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#ZZA144 - 12 Different Horoscope Cards with Witches and Black Cats
You get 12 different astrology cards for $6 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 5 3/8" tall Exhibit Supply Horoscope Reading Cards. These are fantastic and should be a hit with the Halloween collectors and card collectors. They picture a lady fortune teller with black cats, bats, owls, frogs, and witches on brooms printed all over the card. Each one has the same pictures on it, but different horoscope readings. The copyright date is 1925, which is the date the machines that dispensed these for a penny were originally made. The Exhibit Supply Company made them for the machines for many years after. These are very uncommon cards. These are super rare and in near perfect condition.

We have a large lot of Exhibit Supply cards that we found in unopened bricks (you can see a picture of some of the bricks at the top of this department (Trading Card Shop). They are from a closed penny arcade. This is about the only way you would ever be able to find complete sets. The problem still is that there are more of some cards than others, so we can't assemble as many sets as you might think. These cards are uncommon. They are difficult to date because many of the machines were in production in the 1930s and 40s, but Exhibit Supply made cards for many of them all the way up to the early 1970s. The tale end stuff generally used lighter colored cardboard backing and printing on the bricks was stamped. The older ones have separate printed labels. So, we are using that info and the aging on the brick wrappers to estimate dates. The arcade must have bought the bricks of these during different time periods. Some are the light backs and some are the darker backs. We'll call it circa 1950s as some of these bricks are really old.


#ZZZ052 - Set of 3 different 1926 Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial Stamps
Three vintage 2" tall stamps. All are different colors and marked "150 Years of American Independence" "1776 - 1926" "The Sesqui-Centennial Philadelphia". These are in nice unused condition and this is a great price. Less than 35¢ each!!! Unused old stock.

##MUSICBPT0026 - Commemorative OTTO Ticket for The Who Concert on Dec 8th 1982
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the ticket. 8" wide Commemorative The Who ticket for the concert that was held in Chicago at Rosemont Horizon on December 8th, 1982 (Marked as such). Marked OTTO. The concert was sponsored by WLS AM 89 & FM 95 radio in Chicago, and the backs are all about the radio station and how they were doing lots of The Who music. These are unused stock.

#CC221 - Coca Cola Peel a Fortune Bottle Hanger Foldout
Vintage 9 1/4" tall Coca Cola foldout that hung on a bottle. It tells about how you peeled that sticker from bottle caps and could win up to $100,000. Unfolded, it pictures other prizes including a Coca Cola T-shirt and director's chair with the old Coke logo. Says it expired January 31st, 1983. The top has a hole for hanging on a bottle. Colorful and nice. We just bought part of a huge collection of Coke items. These were part of the lot. The fellow that had this stuff is a friend who searched old bottling plants and hauled most of this stuff out many years ago. They are in excellent unused condition.

#CH208 - Western Art Johnny Mack Brown Post Card
Vintage 5 1/2" wide postcard of Johnny Mack Brown. The picture on these is from a movie from the mid 1950s and they are from that time period or a few years later. Johnny Mack Brown was a favorite cowboy at that time. He even had his own Dell Comic. These came from a collector who hoarded them a long time ago. They are in near perfect condition and are marked "Western Art Post Card Co.". Very uncommon. We were very pleased to get them for you.

#CH230 - Ken Maynard Western Postcard
Vintage 5 1/2" tall postcard of Ken Maynard in a western movie. These came from a collector who hoarded them a long time ago. They are from around the 1950s, are in near perfect condition and are marked "Western Art Post Card Co.". There is a spot on the reverse for a stamp. These are very uncommon and we are very pleased to have found them for you. Ken Maynard was a famous cowboy in the movies from the time of the silent movies into the 1940s.

#DA002 - Cowlitz Butter Box

Nice old vintage 1940s Butter box picturing cows. 6 1/2" wide one pound butter box. Excellent unused condition. Found at a farm in Longview, Washington. Old Phone number on the side with Letters. Writing and pictures on all sides.


#ZLC001 - Wenatchee Chief Apple Crate Label

Large 10" wide super colorful vintage apple crate label with Indian. Unused stock from the Wenatchee Growers Ass'n in Wenatchee, Washington. Dated 1948. Nice frameable antique label.


#ZLSC092 - Franklin D. Roosevelt Inner Cigar Box Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9" wide circa 1930s heavily embossed and gilded stone litho inner cigar box label. Says "Franklin D. Roosevelt". Great image of the president. Unused old stock in excellent unused condition.

#CC209 - Coca Cola Dry Server with a Burger and a Coke
Vintage 6 3/4" tall Coca Cola Dry Server with a picture of a bottle of Coke and a hamburger on a tray. Says "So refreshing with food". These are paper sleeves that were dispensed from old Coke machines. The refrigeration in the old machines made the bottles sweat, so you put the bottle in one of these sleeves to keep them dry. Some people call them bottle bags, but the are really sleeves. Dated 1932. These are in exceptional condition. We just bought part of a huge collection of Coke items. These were part of the lot. The fellow that had this stuff is a friend who searched old bottling plants and hauled most of this stuff out many years ago.

#CH095  - Howdy Doody Head Lettuce Bag
10" tall vintage plastic bag with Howdy Doody and the Kagran copyright on it. Unused stock from an old grocery store. Circa 1950s. Pictures Howdy Doody and says Howdy Doody head lettuce. Uncommon.

#SOZ011 - Hires Root Beer Black Cow Bottle Hanger
Vintage 10 1/2" tall colorful bottle hanger says "Try a Real Black Cow It's Moovelous Just add vanilla ice cream to glass of ice cold HIRES Root Beer". These are from around the mid to late 1950s when black cows were popular. I remember asking mom to make them. Old soda plant stock. This root beer advertising is getting hard to find and Hire's items like this are very tough.

#ZLCA900 - Scarce Large Size Longwood Plantation Syrup Label
These are vintage 8" wide by 6 1/2" tall Longwood Plantation can labels that picture an Aunt Jemima looking black lady with a red bandana. A bunch of these were found many years ago at the Longwood Plantation in Baton Rouge, LA., but this large size has always been hard to acquire. They went on a large tin can. Circa 1930s.

#ZZA146 - Pacific Ocean Park 1¢ Arcade Roy Rogers Card
This is a very rare Ocean Park Penny Arcade 4 in 1 card featuring Roy Rogers with a signature on the upper left. Excellent unused condition. Ocean Park was built in Santa Monica, CA in 1958 and closed in 1967. It was a very large park that was built to compete with Disneyland. However, city planners, in an effort to renew the area, demolished buildings and closed streets all around the park so people couldn't find there way in. Even though it was a huge park, it was forced to close it's doors and the contents were auctioned off in 1968. These cards are marked "Pacific Ocean Park Arcade 1¢" on the front and have a postcard back.

#TY782 - 1950s Enco Barnum and Bailey Decal in Original Glassine Envelope
Vintage 5 1/2" tall Enco Barnum and Bailey Souvenir decal from the 1950s. Large colorful logo. Says they could be used on windshields or luggage. Directions on the back. After 60 some years it seems unlikely they would still work. Marked "Enco Inc. 242 Fourth Ave New York, N. Y.". Unsold old stock. Decals are in excellent condition. The glassine packs show some minor aging. An old friend who has had these for years is retiring and sold these to us.

#ZLC105 - Our Pick Pear Label
Vintage 10 3/4" wide Our Pick Pear crate label from the Loomis Fruit Growers Association in Loomis, CA. Image of a chicken about to peck at a bowl of fruit. These would be great framed in a kitchen. Nice unused condition. Circa 1930s. SPS litho.

#ZLC229 - Duckwall Hood River Pears Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/2" wide circa 1940s Duckwall brand Hood River Pears crate label. Detailed and colorful image of a duck against a brick wall. These came from the Duckwall Bros. distributors in Hood River, OR. Very nice unused condition.

#ZZA081 - 1977 Star Wars Trading Card Wrapper - Blue and Yellow
Vintage 1977 Star Wars trading card pack wrapper. There were a number of different trading card packs issued that year. This is a less common one. Great condition. They have fold lines like all wrappers.

#ZZA185 - 1991 Complete 72 Card Set Star Pics All My Children
Vintage 1991 complete set of all 72 All My Children cards. They were made by Star Pics and have the ABC Licensing mark. These are in near mint unused condition from a never opened case.

#CS168 - Sta-Green Grass Seed Box
6" tall Sta-Green grass seed box. These are super colorful with a deco design box and from around the 1930s. Old stone litho image. Excellent unused condition. Folded flat.

#SIGN002 - Sunkist Shamrock Valencias Sign
Vintage 9 1/2" tall circa 1930s cardboard store signs. These were distributed to groceries to use as price signs for Valencia oranges. Unused old stock from Northern Orange County. Nice image. Got these from a long time dealer who is retiring. He had found them many many years ago.

#SP039 - Schlitz Menu Sheet with Phil Lyford Artwork
Vintage 10" tall unused paper menu sheet with a large colorful picture of a sophisticated couple dining and drinking Schlitz beer. It has the slogan "It's smart to drink Schlitz" and "The beer that made Milwaukee famous". Also says "In brown bottles". These are easy to date as those logos were only used in combination for a couple of years around 1934. They have a Phil Lyford signature. Phil Lyford was a very famous artist who did many paintings and illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman. He passed away around 1950. His paintings go for around 2 grand. These are quite a find.

#TY327 - 16 Different Flicker Stickers
You get 16 for $4 (that's only 25¢ each). Vintage 2" wide soft plastic puffy type stickers that flicker. All are different. Some are horses and some are fish and some are dinosaurs and many others. There doesn't seem to be any logic to it. We sorted them into sets of 16 different. I found these recently in remote storage at my favorite toy store in Kentucky. They are peel and stick and still work very well. Each flicker sticker is individually packaged. Very nice condition. Circa 1970s.

#TY777 - Shrine Circus Pinback
Vintage 1950's Shrine Circus Pinback. 1 3/4" in diameter and in excellent condition. I found these in an old novelty place in Rochester, NY that was closing down. They had sat in dry storage since the 1950s and are in excellent condition.

Displaying 217 - 240 of 3230 
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