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#ZZA230 - 12 Card Set of Exhibit Supply Eye  Color Fortune Teller Cards
#ZZA230 - 12 Card Set of Exhibit Supply Eye Color Fortune Teller Cards
You get 12 for for $2.40 (that's only 20¢ each). Vintage 3 3/8" wide cards that were dispensed at penny arcades and amusement parks from Exhibit Supply eye color fortune machines. They say the eye color like "blue eyes women" (there are 12 variations) and your fortune. These were first made in 1925, but were in continual production till about 1960 when there weren't enough machines left to make them anymore. These are likely from the 1950s. They used the same plates to produce these for 30 years, so some of these later cards have some small smears and faint lettering even though they are in unused perfect condition. They were found in original bundles with exhibit supply packaging in storage at an old amusement park up in the northeast.

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