall California vegetable crate label. Very colorful with an unusual image of a monocled English looking guy. Circa 1940s. Unused factory stock from the Merrill Packing Co. in Salinas, CA. Excellent condition, but they do have slight string line creases if you look very closely.

#ZLC216 - Crystal Peak Washington Apples Crate Label
10 1/2" wide vintage Crystal Peak Washington Apples label. Circa 1940s unused old stock from the Gilbert Orchards in Yakima, WA.

#ZLCA021 - Farmers Pride Lima Beans Can Label
11 1/4" wide vintage label. Circa 1930s label is gilded and pictures a grandpa and little girl with doll. Really nice image. These labels are unused stock that were found at the Hulman & Company packers warehouse in Illinois. This is a 1 pound 4 ounce size. Excellent condition.

#ZLS077 - Silver Tray Lime Rickey Label
5" wide vintage unused circa 1930s Silver Tray Lime Rickey bottle label. Found at the Hastings Bottling Works warehouse in Hastings, PA. Uncommon and a great image. Two digit phone number. Excellent condition. Circa 1930s.

#ZLS081 - Pioneer Valley Old Fashion Creamy Root Beer Label
Vintage 5" wide unused circa 1960s Pioneer Valley Old Fashion Creamy Root Beer soda bottle label. Has the silhouette of a lady in a wide old style dress lighting candles on it. Unused stock found at the Pioneer Valley Ginger Ale Com. in Northhampton, MA. As most of you know, root beer items are very popular with collectors these days.

#ZLSC066 - Silver Prince Moses Large Inner Cigar Label
Vintage 8 1/2" wide embossed and gilded Silver Prince inner cigar box label. Really detailed image. Supposed to be Moses. Circa 1910s or earlier. Nice unused condition. Has the Heywood Strasser & Voigt Litho Co mark (NY).

#ZLSG059 - Wild Bunch Grape Crate Label - Cowboy Hat
Vintage 12" wide "Wild Bunch" grape crate label. Pictures a cowboy hat and a bunch of grapes.  Click the picture to see a much larger image. These are about 35 years old. Unused old stock in excellent condition from Bartell Maketing in Fresno, CA, and marked as such.

#ZZCE056 - Harnischfeger Corporation Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "Harnischfeger Corporation". These are are dated 1975. Harnischfeger was a very old company that made mining and construction equipment. They are now known as Joy Global.  Used stock certificate in great condition.

#ZZCE073 - Tech-Aerofoam Products, Inc. Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "Tech-Aerofoam Products, Inc.". They are all dated around 1970 give or take a couple of years. This was one of the first companies to make products using foam back in 1952 in Florida. Used stock certificate in great condition.

##MUSICBG0048 - August 1985 RockBIll Magazine - Cock Robin and A-HA! Cover
Vintage RockBill magazine. This is the August 1985 issue that featured both Cock Robin and A-HA! on the cover. This issue also has stories and gossip about Phil Collins, The Minutemen, Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, and many others. RockBill was a competitor of Rolling Stone magazine from about 1982 till 1988. They covered all the major groups and the magazines are now widely collected. They are 8 3/8" tall and full color throughout. These are unsold old store stock that was never sold or were returned because of bad addresses. They are rarely found in this kind of condition.

#BC021 - Group of 10 Jolt Plastic Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.20 (that's 12¢ each). Plastic lined Jolt Soda caps. Found in a bottling plant in Rochester, NY. They are about 25 years old. Neat collectibles and great for crafters. They are in excellent condition. Fantastic logo.

#BC032 - Group of 10 Havana Cola Plastic Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Plastic lined Havana Cola soda caps. Excellent condition with a neat picture of a guy in a hat. These are not very old, but they are very collectible and great for crafts.

Displaying 2977 - 3000 of 3185 
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