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#PC111 - Michigan State Ice Cream Bar Wrapper - Pictures the University
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 6" tall bag says "Ice Cream Bar Michigan State" and has the University Seal on it. Pictures the University, and says "Made by M. S. U. Dairy Plant East Lansing, Mich." These are old unused factory stock in excellent condition.

#PC108 - Group of 4 Eat-It-All Ice Cream Sandwich Bags
Click the picture to see a larger image. You get 4 for $2 (that's 50¢ each). Nicely illustrated vintage ice cream sandwich bag pictures the "Eat-It-All" boy. Circa 1950/60s. 6 5/8" tall. Factory stock that was never used. They are in excellent condition.

#PC058 - Hum-Dinger MIlk Shake Cup
Vintage circa 1960 Hum-Dinger milk shake cup. Hum-Dinger was one of the original hamburger stands across the country. There are still a few left scattered here and there. These are nice old unused stock 4 1/2" tall wax cups with the old logo.

#DA044 - Four Different Large Tastee-Freez Punchout Toys
Four different vintage 12” long cardboard sheets with Tastee-Freez Punchouts on them. One says "T. C. Chicken... A Bank to Keep your Money in...". Another says "Bear of a Burger Magic Balancing Acts". Another is a pencil holder and says "I'm Little Tee, Put Your Pencils in Me". And another is a punch out board game that says "Tastee Dog and the Great Hot Dog Race". These are well made licensed items dated 1976 in perfect condition.

#CH001 -  Group of 3 Brownie Ice Cream Bags
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 3 for $3 (that's $1 each). 6" tall unused Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich bag. Has Palmer Cox Brownies pictured. Circa 1930s. Says "Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich. You'll Say They're Great!" Stock from an old ice cream stand. These are in pristine condition.

#PC105 - Group of 4 Choco-A-Choo 5¢ Chocolate Snack Bags
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $2 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage large 6" tall glassine First-Aid Brand Choco-A-Choo bag. Says "First-Aid for the Hungry" "A Healthy Lunch Nutritious 5¢ Choco-A-Choo Cocoa Nuts" "The Dry Syrup Co. of America Hazleton, Pennsylvania. These are from around the 1930s and are old unused factory stock in excellent condition. We got a real deal on these, and so are passing the savings on to you by pricing them even lower than our usual low wholesale prices.

#PC107 - Mr Softee Chilleroo Cup
Both sides pictured. Click the picture to see a larger image. Vintage circa 1950s 3 1/4 tall waxed Mr. Softee Chilleroo cup. These are cups that were never used and they are in excellent condition. We were able to buy these at a really good price and so are passing it on to you as a real bargain.  These are very uncommon.

#PC99 - Widlar's Crispy Pix Pail
Vintage 2 3/4" tall when folded box that held Widlar's Crispy Pix snacks. It is made of cardboard with a tin closure and a copper handle. Nice unused condition, but do show signs of paper aging and spotty light rust on the metal tab. Treat these gently. The cardboard is old and a little brittle. These are very uncommon. Marked "Widlar's Crispy Pix" The Widlar Company Cleveland, Ohio". Widlar was a very old company that was famous for their coffee, but they only used "The Widlar Company" name (the one on these boxes) in the 1910s.

#PC089 - Tall Clown Fresh Popcorn Bag
Vintage 8 1/4" tall unused vintage Fresh Popcorn bag. Features a tall long legged clown holding a massive bag of popcorn. Red, white and blue and in excellent unused condition. Old stock from the 1950s.

#PC100 - Super Colorful Peanut Shoppes Bag
Vintage 8 1/2" tall paper bag with inner glassine lining. These are very brightly colored and nice. Pictures a clown pointing to the name "Peanut Shoppes". This was a national chain back in the 1950s when these bags were made. They say "Roasted Daily Always Fresh Imported and Domestic Nut Meats" "Peanut Shoppes in all the Principal Cities of the U.S.A.". These are old store stock in excellent unused condition. The paper is very slightly wavy. That is the way they were made.

#PC097 - Sure Good Ice Cream Bar Wrapper
Vintage 6" tall wrapper from around 1950. Nice graphics. Marked "Sure Good Ice Cream Bar" "Marine Veteran Ice Cream Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin". Excellent unused condition.

#PC103 - Eskimo Pop Popsicle Bag - Eskimo Pie
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 6 1/4" wide glassine Eskimo Pop 5¢ bag. Marked "Eskimo Pop Twin" "A Quiescent Frozen Water Ice Product" "Eskimo is the Trademark of the Eskimo Pie Corp." "Manufactured by Seale-Lily Ice Cream Co. Jackson, Mississippi".  These are from around the 1940s and are old unused factory stock in excellent condition.

#PC093 - Delights Assorted Chews Candy Box - As low as $2.50 each
Vintage 3" tall Wrigley's Doublemint Gum Wrapper. These were used, and then sent in for redemption for premiums back in the 1930s. They are in used condition as you might expect and show wear and tears. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist.

Buy 1 or more of this item for $3.00 each
Buy 2 or more of this item for $2.50 each

#PC110 - Group of 4 Elsie (Borden) Family Pack Fudgsicle Bags
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $2 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 10" tall colorful plastic bags say "Elsie Brand Fudgsicle Family Pack 4 for 25¢" "Made by the Borden Co. License from Joe Lowe Corporation New York 1, NY". The price and zone marking would date these to the 1950s. They are old unused factory stock in excellent condition. They may show a minor crease here or there from sitting all these years.

#PC034 - Frostbite Ice Cream Bag
5 3/4" wide vintage 1940s Rider's Frostbite Ice Cream on a Stick bag. These are unused factory stock from the Rider Dairy in Danbury, CT. Really nice image of a boy eating one. Says "The best you ever ate".

#PC074 - Polar Brand Fudge Bar Bag with Polar Bear
Vintage 6 1/2" wide Polar Brand Sherbet Fudge Bar. Unused old stock from the Holbrook Polar Brand Ice Cream Co. in Detroit, MI. Nice image of a polar bear. Great condition. Circa 1940s.

#PC053 - Nickel-Nac Ice Milk Bag
6 1/4" wide unused vintage 1940s Nickel-Nac Ice Milk bag. Says it is a "new delicious ice milk food treat!". Picture of a smiling sun. Great condition. Unused stock from the Frigie Corp. in Chicago, IL.

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