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#DA099  - Waxed Blue River Butter Box with Cows - 1927
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the box. Vintage 5" wide (when folded together) waxed rectangular box. Pictures cows on both sides. Marked "Clark Dairy Blue River, Wisconsin" on the back, and copyright 1927 on the flap. These came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business, and we are thrilled to share her finds from years ago with you. Excellent unused condition.

#HH155 - Plush Halloween Vampire Bat Decoration
These are vintage plush spooky Halloween Vampire Bats. They are 4 1/4" across and have fluorescent green eyes with painted vampire fangs and claws. When you stand them up, they kind of hunker forward. These are nice quality and from around the 1960s. We recently found these not far from home in a warehouse we have been trying to get in for 20 years. These are unsold old stock that have been in dry storage and has not seen the light of day till now. They are in perfect condition.

#MS256 - 1969 Pink Panther Limousine Show Car Print - Jay Ohrberg
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1969 10 1/4" wide thin cardboard print picturing the famous Pink Panther Limousine car. It was built in 1969 by Jay Ohrberg (famous for building many cars for movies - KITT from Nightrider and the DeLorien in Back to the future to name a couple), and was featured in the opening of the Pink Panther TV series. The reverse pictures mostly Reisner cars in black and white, and tells you how to get official show car decals. These are high quality prints that were produced around 1969, and are in excellent unused condition.

#PL141 - 1973 Nixon Inaugural Parade Map/Flyer

Vintage 1973 Nixon - Agnew Inaugural Parade Route Flyer. 11" wide. Map of the parade route & photos of Nixon/Agnew. These came from the original distributor and were leftovers that were never used. They are a cool piece of history.


#SP044 - Group of 10 Cardboard French Rum Bottle Toppers
You get 10 for $1.50 (that's 15¢ each). Vintage 3 14" tall cardboard topper that on the top of a bottle of Aux Futs De France Rum. These are colorful and gilded little signs that were used to make display bottles. You can't beat the price on these and they are really nice. Unused old stock in great condition.

#TY003 - Cowboy, Cowgirl, and Indian Tin Lithographed Clicker Set
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get all three for $4.50 (that's $1.50 each). Vintage cowboy, Cowgirl, and Indian tin lithographed clickers. Marked made in Japan. 2 1/2" tall unsold old toy store stock that sat in storage for many years. Tin Litho. Excellent condition. Circa 1960.

#TY014 - Group of 3 Different Tin Frog Clickers
You get all three different for $3 (that's $1 each). 1 1/4" tall vintage lithographed tin frog clicker. Marked "Japan". Unsold stock from an old novelty store in St. Louis, MO. Circa 1950s. If you order three or more, you will get some of all three colors.

#TY108 - Group of 4 Miniature Wooden Tops
You get 4 for $2.00 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage wooden mini tops. About 1” tall. Most are blue. Well made. Near perfect condition. Circa 1950. Found in cases marked the "Royal Top Co.” These came from the closed Gulack warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.

#TY560 - Metal and Glass Tin Lithographed Japanese Toy Cowboy Telescope on Display Card
Vintage 6" wide display card picturing a cowboy looking through a telescope at an Indian. Attached to the card is a tin lithographed toy telescope with the cowboy on it. The lenses are glass, and the piece is attached to the card with tin wires. Marked "Japan" and from the 1950s. These are fantastic. Click on the image to see a bigger picture with all the details. Old store stock in near perfect condition.

#ZLC043 - Scarce Green Head Asparagus Crate Label
This an uncommon label. They are rarely offered. I got a small stack in a collection that I recently bought out. Vintage 10 1/2" wide label picturing a mallard duck. Unused stock circa 1940s.

#ZLC104 - Carefree Orange Crate Label - Covergirl
Vintage 10 3/4" wide Carefree Brand orange crate label from the Redlands Orangedale Association in Redlands, CA. Circa 1940s. This pinup covergirl image was meant to attract attention and it probably did. We got these from a long time dealer who put them away many years ago and is retiring.

#ZLC113 - Scotch Lassie Jean Orange Crate Label
Vintage 11" wide Scotch Lassie Jean orange crate label. Very colorful with a phenomenal image of a Scotch Lass with a castle on the water in the background. Circa 1930s. Unused factory stock from the Strathmore Packing House in Starthmore, Tulare Co. CA.

#ZLC120 - Life Bartlett Pears Crate Label
Vintage 11" wide Life Bartlett Pears crate label. Nice colorful picture of a guy smoking a pipe and reeling in a jumping trout. Circa 1950. Unused factory stock from the Dennis W. Leary Co in Walnut Grove, CA. Excellent unused condition. Great framed for the fisherman or outdoorsman.

#ZLC149 - Blue Goose Pear Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/2" wide Blue Goose Pear crate label. The Blue Goose image has always been a good seller. Circa 1940s. We got these from a long time dealer who put them away many years ago and is retiring. Unused old stock from the Blue Goose Growers in Lodi, CA. Printers mark is Western Litho. We got a really good deal on this group and so are passing it on!

#ZLC220 - Angus Bull Brand Sweet Potato Crate Label
9" wide vintage Angus Bull brand crate label from the Wimberley Co. in Church Point, LA. Says "Angus Bull Louisiana Sweet Potatoes". There are from around the 1940s and are great art work. Unlike today, the whole point of the pictures on crate labels was to get your attention. They didn't care if the subject matter was related to the product. It was just about making you look. This is a good example of a crazy one. It pictures an Angus Bull with a giant sweet potato! Excellent unused condition.

#ZLC238 - HIgh-Hand Pears Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/2" wide circa 1960s High-Hand Pear Crate label. Great image of four aces. These are from the Loomis Fruit Growers in Loomis, California. Click on the image to see a more detailed picture of it. Very nice unused condition.

#ZLC241 - Carriage Trade Apple Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/2" wide circa 1930s Carriage Trade Apple crate label. Nice image of horses pulling an old fancy carriage with men in tophats and a lady in a Victorian outfit. They are from Krass-Joseph Distributors in New York, NY. Click on the image to see a more detailed picture of it. Very nice unused condition.

#ZLC295 - Uncle Sam Apple Crate Label - Blue Version
Vintage 11" wide Uncle Sam Brand apple crate label. Very detailed patriotic stone litho image of Uncle Sam. Circa 1930s. Click the picture to see an extra large image. This is a beautiful label that retail in the $7 - $10 and up range. Unused stock from Wapato Fruit & Cold Storage Co. in Wapato, WA.

#ZLC412 - Group of 6 Different Pretty Girls and Pinup Vegetable Crate Labels
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. The average label size is around 9" tall x 7" wide. Vintage 1940s crate labels picturing pretty girls and pinups. Most, if not all of these, are WWII vintage. These are beautiful and colorful labels. This group includes Plenti Grand, On Rush, Bonnie Babe, Mity Nice, Kreme de Koke, and Irish Beauty. We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. They are in excellent unused condition.

#ZLC900 - Group of 10 of Our Very Best Large Indian Crate Labels
Click the picture to see a large image of all of the labels that are included. You will get all ten labels for $15 (that's only $1.50 each for some of our very best sellers). Vintage large 10" - 11" tall or wide 1920s - 1950s crate labels picturing Indians. Click the picture and see all that are included. These are all high quality good sellers, and all are in excellent unused condition. We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA*031 - Dixieland Watermelon Crate Label
Vintage 7 1/2" wide circa 1930s label picturing a smiling black guy. The top has smaller images of a black guy playing a Banjo and another black guy cutting a watermelon. Unused old stock from the Christian & Cockrill growers in McIntosh, Florida.

#ZLCA097 - Roof Garden Sweet Peas Can Label

Vintage 11" wide Roof Garden Sweet Peas one pound four ounce can label. Very detailed and nice picture of bowls of peas. Has a very old look to it. Printer's tag is dated 1939. Unused stock from the Somerset Canning Corp. in Somerset, PA. These are not common and often retail for $4 and up. We think you will like our price better.


#ZLCA108 - Maryland Chief Cut Green Bean Can Label
Vintage 8 3/4" wide Maryland Chief Cut Green Bean can label. Nice Indian Chief image. Circa 1940s. Great shape. Colors are vibrant. They turned up at the J. Langrall & Bro in Baltimore, MD. and are marked as such. Went on a 10 oz. can.

#ZLSG040 - Early Version of Locomotive Engineer Grape Crate Label
Vintage 12 1/2" wide Locomotive Engineer grape crate label. There are later versions of this label with zip codes on them. This is not that.  There is no zip code and the colors are deep are beautiful with inks they used in the 1940s. Fantastic image of a 1930s era train. These came fom the Thomas Mouradick Grower and Shipper in Fresno, CA.

Displaying 169 - 192 of 3271 
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