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Halloween, Christmas, Easter and all sorts of Holiday memorabilia. All guaranteed vintage and all dealer priced.

#HH085 - Large Diecut Halloween Skull and Crossbones

Large cardboard 11" tall skull and crossbones. Has a hole at the top to tack on a wall. They are marked "American Merri-Lei Corp" on the lower left bone. Merri-Lei was in Brooklyn and went out of business around 1960. These are likely from around then. We found them in an old distributorship where they remembered purchasing them a long time ago. Super unused condition.


#ZZA144 - 12 Different Horoscope Cards with Witches and Black Cats
You get 12 different astrology cards for $6 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 5 3/8" tall Exhibit Supply Horoscope Reading Cards. These are fantastic and should be a hit with the Halloween collectors and card collectors. They picture a lady fortune teller with black cats, bats, owls, frogs, and witches on brooms printed all over the card. Each one has the same pictures on it, but different horoscope readings. The copyright date is 1925, which is the date the machines that dispensed these for a penny were originally made. The Exhibit Supply Company made them for the machines for many years after. These are very uncommon cards. These are super rare and in near perfect condition.

We have a large lot of Exhibit Supply cards that we found in unopened bricks (you can see a picture of some of the bricks at the top of this department (Trading Card Shop). They are from a closed penny arcade. This is about the only way you would ever be able to find complete sets. The problem still is that there are more of some cards than others, so we can't assemble as many sets as you might think. These cards are uncommon. They are difficult to date because many of the machines were in production in the 1930s and 40s, but Exhibit Supply made cards for many of them all the way up to the early 1970s. The tale end stuff generally used lighter colored cardboard backing and printing on the bricks was stamped. The older ones have separate printed labels. So, we are using that info and the aging on the brick wrappers to estimate dates. The arcade must have bought the bricks of these during different time periods. Some are the light backs and some are the darker backs. We'll call it circa 1950s as some of these bricks are really old.


#CH160  - Monster Head Charm Display Picturing Frankenstein
Vintage 7" tall cardboard vending display card picturing Frankenstein and a vampire. The cards are marked Mike Turner. My now grown son and I found these when he was a little boy and we went to the auction of the AAA vending company in downtown Cincinnati. They are from the 1960s are very neat looking. They have two plastic heads glued on them and they went in the front of a vending machine where they were vended on mini keychains. It says "Hey Kids" "They Stick on your Head". AAA was the manufacturer and distributor of the charms and they would push them around Halloween around the mid 1960s. We used to have the literature showing how much they cost with dates and things, but it is long gone. If I remember correctly, they were $10/1,000.

#CC134- Old Coke Bottle Christmas Ring
Vintage 2 3/4" wide paper ring that Coke would put on the top of bottles during the holidays in the mid 1940s. It has the "Take Home Coke for Holiday Hospitality" and "Drink Coca Cola" logos and has pictures of holly running around it. These are very uncommon. Few collectors own one. Unused stock from an old Coke plant down south in excellent unused condition.

#HH084 - Toy Puzzle Watch marked Macy's and picturing Santa
Vintage child's toy puzzle watch. 7" long including strap. They picture Santa and say Macy's on them. Got these from an old distributorship up in the northeast where they had been sitting since the 1960s. We bought them right and are giving you a great price on them. They have the little metal balls in them you try to roll in the hole.

#BEADS0189 - Spooky Man in the Moon Glass Halloween Beads - Just Purple left
These 16mm beads are very spooky looking and have the man in the moon embossed on both sides. Both have gold wash. One type is dark black and the other has a purply iridescence. Like the cat heads, these came from Bohemia, Czechoslavakia, but from a different factory. They were in production for many years till about 20 years ago. They are getting hard to find.
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#BEADS0209 - Christmas Colored Brass and Copper Coated Glass Bead Drops - Pick your color
Vintage Christmas colored glass balls in brass cages on a copper wire. The total length on the red one is 30mm. The length on the green one is 35mm. All you have to do is put these on an earring hook and they are ready to go. You could put one or more on each earring for some Christmas cheer. The tags are marked made in Japan and they are from around 1960. They have a little aging, but it adds to their charm. These are old unsold store stock that we picked up on our recent buying trip on the east coast.

This item is from our recent trip. We just returned from our east coast buying trip very very excited. We found two separate warehouses with beads, cameos, cabochons, and other stuff too that went all the way back to as far as the early 1900s. They are both closeout businesses that have been around for a long long time. Yes, they are still out there.  A lot of these items are very rare. We found over 100 catalog items!!  It's pretty amazing, and very exciting!

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#HH098 - Huge Rubber Spider Ring on Amazing Header Card
Vintage 5" tall hand painted rubber spider with tin clamps you bent around your finger to make a ring. The plastic on the bag makes it hard to see in the picture, but the graphics on the header card are great. Shows a guy screaming. Circa 1960. These are unsold Halloween stock from our favorite toy store in Kentucky where we dug these out many years ago. These are really fun.

#HH121 - Tin Easter Bunny Yo Yo
Vintage 2" diameter tin litho yo yo with the Easter Bunny pictured. They still work. Unsold old stock that I found at a warehouse up in the Boston area. Circa 1960s. I've found Santa before, but these are the first Easter Bunnies!

#BEADS0107 - Gold Plated Santa Tie Tack
Vintage 1 1/8" tall shiny gold plated heavy metal tie tack. Nice Santa image. These are the old types with the sharp pin sticking straight out of the back of them. There are no caps. These are unsold old jewelry store stock from around 40 years ago. Excellent condition.

#HH079 - Large Plastic Halloween Skeleton with Eye for Hanging
Vintage 8 1/2" tall soft plastic Halloween skeleton. Found them in an old novelty store in Columbus, Ohio where they had been sitting since the 1960s. Neat old decoration. Nice shape

#ZZZ027 - 1964 New York World's Fair Brochure
Vintage 9 1/4" tall 1964 World's Fair Brochure. Full color. In German! Shows a picture of the United States Steel Unisphere.

#HH088 - Old Easter Picks
If you order more than one, we will give you a selection of the different types. Hand painted hard plastic Easter picks. These are very old picks and could be celluloid. A rabbit, duck, and a couple of different chicks or rooster. Different colors. Each is approximately 2 1/2” tall including the stem. Brittle hard plastic. We just found these in the back of Brown Novelty in downtown Cincinnati where they’d been sitting since the 1950s.

#HH104 - Luncheon Size Valentines Day Paper Plate
Vintage 6 1/2" wide unused circa 1950s Valentine Day paper plate. Nice unused condition. I found these at an old distributorship on the East Coast.

#HH105 - Dinner Size Valentines Day Paper Plate
Vintage 8 1/2" wide unused circa 1950s Valentine Day dinner sized paper plate. Nice unused condition. I found these at an old distributorship on the East Coast.

#SOZ040 -  Pair of Giveaways with Free 7up Christmas Gift Tags

You get the pair for 25¢ (that's 13¢ each). The one is a 10" tall carton stuffer that pictures a 7up Christmas elf and has four free gift tags on it. The other is a 7" bottle hanger that has the same elf and 3 free gift tags on it. They are old unused plant stock in great condition that are from the early 1980s.


#CC110 - Unused Coca Cola Christmas Carton Stuffer
Vintage 8" tall full color pamphlet that opens out to 12" wide and has pictures of all sorts of Coca Cola decorating ideas. Has the "Things Go Better with Coke" logo and lots of pictures. Dated 1965. These were put in the front of Coke cartons during the 1965 Christmas season. Unused old stock from an old Coke plant down south.

#CC130- Coca Cola Holiday Special Carton Insert

Vintage 9" tall thin cardboard insert that went in the front of Coke cartons. They say "Holiday Special". Circa 1960s. Unused old stock from a Coke plant in great condition.


#HH020 - Group of 4 Large Trick Suction Spiders
You get 4 for $1 (that's 25¢ each). 4 1/2" long vintage rubbery plastic spider you can stick on a window. Great vintage Halloween fun. Old stock from a toy distributor in the northeast. Circa 1960s. Nice condition. Still in original cellophane bags. These are quite the bargain.

#HH071 - 4 packs of Halloween Witches Fingernails
You get 4 packs for $1 (that's 25¢ per pack). Vintage cellophane packages with five 2 1/2" long witches fingernails in each package. They clip on a finger and look pretty good. Unsold old stock from a toy distributor in Pennsylvania. Circa 1960s.