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#CA068 - Amtrak Railroad Ticket
Vintage 3" tall unused Amtrak Railroad ticket. These are likely from the 1970s and are pretty plain. These are unused old stock in great condition that I acquired from a railroad collector who used to scour the old terminals around downtown Cincinnati looking for things that were left.

#ZLW065 - Airport Whiskey Label
Airport Whiskey label. This is the hard to find larger 4" size. These are unused old stock found at The American Liquor Company in Boston, MA. High quality gilded labels from the 1930s. Stone litho. Great picture of an old plane and tower with windsock.

#ZLC147 - Double A Brand Sunkist Orange Crate Label - Train
Vintage 10 3/4" wide Double A Brand crate label. Has the Sunkist orange and logo in the corner. Nice picture of an old train. Unused stock from the East Highlands Citrus Assn. in East Highlands, CA. Also says San Beranrdino, CA. Bright colors. Circa 1950.

#ZLSG016 - Lone Eagle Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide crate label. Unused old stock from the Exeter Fruit Association in Exeter, CA. Circa 1940s. Great image of the Charles Lindberg Lone Eagle plane. He was one the most famous aviators of all time. Good selling label.

Displaying 73 - 76 of 76 
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