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#DA062 - Group of 12 Very Old Waxed Vita Oleomargarine Boxes
#DA062 - Group of 12 Very Old Waxed Vita Oleomargarine Boxes
Vintage 5" wide when folded together waxed box. They have a great image of a fist with electricity coming out of every side, and are marked "The Baltimore Butterine Co." "VITA OLEOMARGARINE" "Copyright May 18, 1925". They are from around the late 1920s. They are very uncommon and have gone for big prices before on Ebay. Also says "U. S. instpected and passed by Department of Agriculture" and has the same image on both sides, with writing on the other two and the "VITA" logo on each box end. Old stock from the long closed plants on Willard and Catherine Streets in Baltimore, MD.  These are folded flat and were never used. They are in excellent unused condition. They came from the estate of famous dealer and friend, Bob Secrist.

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