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##MUSICBQ0165 -  1984 Ozzy Osbourne Licensed Pinback Button from "Button-Up"
##MUSICBQ0165 - 1984 Ozzy Osbourne Licensed Pinback Button from "Button-Up"

Marked "Button-up" and "Copyright 1984 Monowise LTD" around the rim. Monowise is a Trademarked name that Ozzy owns and uses on a lot of merchandise. The pins feature a picture of Osbourne himself. We uncovered them very recently in an old vending warehouse here locally. These licensed types are very scarce, yet easy to identify by the licensing info on the side of the button. Most of the musical pinbacks that you see for sale on Ebay or other online sites are reproductions. These licensed types retail for much higher prices. Excellent unused condition.

Group/Artist Name: Ozzy Osbourne

Bands Played with: Black Sabbath

Origin: Birmingham, England

Years Active: 1967-present

Genre: Heavy Metal

Manufacturer: Button-Up

Size: 1 1/4” tall

Album Sales: 100 Million Plus

Date of Induction to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: He was inducted with Black Sabbath in 2006

Grammy Awards: By himself he has been nominated 8 times, and has won 3 times. With Black Sabbath he has been nominated 4 times, and won 2 times.

Other: Black Sabbath is number 85 on the Rolling Stone Top 100 list.  Osbourne is referred to as the "Godfather of Metal".


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