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#ZLBE076 - Very Old and Unusual Home City Temperance Beer Label
#ZLBE076 - Very Old and Unusual Home City Temperance Beer Label
Vintage 4 3/4" wide The Home City Temperance Beer label. These are an interesting piece of history. Around the turn of the century, In mid Ohio, just north of here, the Temperance Movement (to make alcohol illegal) was raging. In 1906 "The Home City Brewing Company" in Springfield, Ohio was established, and created Temperance Beer as a low alcohol alternative. In 1909, there was a vote in Springfield, and all of the saloons were closed and alcohol could no longer be sold in any amount.  Temperance Beer only had 1/2 of 1% alcohol, but could not be sold in Springfield.  That was the end of the brand.  The brewery kept going selling their other brands outside of Springfield until 1919 when prohibition was enacted and the Brewery met it's demise.  A  journal from that time period writes that when Springfield went dry under the Rose Law on March 29th, 1909 church bells rang all over the city and prayer meetings took place everywhere. Ninety-seven saloons and Temperance Beer went out of business that day. The labels says "Guaranteed Under the Food and Drug Act of 1906" "Contains Less than 1/2 of 1% alcohol" "Guaranteed Non-Intoxicating" "Guaranteed not to come within the consideration of the U. S. Internal Revenue Department". These labels were found in the attic of the building, and we were able to purchase all of them.

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