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#ZZZ006  - Frisco Railway Letterhead
#ZZZ006 - Frisco Railway Letterhead
Vintage 7" tall notepad sheets with brightly colored Frisco Railway letterhead. The Frisco is a defunct U.S. railroad that operated in the Midwest and South Central U.S. from 1876 to 1980. These are an interesting story. This summer we took a vacation in Branson, MO and heard stories of a fellow who had gotten lots of stuff out of the old Frisco Railway depot when in closed around 1980. We never did find the fellow, but one of the local antique dealers had this stack of letterhead that he got from the fellow we never found. It was in an old string tied bundle that looked pretty beat up, but much to our amazement the sheets were like new when we got down below the first three or four. I'm not sure of the exact date as from what I've been able to look up there were many types of Frisco trains, but I'm guessing from the style of the one in the picture that they are probably from the 1950s.

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