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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of Zane Shaffer. He was a pioneer in this field who recently left us. A lot of you have likely crossed paths with him. He was, arguably, the largest dealer in our type of merchandise on the East Coast. His family sold us a large lot of his inventory with the hope that his items will find good homes with people who appreciate them. You will see a lot of them over the next year or so, and we will mark them as such. Here is a note from his family "Whether he was gettin' his road warrior on traveling to antique markets in places like Shupp's Grove or buying/selling online, he enjoyed every minute of it. He held a very special place in his heart for the people, the places, and 'the old things'. It's really good to know that his collection will reach all the folks that had the same passion about them. We truly hope you enjoy them as much as he did."

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#CC202 - Postcard from the Coke Pavilion at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics
Vintage 6 3/4" wide postcard that pictures a Coke pavilion built for the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996. Back side says "Official licensed product of The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Inc." and has a place for and address and stamp. These are not real common. We just bought part of a huge collection of Coke items. These were part of the lot. The fellow that had this stuff is a friend who searched old bottling plants and hauled most of this stuff out many years ago.

#CC251 - Coca Cola Dry Server with Friends at a Table Drinking Coke
Vintage 6 3/4" tall Coca Cola Dry Server with a picture of a group of friends sitting under an umbrella at a table drinking Coca Cola and a hand holding a carton of Coke. Says "So Easy to Serve at Home". These are paper sleeves that were dispensed from old Coke machines. The refrigeration in the old machines made the bottles sweat, so you put the bottle in one of these sleeves to keep them dry. Some people call them bottle bags, but the are really sleeves. Dated 1932. These are in exceptional condition. These are from a huge collection of Coke items a friend had who searched old bottling plants and hauled this stuff out many years ago.

#CC330 - Coca Cola Bowling Score Card with Fishtail Logo
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 1/4" tall fold out (folds out to over 7") Coca Cola Bowling Score Card with the fishtail Drink Coca Cola Be Really Refreshed logo. They are from around 1960 or a little earlier. They are unused old plant giveaways. Excellent unused condition.

#CE091 - Group of 8 Different Very Early Card Seed Packets - Very Uncommon
Click the picture to see a detailed image. Group of 8 Different vintage early variety Card Seed Packets (circa 1900). You get a set of 8 different for $10. When the Card Seed packets were found many years ago, there was a small lot of much older packets with them. These are those. They were found in a barn in storage in upstate New York. All sets are very similar to the ones pictured. Assortments vary and are prepacked. No special requests please.

#CH171  - Mickey Mouse Flashlight Label
Vintage 1950s 3" tall label that went on a Mickey Mouse Flashlight. They bare the Walt Disney Productions copyright mark and are in great condition. They are old factory stock. Unfortunately, there were none of the flashlights left!!!

#CH382 - Grease Pin

Vintage well made gold colored Grease pin with the movie logo. These are about an inch and a quarter wide with a long stick pin (be careful, they are sharp). These came from a fellow who sold merchandise at rock concerts and various events between about 1977 and 1978. I guess this was a popular item at that time. He still had these in storage. They are well made and in great shape. This kind of stuff doesn't come around very often.


#CH396 - 1982 Postcard of Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton - Best Little Whorehouse
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5 1/2 wide postcard. Back says "Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds". Pictures a scene from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". Also marked "Published by Coral-Lee". Unsold old store stock in excellent condition. They all have slight printers imperfection in the center. All that were ever made do and you probably wouldn't see it if I hadn't have told you.

#CH403 -  Supermag Vol 4 No 6 Mork and Mindy Issue
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 8 1/2" tall 1980 Mork and Mindy issue of Supermag Vol 4 No 6. Mork and Mindy cover and centerfold with Charlies Angels on the back cover. There are other articles of the time too. 48 pages. Unsold old stock in excellent condition.

#CH404 - Huge Display Card with The Flintstone Three Dimensional Stickers
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage huge 16 1/2" tall display card featuring The Flintstones Three Dimensional Character Stickers. Marked "Copyright 1977 H-BP Inc."  (Hanna-Barbera). Old store stock. Nice unused condition. Maybe be a light corner bend from storage. This is a very rare size and very colorful.

#CS041 - Mirabeau Cocoa Bath Toilet Soap Box
Vintage 1920s Mirabeau Soap Box. 3 1/2" tall. These are old factory stock that were never filled. They are in excellent condition and will be folded flat. Found at the long abandoned Lincoln Chemical Works in Chicago, IL.

#CS157 - Group of 5 Different Hair Nets in Original Packages with Good Graphics
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 5 different hair nets for $5 (that's $1 each). Vintage 1930/40/50s hair nets in original packages. They are very colorful and interesting. All picture ladies and all are different. Some nets may differ from the picture, but they will be of the same quality. We have found these in different places and make up sets when we get a enough. All are unsold store stock. Some will show some minor aging on the packages.

#CS378 - CocoKream Box
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5 7/8" tall cardboard box when folded together (Shipped flat).  Very colorful circa 1940s box says Drink CocoKream and pictures it in a glass cold and in a coffee cup hot. You mixed it with milk. The reverse side tells about how healthy it is. Marked "Famous Foods, LTD., Vancouver, Canada". This is a great one for a country store display. Old unused factory stock in excellent condition.

#CS387.1 - Colorful Carded Newey's Valerie Cumfy Tip Bob Pins
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5" display card with 6 bob pins on it. Nice graphics of a lady with a period hairdo. Says "Newey's Valerie Cumfy Tip Bob Pins" "Glide into the Hair" "Greater Holding Power". Circa 1950. Old store stock in excellent unused condition. Slight card curling.

#CS395 - Large Special Capsules Slide Drawer Box from the Grund Drug Company in Fremont, Ohio
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3" long empty slide drawer box says "Special Capsules Allays the Common Cold Discomforts of Headache, Minor Muscular Aches and Pains, or Neuralgia" "Acetophenetidin, Aspirin, Caffeine, Gelsemium and Cascarin". They are in unused condition and from around the 1930s. They came from the building that was being renovated north of here in Fremont, Ohio.

#DC127 - Group of 50 Different Milk Bottle Caps - Many Scarce Old Ones
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage milk caps of varying size and types. Most are from the 1920s-1950s. Many are very uncommon. The ones in the picture are typical. We got them from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

#DC187 - Land O' Lakes Bulgarian Buttermilk Milk Bottle Cap - Indian
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. These are very old Land O' Lakes milk bottle caps picturing the sitting Indian. The phone number on them is "phone 23w". Likely from the 1930s or older. Says "Bulgarian Buttermilk Farmers Co-Op Creamery Roseau, Minnesota". 34mm diameter. This is a very scarce cap. hese came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country. Excellent unused condition.

#HH103 - Large Diecut Mechanical Valentine with Mailman and with Original Envelope
Please click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9" tall diecut mechanical valentine with a mailman passing out valentines. His arm swivels. Nice condition. The picture is set against the original envelope which is included.  From a long closed factory that made them in the 1950s. Includes original envelope. Very colorful. These days it will cost you $5 to buy a new good quality oversize card with the envelope like this. These are a real bargain.

#HH173 - Suction Spider Gag - Great for Halloween
Vintage 7" tall header bag package contains a large plastic spider with handpainted eyes and a rubber suction cup on the the bottom. The header is super colorful and says "Suction Spider Stick to Any Smooth Surface" "Scares them All". These are unsold old store stock from the 1960s in great condition. I doubt the suction works any more, but they were in dry storage and look like new. Perfect for Halloween even if you just set one out on a table. These are very realistic.

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#HH216 - Group of 12 Old Easter Picks
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $3 (that's 25¢ each). Hand painted hard plastic Easter picks. These are very old and could be celluloid. There are four different types in various colors. Each is approximately 2 1/2” tall including the stem. Brittle hard plastic. You will get a random mix (we have pre-packed them all - no special requests please). Our original find of these was from the back of Brown Novelty in downtown Cincinnati where they’d been sitting since the 1950s. This an even nicer group with bright colors as shown in the picture.

#MS122 - Royal Purple Condom Envelope
Vintage 9" 1930s condom envelope. Old factory stock that was never filled. Bright purple and gold colors. On the inside flap it says they were to be used on advice of a registered physicain to prevent disease. Paper shows some slight aging, but they are in great condition. They were found many years ago at the Chandler Distributors in S. Louis, MO.

#MS153 - 1908 Victorian Print - Lady with Daisies in Her Hat
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1908 (dated) 12 3/4" tall stone lithograph print on thin cardboard featuring a lady with a hat with daisies on it. Marked "The Gray Litho Co. NY." These are unused old stock that were donated to a museum that consequently went out of business and sold them! Excellent condition. These are incredibly beautiful.

#PC99 - Widlar's Crispy Pix Pail
Vintage 2 3/4" tall when folded box that held Widlar's Crispy Pix snacks. It is made of cardboard with a tin closure and a copper handle. Nice unused condition, but do show signs of paper aging and spotty light rust on the metal tab. Treat these gently. The cardboard is old and a little brittle. These are very uncommon. Marked "Widlar's Crispy Pix" The Widlar Company Cleveland, Ohio". Widlar was a very old company that was famous for their coffee, but they only used "The Widlar Company" name (the one on these boxes) in the 1910s.

#PL069 - George Wallace for President Pinback
Vintage 1 7/8" diameter George Wallace pinbacks.This one was made for Wallace’s 72 campaign by the Hendricks Co. in Atlanta (where they were found), but they were never issued as George canceled that campaign. Great condition.

#PL325 - Ike and Dick (Eisenhower and Nixon) Presidential Campaign Button
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1" diameter Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon (Ike and Dick) campaign button from the 1952 election. Has the union marks on the side. Most people don't remember that Nixon was Eisenhower's Vice President. Excellent unused condition.

Displaying 721 - 744 of 2927 
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