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#ZLSG022 - Cal-Ripe Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide Cal-Ripe grape crate label picturing workers in the field with a lady in the foreground carrying a basket of grapes on her head. This has become a pretty scarce label with a nice image. Unused stock from the Red Lion Packing Co. in Exeter, CA. Circa 1950s.

#ZLC024 - Pete's Best Apple Crate Label
10" wide vintage label with a neat image of a young lad. Circa 1940s. Unused stock from Pete's Best Packing Co. in Yakima, Washington.

#ZLC127 - Britevale Apple Crate Label
Vintage 10" wide Britevale Okanogan Valley Apples crate label. Pictures a train station and valley scene. Circa 1940's. Unused stock from the Happy Valley Ranch in Tonasket, WA. This is a great price on this label.

#BC031 - Group of 10 Green and Red 7up Soda Caps
You get 10 for $.80 (that's 8¢ each). Vintage 7up plastic lined soda caps. Unused,and in nice condition. Circa 1980s. Found in the Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in Dallas, TX.

#ZLC018 - Don't Worry Apple Crate Label
Circa 1940s Don't Worry Apple Crate Label. 10 3/4" wide unused vintage stock in excellent condition. Found at the George F. Joseph warehouse in Yakima, WA.

#ZLC053 - Cascadian Pear Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/2" wide Cascadian Washington Pears labels. Nice label with winter scene. Unused stock found at the Cascadian Fruit shippers in Wenatchee, WA. Circa 1950s.

#ZLCA024 - La Perla California Olives Can Label
10" wide vintage label. Circa 1930s. Very nice picture of a period child. These labels are unused stock that were found at the B. Filippone & Co. Distributors in Passaic, NJ. 9 ounce size. Excellent condition.

#ZLSG016 - Lone Eagle Grape Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 13" wide crate label. Unused old stock from the Exeter Fruit Association in Exeter, CA. Circa 1940s. Great image of the Charles Lindberg Lone Eagle plane. He was one the most famous aviators of all time. Good selling label.

#ZLT002 - Pearson's Red Top Snuff Label
5 1/2"” wide vintage snuff can label. Says Pearson's Mills on it. Old factory stock that was never used. They are from the 1940s, but look much older because of the neat image and old style writing.

#ZLSC031 - Blue Ribbon Inner Cigar Label
Vintage 10" wide inner cigar box label. Circa 1920s. Very heavily embossed and gilded. Says "For Men Who Know". Nice image. Marked Sevis & Sons, Springvale, PA. Unused stock in nice condition.

#BC019 - Group of 10 Welch's Sparkling Grape Soda Caps
You get 10 for 80¢ (that's 8¢ each). Vintage plastic lined Welch's Sparkling Grape soda caps. These came from the Coca-Cola Bottling plant in Jefferson City, MO. They are marked "Coca Cola Bottling Co." on the side. They are in excellent unused condition. Circa 1980s or earlier.

#BC028  - Group of 10 Cork Lined Nesbitt Black Cherry Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.20 (that's 12¢ each). Vintage unused Nesbitt's Imitation Black Cherry Soda caps. These are from around the 1960s and are in excellent unused condition. Found in a bottling plant in Hagerstown, MD. Cork lined.

#DC095 - Hartwig Dairy Buttermilk Cap with Dutch Lady
Really nice Hartwig Dairy (Woodland, CA) Buttermilk bottle cap Great image of Dutch lady with a churn. 1 5/8" diameterCirca 1940s. They do have a minor rust spot or two from where the staple from the cap that was on top of them was sitting. This is the tail end of the large stash of milk caps we bought from a collector last year. They don't come around like this very often.

#HH071 - Packs of Halloween Witches Fingernails
Vintage cellophane packages with five 2 1/2" long witches fingernails in each package. They clip on a finger and look pretty good. Unsold old stock from a toy distributor in Pennsylvania. Circa 1960s.

#ZLBE013 - Group of 10 Fitger's Beer Labels with Lighthouse
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage circa 1950s Fitger's beer labels picturing a lighthouse. Gilded background. 3 3/4" wide labels went on a 12 oz. bottle. Unused old stock from the Fitger Brewing Co. in Duluth, MN. Nice shape.

#ZLC006 - Hustler Bartlett Pear Crate Label
11 " wide colorful vintage crate label from the 1930s. Unused old factory stock from the Sacramento River Assn. in Courtland, Ca. Excellent condition.

#ZLS069 - Group of 5 Bud's Best Root Beer Labels
You get 5 for $1 (that's 20¢ each). 4 3/4" wide vintage circa 1920s Bud's Best Root Beer label. This is an early root beer label that is not all that common. Gilded around the edges. Nice condition. Unused old stock found at the Newport Bottling Works in Newport, New Hampshire.

#ZLSC009 - Apter's Don-Remo Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8" wide embossed and gilded inner cigar box label from around the 1920s or earlier. Detailed image of Don-Remo. Nice unused condition. Lithographer mark on it is Consolidated Lithographing of Brooklyn, NY.

#ZLSC010 - Jewelo Cigar Box Label
Vintage 10" wide embossed and gilded inner cigar box label from around the 1900s. Detailed image of a fellow who looks like one of the three musketeers courting a lass working in the fields. Nice unused condition.

#ZLSG005 - Nile Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Nile grape crate label from the Minkler & Wahtoke vineyards in Minkler, CA. Colorful image of arabs on camels and a sphinx. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG014 - Fez Fruit Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Fez fruit crate label from Tamouzian Bros. in Cutler, CA. Bright image of a Fez on a pillow. Circa 1960s.

#ZLW016 - Old Kentucky General Whiskey Label
Vintage diecut 4 1/2" tall Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey label. Nice label. Gilded and embossed. Circa 1940s. Very detailed image of the general. Unused old stock from the Old Kentucky Distilling Co. in Shively, Jefferson County, KY.

#ZLS021 - Royal Canadian Pale Dry Ginger Ale Label
5" wide vintage 1940s Royal Canadian Tom Collins Ale label with detailed picture of Mounty on horse. Found at the Royal Canadian Distributing Co. in Chicago, ILL.

#ZLSC002 - Irvin S. Cobb Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8 1/2" wide cigar box label. Image and printed signature of Irvin S. Cobb who was a famous writer and humorist back in the 1920s which is approximately when these labels were made. Embossed and gilded. Old unused factory stock from the Yorkana Cigar Company in York, Pennsylvania. really nice condition. Also marked "photo by Pirie MacDonald.

Displaying 3289 - 3312 of 3334 
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