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#ZLW063 - Bottled Romance Label - Artwork was done by R. Atkinson Fox
#ZLW063 - Bottled Romance Label - Artwork was done by R. Atkinson Fox

5" wide Bottled Romance label. The label pictured is one of their earliest known surviving bottle labels from Engels & Krudwig who produced high quality American wine from the Lake Erie region vineyards. A friend of ours was able to get into the winery and find these. There was a printing tag in with them that shows they were made in 1934 right after the end of prohibition. They are not signed, but extensive research has been done on these labels and the artwork was done by R. Atkinson Fox. Robert Atkinson Fox was a popular and prolific commercial artist from the early 1900s until his death in 1935. He was commissioned by major calendar companies and art print publishers to illustrate calendars, posters, postcards, picture puzzles, and various advertising materials all over the country. His work goes for big dollars. Check it out on Ebay. These labels are a gift at this price. They should retail for at least $5 - $10 each.


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