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#ZLCA148 - Very Rare Large Saazer Bohemian Style Malt Syrup Can Label
#ZLCA148 - Very Rare Large Saazer Bohemian Style Malt Syrup Can Label
Click on the image to see the incredible large image. Vintage very large 13 7/8" wide Saazer Brand Bohemian Style Malt Syrup can label that went on a 2 1/2 pound can. This is a very old rare label with a great image of a Bohemian girl carrying a basket of hops and other workers in the field. Circa 1910. It says "Pure Malt Syrup extracted from the choicest barley . It is highly nutritious and can be used to the greatest advantage as a liquid food for the aged, nursing mothers, children and infants. Easily digested, pleasant to take. Acts as a health builder. A trial will convince you. Distributed by MalVaz Extract Co. 3237 W. 26th Street Chicago Tel. Rockwell 0176. Excellent unused condition. You are not going to find these anywhere else.

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