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#ZZCE093 - Two Different Very Old Little Miami Railroad Stock Certificates
#ZZCE093 - Two Different Very Old Little Miami Railroad Stock Certificates
You get the pair for $4 (that's $2 each). Two different vintage 9 1/8" wide stock certificates from the Little Miami Railroad. They are used and in great condition. One type has a gilded header that says "Capital Stock". The other type has a header that says "Authorized Capital". All are dated between around 1880 and 1890. This is a railroad with historical significance. It ran between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. One of the main stops was the Peter's Cartridge Company just northeast of Cincinnati in a little town built by the cartridge factory called King's Mills. They were one of the nation's main suppliers of gunpowder and ammunition during the 1st and 2nd World War and used the Little Miami Railroad, which ran right by the building, to transport the munitions. There was even a powder mill there earlier that was a main ammunition supplier for the North during the Civil War. The site of the gunpowder factory is right over the hill from where we live. It is a brewery now. The Little Miami Railroad was officially defunct in 1981. There is a bike trail there where it was.

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