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#BC056 - Group of 10 Very Old Cork Lined Root Beer Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage cork lined root beer soda bottle caps. Unused, and in nice condition. These were found at the 7up Bottling plant in Hagerstown, MD. These are really old ones that date back to the 1950s. Older generic root beer caps like this are very hard to come by. The collectors have scooped them up to put on old root beer bottles.

#ZLS078 - Virginia Dare Pale Dry Ginger Ale Label
5" wide vintage unused circa 1950s Virginia Dare Pale Dry Ginger Ale bottle label. Found at the Chelsea Bev. Co. in Pl'Ville, New Jersey. Nice image. These are getting hard to find and generally sell on Ebay for $2 each and up.

#BC024 - Group of 10 Old Logo Cork Lined Cherry Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Fancy old logo Cherry Soda cork lined bottle cap. From the 1950s and in excellent condition which is unusual for caps this old. These would be fantastic for the crafters. We got these out of an old soda plant.

#DC040 - Wayside Farms Milk Cap Picturing Baby with Giant Bottle
All remaining are the one on the left side of the picture. It says Wayside Pasteurized Homogenized Vitamin D Milk. Pictures a baby with a giant milk bottle. Large 1 5/8" caps that go for pretty good money on Ebay. Circa 1950. Unused stock from Wayside Farms in Drums, PA.

#ZLC147 - Double A Brand Sunkist Orange Crate Label - Train
Vintage 10 3/4" wide Double A Brand crate label. Has the Sunkist orange and logo in the corner. Nice picture of an old train. Unused stock from the East Highlands Citrus Assn. in East Highlands, CA. Also says San Beranrdino, CA. Bright colors. Circa 1950.

#ZLC052 - Carl Joseph Carrot Crate Label
Vintage 7" nearly square unused vegetable crate label from Holtville, CA. Fruit and vegetable growers and exporters commissioned famous artist to make beautiful labels to try and make their product stand out. Many of the labels reflect events, people and areas that were popular during this time. This one has a picture of the owners son (Carl Joseph) who interestingly became a fairly well know person in California in race horse circles as he raised some winners. Stefani Maggio (a family member) believes these labels were made around the mid 1950s.

#ZLSG014.1 - Win Brand Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Win brand Grape Crate label from the W. D. Winton & Sons growers in Ivanhoe, CA. Unused old stock. Nice old racing image. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG022 - Cal-Ripe Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide Cal-Ripe grape crate label picturing workers in the field with a lady in the foreground carrying a basket of grapes on her head. This has become a pretty scarce label with a nice image. Unused stock from the Red Lion Packing Co. in Exeter, CA. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG005 - Nile Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Nile grape crate label from the Minkler & Wahtoke vineyards in Minkler, CA. Colorful image of arabs on camels and a sphinx. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG007 - Valley Queen Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Valley Queen grape crate label from C. D. Pruner & Son in Exeter, CA. Beautiful image of a lady with a crown. Circa 1950s.

#ZLC030 - Franks Egg Crate Label
10 3/4" wide vintage egg crate label from around the 1950s. Cartoon chicken. Unused old stock from the J. O. Frank Company in Dayton, Ohio.

#ZLSG006 - Red Wagon Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Red Wagon grape crate label from the Royal Valley Fruit Growers Ass'n in Reedley, CA. Colorful image of a kid with an old radio flyer type wagon. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG011 - Emperor City Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Emporer City grape crate label from the United Packing Co. in Fresno, CA. Image of the emporer's crown and a cityscape. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG013 - Old Mission Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Old Mission Sunkist grape crate label from the Redbanks Fruit Co. in Redbanks, CA. Image of an old mission. Circa 1950s.

#ZLSG008 - Good Year Grape Crate Label
Vintage unused old stock 13" wide Good Year grape crate label from J. D. Martin Packers in Tulare co. CA. Image of colorful grapes. Circa 1950s.

Displaying 649 - 663 of 663 
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