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#ZLCA906 - Super Rare Very Large E. B. Millar &  Co. Curacoa Coffee Can Label
#ZLCA906 - Super Rare Very Large E. B. Millar & Co. Curacoa Coffee Can Label
Click on the image to a detailed image of the entire label. This is without a doubt the most beautiful label we have ever had. No picture can do them justice. They are super rare 18 1/4" wide labels that went on a coffee can. There is no pound or measurement mark meaning they were made before 1910. Our best guess is right around 1900. The images are spectacular. Has writing all over it. "Millar's Celebrated Curacoa Pure Clean Wholesome Coffee" "The Aromatic Morning Cup". It has guarantees and preparation directions on it too. These are unused old stock from the plant that was on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. All have some aging, but very minor for their age. It might be a round corner or a small edge tear or some very slight staining, but all minor stuff. These would be incredible framed in a kitchen. We got them from the estate of friend and dealer Bob Secrist.

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