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#DC183 - Pecora's Special Coffee Mix Milk Bottle Cap - Hazleton, PA
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 42mm (1.7") diameter cap from around the 1940s from the Pecora Dairy in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Picture of a coffee cup. Excellent unused condition with typical light staple marks. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

#ZLBE068 - Ziegler 520 IRTP Beer Label
Vintage 4 1/4" wide circa 1940s Ziegler 520 beer label. Marked "Internal Revenue Tax Paid". The IRPT (Internal Revenue Tax Paid) statement was required on beer from around 1935 to 1950. They are also marked "Fine Quality Premium Beer" and "Louis Ziegler Brewing Co. Beaver Dam, WIS.". Nice old unused factory stock in excellent condition.

#ZLBE097 - Valley Brew Pale Premium IRTP Beer Bottle Label
4 3/4" wide aluminized paper beer bottle label. Says Valley Brew Pale Premium Beer" El Dorado Brewing Co., Stockton, California Since 1853" "One Full Quart" "Internal Revenue Tax Paid". Unused old factory stock in excellent condition. This particular IRTP (Internal Revenue Tax Paid) mark dates them to the 1940s.

#ZLC019 - Sunkist Alaska Exposition Lemon Crate Label
12 1/2" wide crate label pictures a diploma won by Johnston Fruit Company of Santa Barbara, California for their lemon entry into the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. Says Seattle 1909 on it. Vintage unused stock found at the Johnston Fruit Co. warehouse in Santa Barbara, California. Johnston Fruit Company was a distributor of Sunkist lemons. The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition was a world's fair held in Seattle in 1909, publicizing the development of the Pacific Northwest. This label is a later version that they probably used into the 1930s or 40s.

#ZLC166 - Altissimo Sunkist Orange Crate Label
Vintage 10 3/4" wide circa 1940s Altissimo Sunkist Valencia Orange label. Pretty mountain scene with a big Sunkist orange pictured. Unused old stock found at the Placentia Mutual Orange Assn in Placentia, CA. Great condition.

#ZLC258 - El-West Delite Florida Citrus Crate Label
Click the image to see a large detailed picture. 9" wide vintage El-West Delite Florida Citrus crate label from the Marion County Citrus Co. in Weirsdale, FL. Says "El-West Delite". There are from around the 1940s and have great art work. Unlike today, the whole point of the pictures on crate labels back then was to get your attention. They didn't care if the subject matter was related to the product. It was just about making you look. This is another good example. Wonderful picture of a vintage couple kissing in front of a giant heart. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA*015 - White Collar Avocados Crate Lug Label
12 1/2" wide vintage WWII era crate label. Neat image of a beautiful lady with a 1940s hairdo. Unused old factory stock from the E. & G. Avocado Co. in Los Angeles, Ca. Excellent condition. These turned up a while back and are getting harder to find.

#ZLCA*017 - Three Different very 1940s Citrus Labels
You get all three for 75¢ (that's 25¢ each). Triangle plays off of the Bermuda Triangle that fascinates people still to this day. It pictures a young man in the popular monogrammed shirts of the day ringing a musical triangle and standing in the middle a triangle with circular waves around it. It was a hot new topic during this time period. Rita-Anne and Ruby are both feature classic 1940s ladies. All three of these are unused stock from the Lake Region Packing Assn. in Tavares, FL. Nice condition. Triangle is the largest and is 9" wide. 1940s.

#ZLCA*028 - Hill Top Washington Apricots Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9 3/4" wide "Hill Top Washington Apricots" crate label. They are from around the 1940s, and have a picture of mountains. They are old stock from the Highlands Fruit Growers, Inc. in Yakima, Washington.  They are in excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA*043 - Coast Queen California Broccoli Label
7" wide vintage Coast Queen California Broccoli label. These are circa 1940s unused old stock from the Santa Cruz Artichoke & Sprout Grower Assn. in Santa Cruz, CA. Neat image of a queen.

#ZLCA122 - Pride of Virginia Potomac River Herring Can Label
9 1/2" wide vintage can label. Circa 1940s. Pictures a victorious crusader standing on a king who's crown is knocked off and says "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Nice image of herring too.

#ZLS168 - Uncommon Birchola Soda Bottle Label
Vintage 3 1/2" wide Birchola soda bottle label. Pictures birch trees in the north woods with mountains in the background. Very colorful and very scarce. Marked "Birchola Fresh from the Woods Excelsior Bottling CO. Reading, PA. under appointment by The Birchola Co. Scranton, PA." They are from around the 1940s. We got them from the estate of the famous collector, dealer, and friend Bob Secrist.

#ZLT035 - Perfect Pipe Smoking Mixture Tobacco Box Label
Vintage 7 1/2" wide (click picture to see an enlarged image) Perfect Pipe Smoking Mixture label that went on a box. They are unused old factory stock that was found at the Weisert Tobacco building in St. Lous, Missouri many years ago. Excellent condition. These are from the 1940s (WWII era) when metal rationing forced the tobacco companies to use cardboard boxes.

#ZLW011 - Three Bears Wine Label
4 3/4" tall Three Bears American Red Grape Wine label. Embossed picture of the three bears. Unused vintage 1940s stock from Richard's Wine Cellars in Petersburg, VA.

#ZLW021 - Stony Ridge Sour Mash Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3 1/2" tall Stony Ridge Old Style Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey label. Pictures a fellow whipping some horses as they take a wagon load from the factory. Circa 1940s. Unused old stock from the Meadow Springs Distillery in Meadowlawn, KY.

#ZLW078 - Whipple Creek Kentucky Whiskey Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 4 1/2" tall vintage Whipple Creek Kentucky Corn Whiskey label. Circa 1940s.Nice unused old stock from the General Distillers Corpl in Louisville, KY.

#ZLW103 - Blue Hills Bourbon Whiskey Label
Vintage large 4" tall label that says "Blue Hills Bourbon Whiskey". This is the one pint size. These are gilded and have an image of snow capped hills. Unused old stock from around the 1920s that were found at the Americal Liquor Company in Boston, MA.

#ZLW114 - E and K American Sweet Vermouth Bottle Label
Vintage 5 1/2" tall E and K American Sweet Vermouth bottle label. These were found by some friends at the Engels and Krudwig Wine Co. in Sandusky, Ohio. Wonderful unused condition. Picture gold coins and coats of arms. Circa 1930s.

#ZLW157 - Oude Klare Vieux Systeme Dutch Liquor Bottle Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5 1/2" tall Dutch liquor label says "Oude Klare Vieux Systeme Spirituex" "Maison J. Desmet Maertens".  This is a Dutch spirits label from the 1940s that pictures the old dutchman with a windmill in the background. Excellent unused condition. We acquired these from a long time label dealer on the west coast that we bought out.

##MUSICBG0065 - Two Different Sheet Musics with Nice Covers
You get both for $1 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 12" tall illustrated 4 page sheet musics. One is "There'll Never Be Another You"  picturing Art Mooney. This one is from the 1940s. The other is the "Story of Three Loves" and is from the early 1950s. These are unsold old stock in excellent unused condition with complete music notation. You don't usually find these unused. Click the picture to see all the details in the large image.

#BEADS0740 - Sew On Clear Rhinestone with Silvered Back - As low as 12¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11mm diameter sew-on rhinestone. They have a heavily embossed design. They are made of clear glass with a silvered coating on the back that makes then shiny. These are Czech and were made around the 1940s. Unsold old stock we found in the remote storage of an old store we recently visited. Excellent unused condition.


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#CH326-26 - William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) Riders of the Timberline Poster/Broadside - As low as $7.50 each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 12 3/4" tall paper movie poster/broadside from the 1941 movie "Riders of the Timberline" starring William Boyd who is better known as Hopalong Cassidy. This was one of his earlier movies. Please click the picture to see a more detailed image. Back in the day, when a new movie was going to play at the local theatre, there would be a guy who would run around town tacking these things on bulletin boards, telephone poles, fence posts, or anyplace else where they might be seen. Because most were outdoors, few have survived. Some will have small edge tears or roughness, but this is true of all paper movie broadsides, and they can easily be trimmed for framing. Although, a few small imperfections kind of adds to the look with these. Colors vary. We got them from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist. He found them in the storage area of an old theatre up in Northeast Ohio.


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#DC117 - Hard to Find Generic Creamer Bottle Cap that just says Fat Free
Vintage 1 1/8" diameter bottle cap that went on a creamer. These are very useful because they will fit any creamer and just say "Fat Free" on them.  So if you have a creamer sitting around that needs a cap, this is it. They were found at the Hancock Co. Creamery in Ellsworth, ME. Circa 1940s. Excellent condition.

#DC130 - Hietpas Dairy Grapefruit Rickey Bottle Cap - Scarce
Vintage 42mm (1.7") diameter 1940s era milk cap. These are very colorful with a picture of grapefruit half. They say "Hietpas Dairy Farm RR3 Appleton, Wisconsin Ph. 42283". This is a very pretty cap and an a very uncommon one. Unused excellent condition. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

Displaying 361 - 384 of 483 
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