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#ZLCA083 - Scarce Mayfield Triple Succotash Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11 1/4" wide Mayfield Triple Succotash label. Gilded stone litho circa the 1920s in great shape. Colors are vibrant. This is a hard label to find. They turned up at the Gunn-Ellis Co. in Richmond, VA. and are marked as such. Went on a 1lb. 3 oz. can.

#ZLCA909 - Rare Large Double Image La Vera Cigar Can Label
Click on the image to see most of the complete label. Vintage large 18 1/4" wide La Vera cigar can label. Says "La Vera All Havana" and pictures a character from the La Vera Costanza Opera. 1921 copyright date and from the 1920s. They have a little no harm curling on the edges. You will never find any nicer. This is a scarce label. These came from the estate of friend famous collector Bob Secrist.

#ZLS155 - Pioneer Lemon Soda Label with Covered Wagon
Vintage 4" wide unused circa 1920s Pioneer Lemon Soda bottle label. These have a nice image of a covered wagon being pulled by oxen. Click the picture to see a much larger image. They are unused stock that were found at the Pioneer Soda Bottling Works in Davenport, WA.


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#ZLS238 - Uncommon Tokay Punch Soda Bottle Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 3/4" wide Tokay Punch soda bottle label.  Deco design with striking colors. Circa 1920s. Says "Tokay Punch" "A Delicious Flavored Drink" "Napa Rock Mineral Water Co. Oakland, Cal.". These came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business and we are very grateful to her. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLSC039 - Red Tips Cigar Label
Vintage 8 1/2" wide inner cigar box label. Heavily embossed and gilded. Nice horse image. Marked Consolidated Lithographing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York. Unused stock in nice condition. Circa 1920s.

#TOP005 - Taylor Bros. 48 Tobacco Tag
Vintage 3/4" diameter tin tobacco tag marked Taylor Bros. 48 Winston-Salem N.C. Circa 1920s. They show typical aging, but are in above average condition. Neat lettering.

#ZLS234 - Rare Myopia Club Lemon Sour Soda Bottle Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 4 1/2" wide vintage circa 1920s Myopia Club Lemon Sour soda bottle label. This is a very nice vintage gilded stone litho label picturing an Indian in full headress. A small lot of these were found in an old soda plant in Islington, MA a long time ago and they are very hard to come by. They are in excellent unused condition. We got them from the estate of friend and famous collector Bob Secrist.

#ZZZ068 - Schneller's Eye Salve and Eye Water Literature
10 3/4" wide paper telling about Schneller's Eye Salve and Eye Water products. This was literature that was put in product boxes and is old stock that was never used from the 1920s or earlier. Nice image of the Schneller Sanitary Bottle and Dropper. Talks about how safe and effective these products were. One of the ingredients listed in the Eye Salve was Mercury which is very toxic, but......  every bottle was guaranteed. Writing on both sides. 

#BEADS0437 - 18mm Reddish Orange Glass Pendant - As Low as 8¢ each
Vintage diamond shaped 18mm (.7") tall reddish orange deco looking pendant. Flat front and back. These were in very old pre war Japan boxes. Likely 1920s .  Boxes were marked "Pendants", but I suppose you could use them as beads. Perfect condition.
This is from our latest treasure hunt! From a warehouse of cabachons and beads! All were in original packaging. All are 50-90 years old!


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#BEADS0659 - Old Very Heavy Glass Czech Button
Vintage large 19mm diameter heavy glass button (Front and Back Pictured). These are heavy well made high domed Czech solid glass buttons. These are very uncommon. You are not likely to see them anywhere else. Unsold old stock from around the 1920s or so from an old store up in the northeast we recently visited. Excellent unused condition. They are dusty and the dust is free.

#CS319- OG-NA Tomatoes Label on an old Wax Seal Can
Vintage large 4 1/2" tall can. The cans are all soldered seam with a wax seal tin cap. The label is a heavily embossed and gilded stone litho image of an Indian Chief on the front and a large tomato on the back. Both the label and the can are circa 1920. These are great decorator items. The cans show some aging/rust. The labels are in excellent condition. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist. Bob found a hoard of unused old wax sealer cans from the 1920s many years ago, and pasted these labels on them and sold them to the Cracker Barrel. You might very well see them at your local Cracker Barrel. NO FOREIGN ORDERS ON THIS ONE. Sorry - They are just too heavy.

#TOP014 - Buck Wheat Bright Tobacco Bag
Vintage 5 1/4" tall bag that says Buck Wheat Bright Fine-Cut Scotten, Dillon Company Detroit, MI. This is part of the items that came out of the Scotten Dillon warehouse a number of years ago. This is not a real common one and they are in excellent condition. Circa 1920s. These were bags that Scotten Dillon would supply tobacco bag stores with to put tobacco in when they sold it.

#TY781 - Small very old Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Merchandise Sticker/Label
Vintage1 3/4 wide foil sticker that says "RIngling Bros. Barnum Bailey Combined Circus". These are from around the 1920s and we used on Circus merchandise. These are unused old stock in excellent condition. These are very uncommon.

#ZBOT127 - Verhampshire Pure Peanut Butter Jar Label
Vintage 3" wide gilded Verhampshire Peanut Butter label. These are circa the 1920s and unused old stock from C. M. Tice & Co. in Boston, MA. They picture mountain scene with a train going through a tunnel. Looks great on an old peanut butter jar.

#ZLC020 - Surety Apple Crate Label - A Beauty
10 1/4" wide vintage crate label with a very nice detailed stone litho image of a ship with mountains in the background. Very impressive looking label. Circa 1920. Unused old factory stock from the Sundquist Fruit and Cold Storage company in Yakima, WA. Excellent condition. Says "From Tree to Trade". Not very common.

#ZLCA066 - Bert Marshall's Grapefruit Juice Can Label
These are vintage 9" wide can labels that say Bert Marshall's Grapefruit Juice. Heavily embossed and gilded (gold). Beautiful image. These came from the Do Soto Canning Co. in Arcadia Florida. This is a true collector label. They are very scarce and command high prices on Ebay. ($6 - $10 each). Excellent unused condition. Circa 1920s.

#ZLCA158 - Rare Blueberry Hill Maine Blueberry Can Label
Click on the image to see larger image. Vintage 11" wide gilded and embossed circa 1920s Blueberry Hill Maine Blueberries can label.  Detailed images of blueberries and a blueberry pie. These are unused old stock from the H. L. Forhan Co. in Portland, Maine.

#ZLCA167 - Scarce Fancy Elkay Baking Powder Can Label
11" wide vintage Elkay Pure Phosphate Baking Powder can label. Heavily embossed and gilded stone litho picturing a very detailed cake on a fancy plate. Directions for making the cake are on the label. Excellent condition. Circa 1920s These are beautiful and unusual.

#ZLSC017 - Record Bond Value Received Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8 1/2" wide embossed and gilded Record Bond inner cigar box label. Pictures and hand with a large wad of money. Circa 1920s. Nice unused condition. Popular for framing. Has the Consolidated Litho Corp mark (Carle Place, NY)

#BEADS0734 - Very Old Group of 25 6mm Clear with White Core Six Sided Czech Glass Beads
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 25 Beads for $1.50 (6¢ per bead). Vintage group of 6mm clear 6 sided glass beads with white centers where the hold runs up the middle. Very old Czech beads that are from the 1920s or earlier. Excellent unused condition. We found these on a recent trip to the east coast.

#DA063 - Anamosa Ho-Lot Ice Cream Box
Vintage 3" tall scarce and colorful Anamosa Ice Cream box from the 1920s. Says "Ho-Lot for 5¢" "Anamosa's Ice Cream" "Anamosa Creamery Co. Iowa". These are nice. They are in excellent unused condition, and came from the estate of famous dealer and friend, Bob Secrist.

#DC179 - The Butler Dairy 20% or Over Cream Bottle Cap
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 42mm diameter milk bottle cap from around the 1920s that says "The Butler Dairy Cream 20% or Over" "Newark, Ohio" Excellent unused condition. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

#ZBOT184 - Idyl Brand Tomato Catsup Bottle Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3" wide heavily embossed and gilded stone litho label says "Idyl Brand Tomato Catsup H. Schmidt's Sons Distributors Covington, KY". These were found many years ago at the Idyl plant in Covington, Ky and are from around the 1920s. They look great on an old catsup bottle. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA028 - Athlete Salmon Can Label
10" wide vintage label. Circa 1920s. Great image of a Greek athlete and a large salmon. These were found at the Chinook Packing Co. warehouse in Chinook, WA. 1 pound size. Excellent condition.

Displaying 145 - 168 of 200 
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