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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of Zane Shaffer. He was a pioneer in this field who recently left us. A lot of you have likely crossed paths with him. He was, arguably, the largest dealer in our type of merchandise on the East Coast. His family sold us a large lot of his inventory with the hope that his items will find good homes with people who appreciate them. You will see a lot of them over the next year or so, and we will mark them as such. Here is a note from his family "Whether he was gettin' his road warrior on traveling to antique markets in places like Shupp's Grove or buying/selling online, he enjoyed every minute of it. He held a very special place in his heart for the people, the places, and 'the old things'. It's really good to know that his collection will reach all the folks that had the same passion about them. We truly hope you enjoy them as much as he did."

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#ZBOT045 - Early J. B.Lynas Imperial Tooth Wash Label
Vintage 3 1/4" tall JBL Imperial Tooth Wash and Tooth Preserver label. Gilded stone litho. Circa 1900. Note that this was made before they had to list the weight of the product on the label (prior to around 1910). Unused stock found in the Lynas building not to far from here in Logansport, IN. This is a very good seller as dental collectibles are hard to find and this is a great one.

#ZBOT401- Group of 3 different Mucilage (Glue) Bottle Labels
You get 3 different vintage 1" to 5" wide glue bottle labels from the group shown in the picture for $.75 (that's 25¢ each). Specific ones will vary. They all came out of the Diamond Ink warehouse in Milwaukee and are from different time periods around 1900 and 1940. The four turn of the century ones say mucilage/cement on them and one even says it can be used for gluing crockery together. The three from around 1940 are all school paste labels. They are all wonderful labels to put on old bottles. Nice unused condition.

#ZLC022 - Dixie Boy Grapefruit Label with Black Boy
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 9" wide vintage crate label with picture of a black boy eating a grapefruit. Good image. Circa 1930s. Unused old factory stock from the Waverly Growers Cooperative in Waverly, FL. Excellent condition.

#ZLC037 - Buffalo Apple Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 10 1/2" wide Pajaro Valley Buffalo Apple Crate Label. Fantastic image of a snorting buffalo. Unused old stock found at the Braycovich packers in Watsonville, CA. Circa 1940s.

#ZLC063 - Sweet Adeline Sweet Potatoes Crate Label
Vintage 9" square Sweet Adeline sweet potatoes crate label. Image of Sweet Adeline in a heart. Unused old stock found at the Simon Latour Packers in Carencro, Louisiana. Circa 1930s.

#ZLC181 - Yokohl Orange Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11" wide circa 1920s label. This is one of the prettiest labels you will ever see. All stone litho. Spectacular colors and Indian image. Found at the Exeter Orange Growers Assn. in Exeter, CA.

#ZLC194 - Goleta Sunkist Lemon Crate Label
Vintage 10 3/4" wide Goleta Lemon crate label. Has the Sunkist lemon emblem on it. Nice ship image. From the Goleta Lemon Association in Goleta, CA. Nice unused condition. Circa 1940s.

#ZLC212 - Headlines Apples Crate Label
10" wide vintage crate label with an image a young newpaper boy shouting out the headlines. Colorful and in excellent unused condition. Circa 1940s. Found at Floyd Dahn Fruits Inc. in Wenatchee, WA.

#ZLC222 - Co-Ed Fruit Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 11" wide vintage Co-Ed Brand Orange and Lemon crate label from the College Heights Orange and Lemon Ass'n. in Claremont, CA. Pictures a lovely girl graduating from college. When these were made back in the 1940s, the whole idea of "Co-Ed" with boys and girls together was considered scandalous. These were made to be attention getters. Back then, they didn't care if the subject matter was related to the product. It was just about making you look. This is a fantastic example. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLC236 - La Reina Orange Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 10 3/4" wide circa 1940s La Reina apple crate label. It has a nice image of a pretty Mexican lady on it with a fan and rose in her hair and a mission scene in the background. These are from the Rialto Orange Co. in San Bernardino, California. Click on the image to see a more detailed picture of it. Very nice unused condition.

#ZLC243 - Orchard Boy Apple Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/4" wide Orchard Boy brand apple crate label. This is a really nice 1940s label with a great image of a freckled red-haired boy. Unused stock from the Larson Fruit Co. in Selah, Wash. These are getting hard to find and are in excellent unused condition.

#ZLC302 - Talisman Sunkist Orange Crate Label
Vintage beautiful 11” wide Talisman Sunkist orange crate label. Has the Sunkist orange logo and three Talisman roses pictured. It has a 1937 copyright date on it and is from around 1940.These are old unused stock that were found at the Redlands Orangedale Assn. in Redlands, CA and are marked as such. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLC394 - Rare Western Brand Washington State Apples Crate Label - Cowboy - Blue
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 10 1/4" wide label has a fantastic colorful picture of a cowboy with a whip and his hat flying off on a bucking bronco. This is a rare and desirable label. They came from the "Western Fruit & Produce Company" in "Yakima-Wenatchee Washington". They are unused old stock in excellent unused condition. These came from a large label dealer we very recently bought out up in Washington State. Uncommon label.

#ZLC407 - King Louisiana Porto Rican Sweet Potatoes Crate Label - Black Interest
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 10" tall Louisiana Porto Rican Sweet Potatoes Yams label. Pictures a black man wearing a crown pouring out a crate of sweet potatoes. Marked "King Brand Louisiana Porto Rican Sweet Potatoes Kiln Dried Yams" "St. Landry Packing Co. Inc. Sunset, Louisiana". Circa 1940s. We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLC418 - Eureka Florida Citrus Label - American Indian with Flute
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9" square citrus crate label with a large image of an American Indian playing a flute by a river. Circa 1940s. Says "Eureka Brand Citrus Fruit" "The Turner Fruit Co. Ocala, Florida". Really pretty detailed label. We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA180 - Large Glendora Pumpkin Can Label
Vintage large 13" wide Glendora Brand Pumpkin can label. Click the image to see a bigger picture of this label. These are heavily embossed and gilded. They are nice stone lithos from around the 1930s picturing a pumpkin and a plate with a big slice of pumpkin pie. Really nice unused condition. They are marked "Glendora Products Company Warren, PA". We got these from the estate of Bob Secrist who was a friend and one of the premier label dealers of all time.

#ZLS117 - Lasko Strawberry Beverage Label
4" wide vintage unused circa 1940 Lasko Strawbery Beverage label. Found at the Lasko warehouse in Bound Brook, NJ. Neat race horse scene.

#ZLS130 - Group of 3 Different very old Pepper's Soda Labels with Moose
You get the set of 3 for $1.00 (that's about 33¢ each). These are vintage large 4 3/4" to 6" wide early soda labels. One is for Pepper's Sarsaparilla, one is for Compound Ginger Ale, and the other is for Lemon Soda. These are old stone lithos from around the 1910s. They all feature a large moose head and are colorful. These are the best looking old soda labels we've seen in a long time. Excellent unused condition from the Wm. Pepper & Co., Inc. in Ashland, PA.

#ZLSG038 - East West Single Prop Plane Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide East West Emperor grape crate label. Nice image of an old single propellor plane against a background of the US. Unused old stock from the Paul Dobson Growers in Exeter, CA. Circa 1950.

#ZLW112 - Yacht Club American Port Wine Label
Vintage 4 1/2" tall American Light Port Wine label. Says it was light, but was 16% alcohol! Nice picture of a yacht and boats at the club. These are unused stock that some friend of mine found at the Bay Shore Wine Co. in Sandusky, Ohio.

#ZLW153 - Rare Kentucky Nectar Whiskey Bottle Label Picturing Kentucky Colonel
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage rare 4 1/2" tall Kentucky Nectar Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottle label.  These are gilded, from around the 1940s, and marked "General Distillers Corporation of Kentucky" "Louisville, Kentucky". They picture a Kentucky Colonel holing up a shot glass. Excellent unused condition. We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out.

#ZLW251 - Group of 75 All Different European Liquor Labels
You get 75 for $11 (that's less than 15¢ each). Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 - 6" tall labels. Super colorful. They wouldn't all fit on the scanner, but the ones in the picture are typical. These are all sorts of European liquor labels from the 1930s- 1950s in excellent unused condition. These are part of a huge cache of labels from a large label dealer in the Northwest we recently bought out. He presorted these years ago, and they are a spectacular set.

#ZZA134 - Groups of 20 Napkin Dispenser Fortune/Drink Cards with Fortune or Drinks
You get 20 for $1.00 (that's only 5¢ each). Vintage 2 1/4" wide cards with pull strips. The front either tells you your fortune or a tidbit of wisdom about you or a drink recipe. You pulled back the tab and depending on how many stars were under there you won something. These are unused stock that were made for napkin machines that sat on a table usually in a bar. You put a penny or nickel in and got your fortune or a drink recipe and a chance to win a discount or a drink depending on what the house paid. These are from around the 1950s and are in excellent unused condition. The idea for the bar was that if someone got a card with a drink recipe on it, they might order the drink and the bar would make more money. If they got three stars, maybe they won a 5¢ discount on a drink, so they might order and the bar would again make more money. Plus the bar got a penny or nickel when someone put their money in the machine. Pretty clever marketing devices. You will get bunch of different ones in the lot of 20.

#ZZA160 - X-Men Sanctuary Sticker Album
Vintage large 10 3/4" tall full color high quality X-Men Sanctuary Sticker album. These were produced in 1996 by Fleer. Excellent unused condition.

Displaying 673 - 696 of 2927 
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