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#ZLBE025 - Northern Pale Beer IRTP Label
Vintage 5" wide circa 1930s beer label picturing a northern scene on a lake. Unused stock in nice condition from the Northern Brewing Company in Superior, Wisonsin. This is an uncommon one.

#ZLCA053 - Bob White Brand Stringless Bean Label - Quail
Vintage 11 1/4" wide unused Bob White Brand Stringless Bean can label. Found at the packers, Clay M. Webb, in Vienna, MD. Printers mark shows these were made in 1937.

#ZLB003 - Lady Broom Label
6" tall vintage unused stock broom label picturing a lady in a turn of the century outfit. Stone litho. Circa 1930s. Bright colorful image. Found in a defunct broom factory warehouse in Illinois. These were labels that were actually used on broom handles. A lot of broom companies went out of business in the 1940s and 1950s when vacuum cleaners took their place in the American household.

#ZLSC003 - Garcia y Vega Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8 1/4" wide Garcia y Vega cigar box label. Gilded and embossed. Nice picture of a vintage lady carving the initials G x V 1882 into a tree. Circa 1930s. Excellent condition.

#ZLBE007 - Group of 4 Glen IRTP Ale Labels
You get 4 for $1 (that's 25ยข each). 4" wide Glen IRTP Ale label. Went on a 12 oz. bottle. Unused vintage stock from the Glen Ale Brewing CO., Inc in Watkins Glen, NY. Date 1938.

#ZLS013 - Dartmouth Dry Whiskey Sour Label
Unused 4 1/4"" wide vintage circa 1930s Dartmouth Whiskey Sour label from the Newport Bottling Works in Newport, N.H. Really nice looking label with a Dartmouth College pennant pictured. Looks just like the one pictured which we ran out of, but says Dartmouth Whiskey Sour instead.

#ZLCA041 - Mayfield Early June Peas Can Label
Vintage 11" wide Mayfield Early June Peas can label. Detailed gilded image of an urn full of peas. Beautiful colors. Circa 1930s. Unused old stock found at the Gunn-Ellis Co. in Richmond, VA.

#ZLSC007 - Royal Banner Cigar Box Label
Vintage 8 1/2" wide Royal Banner cigar box label. Heavily embossed and gilded image of a lion and flag. Circa 1930. Excellent condition. Unused stock from the Hackman Cigar mfg. Co. in Detroit, MI.

#ZLCA024 - La Perla California Olives Can Label
10" wide vintage label. Circa 1930s. Very nice picture of a period child. These labels are unused stock that were found at the B. Filippone & Co. Distributors in Passaic, NJ. 9 ounce size. Excellent condition.

#ZLC006 - Hustler Bartlett Pear Crate Label
11 " wide colorful vintage crate label from the 1930s. Unused old factory stock from the Sacramento River Assn. in Courtland, Ca. Excellent condition.

#ZLCA019 - Capitol Baking Powder Label
11 1/4" wide vintage label. Circa 1930s label pictures the capitol building. These labels are unused stock that were found at the Eskew, Smith & Cannon warehouse in Charleston, WV. This is a 1 pound size. Excellent condition. These are getting scarcer.

Displaying 337 - 347 of 347 
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