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#DC146 - Hietpas Dairy Cherry Drink Bottle Cap - Yellow Version - Scarce
Vintage 42mm (1.7") diameter 1940s era milk cap. These are very colorful with a picture of cherries growing on a branch. They say "Hietpas Dairy Farm RR3 Appleton, Wisconsin Ph. 42283" "2121 N. French Road". This is a very pretty cap and an a very uncommon one. Unused excellent condition. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

#SOZ084 - Large Foldout Nehi Coupon Brochure
Vintage 9" when folded open super colorful Nehi coupon brochure. The bottles in the pictures have paper labels dating them to the 1940s. The top section is a coupon offering a quart of Nehi for a penny with the purchase of two more. Period picture of a party scene with a mom and dad in a bow tie pouring Nehi for a kid's Birthday party. Says "What's getting into kids these days" NEHII", and goes on and on. Excellent unused condition. They came from the estate of the famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist.

#ZLB029 - Broom Label with Earth Spinning on a Broom
Vintage 6" tall broom label picturing the earth spinning on a broom Unused old stock in nice condition. Circa 1940s.

#ZLBE093 - Daeufers Bock IRTP Beer Bottle Label - Goat
3 3/8" tall Daeufers Bock Beer label with goat. Went on a 12 oz. bottle. Marked "Daeufer Lieberman Brewery Allentown, PA" "Internal Revenue Tax Paid". Unused vintage 1940s stock from the Daeufer Lieberman Brewery warehouse in Allentown, PA.

#ZLC201 - Blewett Pass Apple Crate Label
Vintage 10" wide Blewett Pass Apple crate label. Pictures old cars winding their way up or down a mountain road. Found at the Cashmere Pioneer Growers in Cashmere, WA. Has their wagon train insignia and is marked one bushel. Nice unused condition. Circa 1940s.

#ZLC324 - Lion Brand Vegetable Crate Label
(Click the picture to see the large image) Vintage 9" tall Lion Brand Vegetable crate label. Big mean looking lion. Says "M. L. Kalich & Co. Main Office Watsonville, California" "Copyright 1925" and "Copyright June 12, 1928". This version is from around 1940. They are in excellent unused condition. From the estate of long time dealer and friend Bob Secrist.

#ZLC385 -Stadelman's Apple Crate Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 8" wide "Stadelman's Seal of Quality" apple crate label. They are from around the 1940s, and have a picture of apples on a branch and the Stadelman's Seal. They are old stock from the Stadelman Fruit Co. in Yakima, Washington.  They are in excellent unused condition.

#ZLS045 - Snaider's Cherry Fruit Syrup Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. 4" wide vintage unused circa 1940s cherry syrup label. Nice patriotic image of an American Eagle and the flag. Unused old stock in great condition. Found at the Snaider Syrup Corp. warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.

#ZLS105 - Jockey Club Pineapple Soda Bottle Label
Vintage 4 1/2" wide circa 1940s Jockey Club Imitation Pineapple soda bottle label. Excellent unused condition from the Hammonton Bottling Co. in Hammonton, NJ.

#ZLS164 - Lasko Club Soda Label - Racing Scene
Vintage 4" square Lasko Club Soda label picturing a racing scene. Marked "John Lasko & Son Bound Brook, NJ." Neat race horse scene. We got these from the estate of the famous collector, dealer, and friend Bob Secrist.

#ZLSG041 - Puggy Grape Crate Label Picturing a Boxer
Vintage 13" wide Puggy grape crate label. Nice image of a boxer in action and a boxing ring. Unused old stock in excellent condition. This is an uncommon one.

#ZLT021 - Orphan Boy Tobacco Cloth Sack Label
Vintage circa 1940s 2 1/2" tall Orphan Boy Smoking Tobacco label. These are unused and were made for Orphan Boy cloth tobacoo bags. They are in great condition and have a nice image of a mule. Unused old stock from the John Weisert warehouse.

#ZLT022 - Benco Smoking Tobacco Pack Label
Vintage circa 1940s 7" tall Benco Smoking Tobacco label. Says for pipe or cigarette. Unused old stock from the Bendixen Tobacco Co. in Syracuse, New York. These are in great condition.

#ZLT029 - McMahon's Celebrated Highland Piper Smoking Tobacco Pack Label
Vintage circa 1940s 9 1/4" wide Mc Mahaon's Celebrated Highland Piper smoking tobacco pack label. Says "It a Man's Smoke" and has a great picture of a Scotch guy playing bagpipes. Also says "John Weisert Tobacco Co., Successor". Unused old factory stock in great condition.

#ZLW008 - Group of 3 Old Sport Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Labels
You get 3 for $1 (that's 33¢ each). Vintage 3 1/4" tall vintage Old Sport Kentucky Whiskey label. Unused stock that was found in storage at the plant around Louisville. Race horse theme. Circa 1940s.

#ZZZ082 - Ritzville Trading Company 1940s Check with Indian Logo
Vintage  8 1/4" wide Ritzville Trading Company checks from the 1940s. They are all used and in good condition. The logo on the checks features an Indian saluting. They are Ritzville State Bank (Ritzville, WA) checks. Click on the picture to see the full check.

#ZZZ147 - 1947 Ventura Attic Fan Brochure
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage unused 5 1/2" wide 4 page mini brochure for Ventura Attic Fans is dated 1947. Pictures a guy laying in bed sweating on the cover. From back in the day when few people had air conditioning. Illustrated on each page. These are unused stock found in the back of an old appliance store, and are in excellent unused condition.

#CH326-12 - Early William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) Doomed Caravan Poster/Broadside
Vintage 13" tall paper movie poster/broadside from the 1941 movie "Doomed Caravan" starring William Boyd who is better known as Hopalong Cassidy. This was one of his earlier movies. Please click the picture to see a more detailed image. Back in the day, when a new movie was going to play at the local theatre, there would be a guy who would run around town tacking these things on bulletin boards, telephone poles, fence posts, or anyplace else where they might be seen. Because most were outdoors, few have survived. Some will have small edge tears or roughness, but this is true of all paper movie broadsides, and they can easily be trimmed for framing. Although, a few small imperfections kind of adds to the look with these. Colors vary. We got them from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist. He found them in the storage area of an old theatre up in Northeast Ohio.

#TOP010 - Uncle Willie Perfecto Cigar Pack

Vintage 5 1/2" tall empty Uncle Willie Perfecto Cigar pack/box. These are brightly colored and picture a large Uncle Willie logo front and back. The bottom says "The ordinary retail price of the cigars contained herein.... is intended by the manufacturer to be more than 4¢  and not more than 6¢ each" "T. E. Brooks & Co. Red Lion, PA" "5 Cigars" . Unused old stock found at the plant Red Lion, PA. Circa 1930/40s when cigars were still a nickel. These are great for the country store collector. Put 5 cigars in them and make a nice display item.


#ZLC028 - Sweet Lue Sweet Potatoes Crate Label
9 1/4" wide vintage sweet potatoes, yams crate label from around the 1940s. This is the scarce "kiln dried" version. Unused old stock from the Dupuis Produce Company in Breaux Bridge, Lousiana.

#ZLC085 - Jaguar Porto Rican Yam Crate Label
Vintage 9" wide Jaguar Louisiana Porto Rican Yams label. Great image of a Jaguar in the jungle. People who own Jaguars (car) like this label. Circa 1940s. Unused stock from the Elton Smith Packing Co. in Church Point, LA. Got these from a kindred spirit who also loves looking for old store stock. I got him hooked on this stuff 20 years ago and he has been looking for it ever since. This is one of several outstanding labels he has been able to procure. Printers mark is Walle & Co.

#ZLC109 - Up N' Atom California Carrot Crate Label
Vintage 9" tall Up N' Atom Brand California Carrots crate label from M. L. Kalich and Co. in Watsonville, CA . This label is getting harder and harder to find. After all, it's not every day you come across a comic bunny with boxing gloves! Really colorful. Nice unused condition. Circa 1940s. We got these from a long time dealer who put them away many years ago and is retiring.

#ZLC129 - Wenoka Apple Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/4" wide Wenoka Apple crate label. Nice profile of an Indian set against a giant arrowhead. Marked U. S. Patent copyright 1927, but this version was more likely made in the 1940's. Unused stock from the Wenatchee-Okanogan Cooperative Federation in Wenatchee, WA.

#ZLC185 - Hy-Land Kids Washington Apple Crate Label - Red Version
Vintage 10 1/2" wide Santa Rosa Lemon Hy-Land Kids Boxed Apple crate label. Unused old stock from the Cowiche Growers in Cowiche, WA. Great image and excellent condition. Circa 1940s.

Displaying 385 - 408 of 483 
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