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#SOZ040 -  Pair of Giveaways with Free 7up Christmas Gift Tags

You get the pair for 25¢ (that's 13¢ each). The one is a 10" tall carton stuffer that pictures a 7up Christmas elf and has four free gift tags on it. The other is a 7" bottle hanger that has the same elf and 3 free gift tags on it. They are old unused plant stock in great condition that are from the early 1980s.


#SOZ043 -  Nesbitt's Monster Bottle Hanger
Vintage 9" tall cardboard bottle hanger that advertised the "Monstrously Delicious Taste of Nesbitt's". Unused old plant stock from around the 1960s in great shape.

#SOZ054  - Letterhead for Double Cola, Ski, Jumbo, and Double-Dry

Vintage letterhead with 6 soda brand logos running down the side (pictured). These are unused soda plant stock from the 1970s and picture Double Cola, Diet Double Cola, Ski, Diet Ski, Jumbo, and Double-Dry logos all on one sheet. The plant sold all the brands. Really nice condition.


#SOZ070  - Nesbitt Sample Size Cup with Orange Slices Pictured
Vintage 2 3/4" tall sample sized Nesbitt's Orange Drink Cup. Says "The finest orange soft drink ever made". Circa 1950. Nice unused condition from an old soda plant. Scarce one.

#ZZZ003 - 1960s Pepsi Check
Neat vintage 8" wide Pepsi check found in the old Pepsi bottling plant in Selma, NC. Has a picture of a bottle cap with the single dot logo. Nice condition.

#SOZ072  - Larger 1970s Double Cola Decal
Vintage 8" Double Cola unused decal from the 1970s. These are fairly large and were likely made for use on a machine. Nice unused old soda plant stock in excellent condition.

#SOZ107 - Take the Pepsi Challenge Decal
Vintage 4" diameter peel off back decal. The decals are good and still work. Says "Catch the Pepsi Spirit" "Take the Pepsi Challenge". These are from the mid to late 1970s when Pepsi set up blind tests all across the country to challenge you to decide whether you liked Coke or Pepsi better. These are unused old plant stock in excellent condition.

#ZZZ075 - 1970s Royal Crown Nehi Checks from the Bottler in Indianapolis
Vintage 6 1/2" wide cancelled checks from the Royal Crown Nehi Beverage Co. Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana. All are dated in the 1970s and are in good condition.

#SOZ084 - Large Foldout Nehi Coupon Brochure
Vintage 9" when folded open super colorful Nehi coupon brochure. The bottles in the pictures have paper labels dating them to the 1940s. The top section is a coupon offering a quart of Nehi for a penny with the purchase of two more. Period picture of a party scene with a mom and dad in a bow tie pouring Nehi for a kid's Birthday party. Says "What's getting into kids these days" NEHII", and goes on and on. Excellent unused condition. They came from the estate of the famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist.

#SOZ085 - Extremely Early Rare Whistle and Vess Beverages Whizzer Giveaway - Bakelite and Celluloid
Two are pictured so you can see both colors, but price is one for $12.50. Vintage 2 3/8" long whizzer toy that say "Whistle and Vess Beverages". The company only existed under this name between 1926 and 1928. At that time Vess went bankrupt and was brought back again later as it's own brand. These are the only know examples. The tops are celluloid, and the bottoms colored bakelite. The little metal whizzer parts inside don't work any more, but there is little rust. Excellent condition. I pictured both colors. If you prefer one or the other, let us know in the comments section. They came from the estate of the famous dealer and friend Bob SecrIst. NOTE: ONLY GREEN LEFT NOW

#SOZ024 - Wenner Beverages Bamboo Toy Advertising Warblers
Vintage 2 1/2" tall whistle made of bamboo. They have a label on them that says "Drink Wenner Beverages" "To warble effectively" etc. These are old stock from the Wenner Beverages plant in Allentown, PA. They don't work very well anymore, and the bamboo show cracks/aging, but they still look good. Circa 1950s.

#SOZ099 - Ski Soda Window Decal
Vintage 8" wide window decal says "Ski 20oz Bottles Now 4 oz free" "Naturally Flavored Citrus Soda". The decals are on a wide piece of paper. You peel them off and get them wet and they will stick to glass. They still work. These are about 25 years old. Excellent unused condition.

#SOZ004 - New Generation Football Program
Vintage 11 1/2" tall Pepsi The Choice of a New Generation football programs. These are quite large when opened up all the way. Just the inside is pictured. The outside pictures comic football, basketball, baseball and soccer players with the Pepsi logo. These were given to high schools so they could print the player rosters on them and sold them at games. These are from an old soda plant up north and were make around 1984.

Displaying 25 - 37 of 37 
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