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#TOP021 - Master Carton for Insert Tobacco Tins
Vintage 9" tall unused cardboard master carton. Pictures Insert Tobacco tins on the sides and says they were made to contain one dozen of the 5¢ size. Marked "John Weisert Tobacco Co. St. Louis, MO". Empty and folded flat. They have perforations so the box could be split into two counter displays, Somehow the contents of this defunct factory ended up at an auction house in Felicity, Ohio a number of years ago. We bought most of it, but it ended up burning in our warehouse fire a few years ago. We still had a small stack of these sitting around the house.

#ZBOT120 - Krasdale Grape Juice Bottle Label
Vintage circa 1930s 3 7/8" wide gilded Krasdale grape juice bottle label. These are nice and look good on a one pint bottle. Marked "A. Krasne New York". Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#ZLC257 - Repetition Apples Crate Label
Click on the image to see a detailed large image. Vintage 10 1/2" wide Repetition Apples crate label. This is a real beauty. Great for framing. Pictures three images of an old time boy with a crate of apples. Each crate has a picture of the label on it so everything repeats. Circa 1930's. Unused stock from R. Wachsmith in Yakima, WA.

#ZLC287 - Vandalia Sunkist Orange Fruit Crate Label - Peacock
Vintage 11” wide Vandalia Sunkist Orange crate label. Fantastic large picture of a very colorful peacock. Also pictures a wrapped orange that says Sunkist on it. These are old unused stock from around the 1930s that were found at the Vandalia Packing Ass'n in Porterville, CA. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLC401 - T-E-A Brand Fancy Citrus Fruits Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11" wide T-E-A Brand Fancy Citrus Fruits crate label. Beautiful image from around the 1930s features a blooming tea plant branch. They came from the "Anderson Packing Co." in "Lindsey, California". We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA277 - Iona Tomatoes Can Label - Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 13 1/2" wide 2 pound 1 ounce Iona Tomatoes can label. Printers date is September 1930. Pictures an Indian. Says "Iona Brand Tomatoes" "The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. New York, NY". We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out. Excellent unused condition.

#BC134 - Early Cork Lined Nehi Par-T-Pak Soda Bottle Cap - As low as 25¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage cork lined Par-T-Pak soda bottle cap. These are the old thick cork from the 1930s. Very few caps from that era have survived. These are unused. They show light fading and other signs of aging. You will never see any caps this age any nicer. The one in the picture is typical. Very scarce one. These are part of a large collection we recently purchased.


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#BEADS0533 - 15mm Ruby Red Rounded Edge Cabochon - As low as 20¢ each
Vintage square with rounded corners and edges (No facets) 15mm (.6") wide cabochon. Very pure beautiful ruby color. They are from Pre War Germany. The packages were marked "Germany" and they are from the 1930s. The backs are flat and foiled. They are in like new, never seen the light of day, perfect, condition.
This is from our latest treasure hunt! These are from a warehouse of cabachons and beads! All were in original packaging. All are 50 - 90 years old.


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#CH083 - Group of 4 Pieces of Poll Parrot Shoe Money
You get 4 pieces for $1.40 (that's 35¢ each). Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. These vintage 6" wide pieces of Poll Parrot Shoe Money say "Trade at the store that gives you Poll Parrot Shoe Money with your purchases". Says you could exchange it for valuable prizes. From an shoe store. Circa 1930s or perhaps a little earlier.

#TOP008 - Red Top Snuff Dispenser
Vintage large 11 3/4" tall cardboard dispenser for Red Top Snuff tins. Marked "Pearson's Red Top Snuff" "Byfield Snuff Co. Byfield, MA". The sides of the dispenser list their brands including "Red Cross" "Red Leader" "Scotch" "Red Top" etc. They have a tab at the top (not pictured) for hanging on a wall. You pulled a can of snuff out of the opening at the bottom and the next on rolled down. These are empty and unfolded. Old factory stock that was never used in near perfect condition. Circa 1920s or 30s.

#ZBOT052 - Amber Lion Hair Treatment Bottle Label
Vintage 3 3/4" tall super colorful Amber Lion Hair Care Label. Circa 1930s. These look great on an old barber shop style bottle. Unused old factory stock

#ZLBE119 - Cook's Goldblume Beer Bottle Label - IRTP
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 3/4" wide beer bottle label says "Special Brewing Cook's GoldBlume" "Tax Paid at the Rate Prescribed by the Internal Revenue Law" "F. W. Cook Company Evansville, IND." Gilded. This is an oldy. These are from the 1930s, or perhaps older. They came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business and we are very grateful to her. Excellent unused condition. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLC107 - Strathmore Sunkist Orange Crate Label
Vintage 11" wide Strathmore Orange crate label from the Strathmore Packing House in Strathmore-Tulare County, CA. Super colorful and detailed image of a scottish fellow playing the bagpipes. Nice unused condition. Circa 1930s. We got these from a long time dealer who put them away many years ago and is retiring.

#ZLC172 - Bird Valley Apples Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 10 1/2" wide circa 1930 Bird Valley Apples crate label. Nice big raven image. Unused old stock found at the L. F. Lettis Grower in Watsonville, CA. Uncommon label. Great condition.

#ZLC230 - Repetition Brand Yakima Pears Crate Label
Vintage 11" wide circa 1930s Repetition brand Yakima pears crate label. Detailed and colorful image of a farmhouse in the valley with mountains in the background and pears in the foreground. These came from the grower R. Wachsmith in Yakima, WA. Very nice unused condition. These are uncommon.

#ZLCA*045 - Half Bushel Size Hy-Land-Kids Apple Crate Label
Vintage 6 1/2" wide Hy-Land-Kids Yakima Apples crate label. This is the older version from around the 1930s in the smaller half bushel size. They were found at the Cowiche Growers in Cowiche, WA. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLS134 - Deco Design Virginia Dare Lime Rickey Soda Bottle Label
Vintage 4 1/8" wide 1930s deco design Virginia Dare Lime Rickey soda bottle label. Says "Bottled under Authority" "Virginia Dare Extract Company Brooklyn, NY". These are in excellent unused condition and were found at the plant many years ago.

#ZLT012 - Scotten Dillon Tobacco Label with Athlete - Pep
Vintage 12" tall tobacco pack label (just the top half is pictured). Says Pep and has a runner on it. They are old unused stock from the long gone Scotten Dillon tobacco company that was in Detroit, MI. Circa 1930s.

#ZLW083 - Calva Peach Wine Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 5" tall embossed and gilded vintage Calva Peach Wine label. Beautiful image of peaches and leaves. Circa 1930s. Nice unused old stock from the Calva Wine Company in Richmond, VA.

#ZLW091 - Old Kentucky Barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Label
3 1/2" tall vintage Old Kentucky Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey label. Very nice details and gilded image of the old barrel. Unused old stock. Circa 1930s.

#ZZZ018 - Unused 1935 America's Exposition Postcard

Vintage postcard from the America's Exposition which was held in San Diego's Balboa Park in 1935-36. This one was from the "Palace of Photography". It has a JS copyright in the corner which stood for John Sirigo who was the photographer. The back has the official emblem of the exposition, other info, a place for a stamp, and a place to write a note. These are unused stock that are in near perfect condition.


#ZZZ077 - Weisert Tobacco hand written order sheets with Illustrated Front
Vintage 8 1/2" tall paper route receipt from the John Weisert Tobacco Company in St. Louis, MO. As pictured, the fronts have advertising for their 5 and 10 cent tins. The reverse was used as a route sheet. These are all used and dated in the 1930s.  They have hand written orders for all sorts of tobacco products on them. Used, but in really nice condition.

#BEADS0212 - Very Old Strand of Czech Glass Floor Sweeping Beads - 4 1/2 feet long - only 2¢ a bead!!!!!
Vintage 4 1/2 foot long strand of glass Czech floor sweeping beads. These came from a factory in Czechoslovakia where they swept the beads up every day from about 1905 till the 1950s. They threw them in a bin every day, and finally strung them up in the 1950s. There are variations from strand to strand, and some are crude, but they are all in excellent condition. Most of the beads are around 6mm long and colorful, but some are larger and a few are smaller. The strands themselves are cloth and meant to be temporary. There are around 240 beads on a strand which is barely over 2¢ each!

#SIGN128 - Heavily Embossed Fancy Metal Emblem/Sign from a Buff Transit (Surveyor's Telescope)

Vintage 4" tall heavily embossed metal emblem/sign that went on a Buff transit. Transits are the large surveying telescopes set up on tripods. Buff manufactured some of the highest quality in the industry, and these emblems are indicative of that. They are very detailed. The embossing is so deep that they look three dimensional. Incredible detail. You can see all the bolts and parts on the telescope pictured. The backs have two copper wires that were used to attach them to the transits. Circa 1930s and still unused in their original envelopes. Excellent condition. They came from the estate of the famous dealer and friend, Bob Secrist.


Displaying 145 - 168 of 350 
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