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#MS168 - 1907 Victorian Print - New York Show Girl Broadway
#MS168 - 1907 Victorian Print - New York Show Girl Broadway
Vintage 1907 (dated) 12 3/4" tall stone lithograph print on thin cardboard. The bottom is marked "New York Show Girl - Broadway". My understanding is that this was a print of Adele Richie who was the prima donna of comic opera around this time period. She is also known for the murder suicide which ended her life in 1930. Marked "The Gray Litho Co. NY." Illustrated by Maud Stumm with her signature mark. These have quite a history. They are unused old stock that was originally uncovered in a San Francisco commercial building. They were donated to a museum that wanted to sell them to raise funds for a monument dedicated to Eleanor Roosevelt, but, the museum owner passed away. Now, they are here. Excellent condition. These are incredibly beautiful.

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