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#DA065 - Rare Krim-Ko Milk Bottle Hanger
#DA065 - Rare Krim-Ko Milk Bottle Hanger
Vintage 9" tall paper bottle hanger advertising sheet. Milk bottle hangers of any type are rare, and this is a good one. It has a circular area cut at the top so it could be placed over a milk bottle. The idea was that you would see the ad on your milk bottles and, by just checking a box, your local milk man would deliver the Krim-Ko Chocolate with your regular milk bottle delivery. Nice graphics as you can see. Says "Little ones need breakfast, too, and it's so easy when it's hot chocolate made the quick serve way with Dairy Chocolate". Goes on to talke about how easy and healthful hot chocolate is. Actaully says "For their Health's Sake". This was a local find at the Riverside Dairy in Cardington, Ohio. They are marked KRIM-KO on the bottom right where there is a 1956 printers code. They are excellent unused condition.

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