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#CH446 - Snoopy and Woodstock Occupational Mug - Japan
#CH446 - Snoopy and Woodstock Occupational Mug - Japan
Standard size 3 1/2 inch tall porcelain mug, says "My Mug" and features Snoopy and Woodstock. From what we can tell, most are the one pictured are for an attorney at law. I did see another that was very similar that was an "executive" mug. There are probably others. They are all Snoopy Occupational mugs from the Dupont Collection. They were stored in boxes a long time, so we aren't going to open all the boxes to find out.  The bottoms are stamped "Peanuts Characters: Copyright 1958 1965" "United Feature Syndicate" "Dupont Collection". They also have a "Made in Japan" sticker. Circa 1960s. These came from a cache of toys from a large distributorship that got hung up in bankruptcy in New York City many years ago, and are in perfect condition. The boxes they are in are generic and a little crushed, but the mugs are perfect. We dug these out of the warehouse they ended up in. NO FOREIGN ORDERS ON THIS ONE.

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