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#PL351 - Large Clinton Gore 96 Re-Election Campaign Jugate Pinback
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 3" diameter high quality Clinton Gore 96 pinback. Red, white, and blue. Copyright info around the rim. This is a nice one. Perfect unused condition.

#PL354 - George Wallace Mini Bumper Sticker from the 1968 Campaign
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4" wide mini George Wallace bumper sticker. Leftovers from the 1968 election. Excellent unused condition.

##MUSICBP0152 - Genesis OTTO Backstage Pass from 1987 The Final Leg Tour Featuring Ronald Reagan - As low as $3 each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 1/4" wide Genesis OTTO cloth backstage pass from the 1987 The Final Leg Tour. They picture a caricature of Ronald Reagan that says "Ronnie". There are several different colors and types (security, VIP, crew, etc.) If you order more than one, you will get multiple types. Images are the same as pictured on all of them. These are unused old stock that we found at the OTTO (manufacturer) warehouse.


Buy 1 or more of this item for $5.00 each
Buy 2 or more of this item for $3.00 each

#PL047 - Group of 3 Kerry Edwards Bumper Stickers
Click the picture to get a larger more detailed image. You get 3 for $1 (that's 33¢ each). Left overs from the 2004 election. We believe that these are a good investment. Political items are going to get very popular in the next few months as this is an election year.

#PL172 - McGovern Shriver '72 Pinback
1 1/2" diameter pinback. Nice vintage pinback. They are unused but show some light scratches from being shuffled around.

#PL279 - Gore Lieberman Jugate Pinback
Vintage 2 1/4" diameter Gore Lieberman Jugate pinback from the 2000 election. This is one of the most famous elections of all time in which Gore/Lieberman won the popular vote, but lost due to the electoral college system. Then Lieberman left the Democratic party and became an independent, although he is still involved in the party. Excellent unused old stock in  perfect condition. Marked Union Made and Tigereye Design.

#PL286 - George W. Bush Presidential Election Pinback from the 2000 Election
Vintage large 2 3/4" wide full color George W. Bush presidential election pinback. Good quality with the picture of a very young looking George W.  Pinbacks from the first election in 2000 like this aren't as common. Marked Tigereye Design. Great unused condition.

#PL289 - Ross Perot Adjustable Size Baseball Type Cap from the 1992 Election
Vintage adjustable full size baseball style Ross Perot cap from the 1992 election. This is a very colorful one that was popular in the day. This type is nearly impossible to find now. Perot Stockdale memorabilia is hard to find and highly collected. Great unused condition.

#PL304 - 1965 John and Robert Kennedy Print - Sanger
Vintage 8 1/4" tall print of John and Robert Kennedy. They are marked 1965, and a "Sanger" signature mark. Unsold old store stock in excellent unused condition.

#PL276 - Large Clinton Gore Building a Bridge to the 21st Century Pinback - Pictures Bridge
Vintage large 3" diameter uncommon Bill Clinton Al Gore presidential election pin from the 1996 election. Says "Building America's Bridge to the 21st Century". Marked 1996 Tigereve Design around the edge. Excellent unused old stock in  perfect condition.

#PL331 - Pictorial CWA (Communication Workers of America) for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale 1980 Pinback
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 2" pictorial pinback from the 1980 failed Jimmy Carter/Walter Mondale presidential campaign. CWA stands for Communication Workers of America. Pinback has a union stamp in the center.

#PL196 - Rectangular George W. Bush for President Pinback
Vintage 2 1/2" wide rectangular Bush for President in 2000 pinback. Unusual rectangular shape. Nice unused condition.

#PL355 - George Bush for President in 1988 Unused Pack of Matches
Click the image to see a larger more detailed picture (both sides pictured). Vintage full matchpack. Front says "George Bush for President 1988". The reverse says the same thing. Leftovers from the 88 campaign. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA001 - Powhatan Indian Can Label
11 1/8" wide. This is the larger 1 lb. 4 ozs. version. Dated 1938. Beautiful stone litho label. Vintage unused stock in excellent condition found at the H. P. Taylor plant in Richmond VA.

#PL161 - Large McGovern in Pinback Proof Sheet from 1972 Election
Vintage 9" wide proof sheet. There are old factory stock that was stamped on a machine to make the large 4" pinbacks. Nice condition.

#PL135 - Clinton Gore 96 Pinback
2 1/4" diameter Clinton Gore 1996 campaign pinback. These are good quality. They are marked Slater around the rim. These are unsold old stock from a distributor.

#PL295 - Large Kerry Edwards Taking America Forward Jugate
Vintage large 3" diameter jugate pinback from the 2004 election. Says "Says Kerry Edwards Taking America Forward". John Kerry has been back in the national spotlight a lot as secretary of state. Collectibles from his presidential run are popular again. Great unused condition.

#PL306 - Large I Support Gore Lieberman 2000 Pinback
Vintage large 2 1/4" diameter I support Gore Lieberman 2000 pinback. Marked "Union Made". Unused old stock in excellent unused condition.

#PL091 - McGovern Tab Pin
Vintage 1 3/8" wide George McGovern tab pins. Unused leftovers from the 1972 election when Richard Nixon won in a landslide. These are in good shape with the Union mark, but do have some minor light scratches.

#PL244 - Bush Cheney Sticker
Vintage 3" wide paper sticker that says "Bush Cheney '04". These are peel and stick and still work well. Unused stock from the 2004 election. You just peeled them off and stuck them on your shirt or blouse.

#PL296 - George W. Bush for President Republican Dignity Pinback
Vintage 2" square pinback from the 2000 election pictures an Eagle and says "George W. Bush for President" "Republican Dignity". Great unused condition.

#ZLC068 - White House Melons Label

Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Large vintage 13 1/2" wide White House Brand California Melons crate label. Nice large image of the White House. Nice piece for the label or political collector. These are unused old stock from J-B Distributing Co. in Los Angeles, California. 1950s.


#PL123 - President Nixon Pinback - Red, White, Blue
Vintage 1 1/8" diameter 1972 President Nixon campaign pin. Says "Re-elect the president committee" on the rim. These are unused old stock from one of our customers who put them back a long time ago.

#PL136 - Mitt Romney President 2008 Pinback
2 1/4" diameter Mitt Romney 2008 presidential campaign pinback. These are good quality. These are unsold old stock from a distributor.

Displaying 97 - 120 of 122 
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