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#BEADS0359 - Group of 10 Large White Triangle Beads - Venetian Trade Beads
#BEADS0359 - Group of 10 Large White Triangle Beads - Venetian Trade Beads
You will get 10 for $1.50. That's 15¢ each. These are bright white and fairly large. The sizes vary as in the picture from about 9mm to 15mm long. These were sold back in the day as trade beads. There are not a lot of these and this is an amazing price on them, so don't wait long.

Here's the incredible story. In 1898, the Societa Veneziana Conterie Consortium was formed. It was a group of 16 bead makers who put their beads in one place so they could be sold by one sales force. Some of the stock was old when it came there in 1898 (these are those)! In recent times, the consortium was dissolved and the remaining 400,000 plus pounds of beads were sold to an American Indian Trading post. We were able to get ahold of a good quantity of the oldest types (the wrapping confirms the are pre WWI).


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