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#BEADS0150 - Group of 3 Different Colored Large Rare American Glass Beads/Curtain Pulls from the Civil War Era
(You get 3 for $3 - That's $1 each). Early large heavy wound glass American hand made beads. The sizes are very variable ranging from about an inch to over and inch and a quarter. They are glass that was worked on an iron rod. These have the iron residue up the entire opening which was caused by rods used from about 1840 to 1870. The three different will be green, amber, and cobalt (out of light blue). These handmade glass objects were sold as beads and as curtain pulls, and sold by the peck. They are one of the very earliest forms of American lampwork bead. They light up brilliantly with a lot of light behind them. Here's the crazy story of how we found them. We were out looking for hippie beads at a store in California when we found these packed away with a bunch of old hippie stuff. They told us that grandpa had bought them from a store that exclusively sold vintage American glass that went out of business. He bought them because of the large holes and colors, thinking the hippies would like them! It turns out they are real deal mid 1800s blown glass. This is one of the best find we have ever had.

#ZZZ126 - 1870s Advertising Trade Card for the American Woven Leather Belting Co. - Milton Bradley
Vintage 5 1/4" wide cardboard advertising trade card. This is a very old one from around 1870. This style of card was used before the advent of fancy color printing in the 1870s. Marked "The American Woven Leather Belting Co. Springfield, Mass." "Edward Coats, Pres" "Office 55 Fuller Building" "Factory, Belchertown, Mass". Interestingly, the printers mark says "Milton Bradley Co. Springfield, Mass". Around 1870, Milton Bradley had a lithography shop which is where these were made. Since they were printing boxes for their toys, they made some extra money doing lithography on the side too. They have a little paper aging, but are in amazing condition considering they are over 140 years old.

#ZZZ162 - 1840s The Penny Magazine
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11" tall paper "The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge". These are all from the 1830/40s. Yes, you are reading that right. These are extremely old. No two alike. They are 8 pages of interesting things from around the world. All have illustrations. They were published every Saturday by Charles Knight in London, England. Typical age imperfections, but still very readable and interesting. The one shown in the picture is typical.

#SIGN170 - Rare Early B.P.O.E. Elks Lodge "Hello Bill" Flag Pin - As low as $1 each

Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 2" long paper flag on a 2 1/2" wide metal pin for the B.P.O.E. Elks with the traditional "Hello Bill" greeting. The greeting started in 1897 at the Elks National Reunion in Minneapolis, and these are from around that time period. Back in the day, when a visitor came, they told them to go talk to Brother Billy Goddard which is how it all started. From there it spread to Elk lodges all over the country where it has become a traditional greeting. These early ones are very rare and in great shape for their age.



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#ZZCE087 - Very Old The Kennebec and Portland Railroad Company Stock Receipt
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. Vintage 11" wide unused document. Says "Kennebec and Portland Railroad Company" "Dollars for Interest on Payment in Stock in said Road, from the date of payments to opening of the Road January 1, 1852". Excellent unused condition.

#ZZCE088 - Very Old The Burlington Silver Mining Company Stock Certificate
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. Vintage 12 3/4" wide unused stock certificate. Says "The Burlington Silver Mining Company". These are pretty rare. I have seen a few of that were used and the dates were 1870. Excellent unused condition.

#ZZCE084 - 1890s Unissued Hooven & Allison Company Stock Certificate
Click the picture to see a large more detailed image. Vintage 11 1/2" wide stock certificate from "The Hooven & Allison Company". They were a company that made twine and rope in Xenia, Ohio. These were never issued, and so are not filled out. They have a spot for the date that says "A.D. 189_", so they are from the 1890s. Unused stock certificate in great condition.

#ZZZ092 - 1870s Check from the First National Bank of Indiana
Vintage 8" wide check. Marked "State of Indiana" "First National Bank". This blue color is the scarce and more desirable one.  We have a friend who lives out that way that turned these up. They were in a string tied bundle and are totally unsearched. We are not going to search them, so there could be a rare signature in there. These were used checks with typical bank marks and perforations. All are dated 1878.

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