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Soda and Beer Bottle Caps


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#BC035 - Group of 10 Diet Sun Drop Cola Cork Lined Caps
You get 10 for $1 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage cork lined Diet Sun Drop Cola soda bottle cap. Circa 1960s. Found in an old bottling plant in the Concord, North Carolina area. They are in unused condition, but have minor age spotting.


#BC132 - Group of 10 White & Laird BIrch Beer Soda Bottle Caps
You get 10 for $.60 (that's 6¢ each). Vintage White & Laird Birch Beer plastic lined soda bottle caps. Unused, and in nice condition. These were found at the Shep's Famous Beverage Company in Pittsburgh, PA. CIrca 1980s.


#BC012  - Group of 10 Two Way Soda Bottle Caps
You get 10 for $1 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage plastic lined 2 Way soda caps. These came from a Dr. Pepper plant in Hillsboro, IL and are in unused condition. These are very early plastic caps.


#BC126 - Group of 10 Cork Lined Nehi Root Beer Soda Caps
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 10 for $2 (that's 20¢ each). Vintage circa 1940s cork lined Nehi Root Beer soda cap. This is a scarce collector cap. Found at the Nehi Royal Crown Bottling Company in El Dorado, Arkansas. The silver part of the caps has tarnished, but I've never seen any that haven't. Perfect condition otherwise. Don't have many. Every bottle collector that has one of the bottles needs these caps, and they are very hard to find.


Displaying 121 - 124 of 124 
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