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#ZLCA227 - Very Old J. Winslow Jones Green Corn Can Label
#ZLCA227 - Very Old J. Winslow Jones Green Corn Can Label
Vintage scarce 12" wide J. Winslow Jones' Green Corn can label. Click the image to see the full image of the label. This is a very old one from around 1880. Labels weren't as fancy then, but this is an interesting one. Says stuff like "Beware of Counterfeits. Use no Corn except that bearing the name John Winslow Jones" "Owing the the immense demand for Hermetically Sealed Goods, large amounts of Worthless Articles are offered for sale, which render it very important for purchasers to look well to the BRANDS they purchase". Tells all about the product and has directions for preparing. They are unused old factory stock that shows some fairly minor age stains along edges and tiny age bites. We got these from the estate of the famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist.

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