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#HH148 - Set of Three Kings Christmas Figures
#HH148 - Set of Three Kings Christmas Figures
You get all three figures for 75¢ (that's 25¢ each). Vintage small 1 3/4" - 2" tall figures. The master case said "Ivory 3 Kings figures". These are well made highly detailed figures that are sealed in cellophane packets. They are made of that old early ivory looking plastic. The tags say "Made in British Hong Kong". Even though Hong Kong was a British Colony for many years, they only used this designation on items shipped to the United States up until the early 1960s, so they are at least that old. They are uncommon. These are unsold old stock that have been in dry storage and not seen the light of day since they were made. We recently found them close to home in a warehouse we had been trying to get in for 20 years.

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