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#ZZA229 - 12 Card Set of Whom You Should Marry Exhibit Supply Penny Arcade Cards
#ZZA229 - 12 Card Set of Whom You Should Marry Exhibit Supply Penny Arcade Cards
You get 12 for for $4 (that's only 33¢ each). These are cards that were dispensed at penny arcades and amusement parks in the Exhibit Supply Whom you Marry machines which were first made in 1926. They are marked Exhibit Supply and have a very fancy picture of a couple getting married and other people from the era on each side. Click the picture to see the full size image. These are very detailed and period looking. Fantastic images. The machines had slots for each month and you put a penny in for your birth week. Since there were four different ones, you might have to try for awhile to get you exact week. They tell your Birthstone, Flower, Colors, and of course Whom you should marry. For example, the April 1st to April 9th card says "Born at this time you are impulsive and quick in temper, but are kind and genial...... choose a mate as one who respects your individuality....... you might find happiness with those born in August, December, or March" and a whole lot more.  Tells all about you. They are 5 1/2" tall and in unused condition. You will get 12 cards total including the complete April, May, and June 4 card sets.   These machines were in service from 1926 up until the 1950s, so they made cards to sell in them for a number of years. A very scarce one.  It was a complicated machine. They were never used and are in great shape.  Some have little spots of printing smear, but nothing that really effects them. The cards are likely from the 1950s . They were found in original bundles with exhibit supply packaging in storage at an old amusement park up in the northeast.

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