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#ZLCA043 - Roseco Evaporated Milk Label
#ZLCA043 - Roseco Evaporated Milk Label
Vintage 9 3/4" wide Roseco Brand 14 1/2 ounce Evaporated Milk label. This is perhaps the most beautiful dairy label you will ever see. Stone litho image. Very deep and vibrant colors. Cow with milking stool and bucket pictured. Also a gigantic rose image. These labels have a printer's code on them that dates them to 1933. They are an amazing find. They came from a brewery in Minnesota! During prohibition, the brewery turned to canning milk since they couldn't make beer any more. It was a large operation and they canned milk for companies all over the country. The companies would send them the labels and they would can the milk and send it back with the companies label on it. Incredibly, as soon as prohibition was over, they returned immediately to brewing beer and a ton of canning labels were left sitting in the basement all those years.

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