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#CA511 - 1960s Bathtub Buggy by Barris Postcard
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5 1/2" wide postcard with custom car maker, George Barris' Bathtub Buggy Car pictured. George created the car in the late 1960s and it was a huge hit. It toured the country along with a lot of his other cars. These are postcard size prints put out by model kit maker AMT. Excellent unused condition.

#HH222 - For My Valentine Large Valentines Day Pinback
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides. Vintage 2 1/4" wide thick hard plastic pinback. Heavily embossed and dimensional picturing hearts and saying "For My Valentine". Heavy duty pins on the back. Still useful. 1960s. These are nice. Excellent unsold old store stock we found up north in excellent condition.

#PL304 - 1965 John and Robert Kennedy Print - Sanger
Vintage 8 1/4" tall print of John and Robert Kennedy. They are marked 1965, and a "Sanger" signature mark. Unsold old store stock in excellent unused condition.

#SOZ043 -  Nesbitt's Monster Bottle Hanger
Vintage 9" tall cardboard bottle hanger that advertised the "Monstrously Delicious Taste of Nesbitt's". Unused old plant stock from around the 1960s in great shape.

#TY399 - Brittle Hard Plastic Key Whistle
Vintage 1960s brittle hard plastic whistle shaped like a key. Colors vary. It's hard to believe they made these. They are the old brittle hard plastic they outlawed in the 1960s. Like with all of our old collectible stuff, don't let your child play with these. They are marked 2" long and don't work well anymore. This is an uncommon whistle. Most collectors won't have it. We found these down at our favorite old toy store in Kentucky. They are unsold old stock in excellent condition.

#TY558 - Mechanical Toy Fan
Vintage 2 1/2" tall fan. They slide open and closed. You pull it apart and it fans out. Fancy detail on each part. These are very delicate and held together by old string. Circa 1960s. So, when you open it, be very gentle. These are in excellent unused  condition. A good friend of ours just picked these up in an old store in New York City. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLBE029 - Keg Beer Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3 1/2" wide circa 1960s Keg beer label picturing a keg of beer. Unused stock in nice condition from the Maier Brewing Co. in Los Angeles, CA.

#ZLBE035 - Square Schoenling Lager Beer Label - City Skyline
Vintage 3 3/8" wide circa 1960s Schoenling Lager Beer label. These are old unused labels that my brother got out of the factory when he worked there many years ago. Nice condition. Has the Cincinnati skyline logo.

#ZLC277 - Pony Boy California Asparagus Crate Label
Vintage 9 1/2" wide Pony Boy California Asparagus Crate Label. They are trapezoidal shaped and picture a young cowboy on a pony whipping his rope out to form the letters in Pony Boy. Circa 1960s. They are old stock from the the Rose Valley Group in Woodland, CA. They are in excellent unused condition.

#ZLS187 - White Rock Diet Black Cherry Soda Bottle Label
5" wide vintage circa 1960s White Rock Diet Black Cherry soda bottle label. They have the "Psyche" logo (Psyche was the mortal woman who married Eros and became divine).  These were found in an old soda plant in New York, NY and they are getting harder to come by. They are in excellent unused condition. We got them from the estate of friend and famous collector Bob Secrist.

#ZLSG060 - Italian Treasury Grape Crate Label
Vintage 13" wide "Italian Treasury Muscat" grape crate label. Pictures a mustaches Italian man and a bank. Click the picture to see a much larger image. These are from the 1960s. Unused old stock in excellent condition from S & A Produce in CA, and marked as such.

#BEADS0653 - 9mm Emerald with White Stripe Glass Cabochon
Vintage 9mm across pointy backed faceted cabochon. Very pretty one with white stripes running through clear emerald glass. West German from around the 1950s. We found these in an old warehouse up in the northeast. Unsold old stock in excellent condition. Click the image to see a large detailed image.

#BEADS0748 - Large 25mm Red Coral Colored Glass Cabochon - As Low as 50¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 25mm long West German red glass cabochon. Color on package says "Red Coral". It has different shades of darker red running through it. They are domed with a flat back. The white dots you see in the picture are a reflection from our ceiling lights. They are from the 1960s. Perfect, never seen the light of day condition. We found these on a recent trip to the northeast to a warehouse that has not seen the light of day for many years. 


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#TY638 - Hi Lo Game with Paddle and String - As Low As $1 each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 6" tall plastic paddle with ball on a string. The paddle has holes with different point values and you tossed the ball in the air and tried to land it in one of the holes. Colorful header. Nice shape. Staples are rusty. 1960s. Unsold carnival stock that we found in remote storage in a warehouse in northern Ohio.


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#ZZZ003 - 1960s Pepsi Check
Neat vintage 8" wide Pepsi check found in the old Pepsi bottling plant in Selma, NC. Has a picture of a bottle cap with the single dot logo. Nice condition.

#BEADS0172 - Group of 4 Lavender 17mm Japanese Ceramic Powder Big Hole Beads
Click the picture to see larger more detailed image. You will get 4 for $1 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage lavender colored 17mm long big hole ceramic powder coated beads. These were in boxes marked "Made in Japan" and are from the late 1960s. 

Hippies were stringing big hole beads on rope back in the day and these had the earthy look that was popular. They are in unused condition, and are very uncommon. They were sold as hippie beads in the late 60s from a bead store near the Haight Ashbury area. In 1967, the hippie phenomena dominated the area and the demand for beads was huge. The owner of this store put out the call that he wanted all types of beads that were either colorful, large, earthenware, or had mystical significance. The hardcore hippies wanted glass or ceramic or earthenware, so that is what most of these items are. The demand started slacking as the hippie phenomena died down and by the mid 1970s, they started selling gold chains and disco related items instead. The hippie items were taken from the front shelves, and stored in the back. The newspaper they were wrapped in was dated 1977, so that's when they put them back there. The most striking thing in the store was an old display of huge African Trade Bead necklaces from the 1800s. They were even selling those sort of beads to the hippies. One of those necklaces will run you about 2 grand now. That place is a real time warp. You could still smell incense around some of the boxes and I kept hearing Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane in my head. Just amazing.

#BEADS0428 - Group of 20 Bright Gold Colored Oblong Football Shaped Bead
You get 20 for $1.00 (that's 5¢ each). Small 5mm long bright gold colored oblong football shaped bead. Openings on each end are hard to see in the picture. I am not sure of the material they were made of. They are brightly colored with no tarnish at all and from the 1960s. These could be them as there is no tarnish at all. Excellent unused condition.  Found these on a big east coast trip.

#BEADSC0222 - Copper Plated Hippie Mushroom Charm
Vintage 1/2" tall copper plated mushroom charm. Hippie mushrooms. These are unusual and uncommon. From the late 1960s and unused. They show some very slight aging as do most metal charms. Metal charms are very scarce and desirable. These charms are one of those items we find a quantity of and think they will be around awhile. But, they will sell out before we know it. Metal charms just don't turn up often. Take advantage of this find.

This item is from our recent trip. We just returned with these and over 100 other items! We found two separate warehouses with beads, cameos, cabochons, charms, and other stuff that went as far back as the early 1900s. It was pretty amazing to find these old places, and very exciting!


#ZLSG104 - Corsage Grape Crate Label
Click the picture to show a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11" wide grape crate label pictures a flower corsage. They look older, but are from around the 1960s. They are marked "Corsage" "Valley Sierra Corporation" "Exeter, California". These came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business and we are very grateful to her. Excellent unused condition.

#CC132- 1960s Albany Coke Plant Sales Report
Vintage 1960s 11" tall sales report for route. Lists Coke products (including things like Coke, Sprite, and Tab) that were sold on a given day on a route. All filled out and signed by the salesman. These were found in the plant. A real bargain at this price.

#CC337 - Group of 3 Coca Cola Carton Inserts with Coke Adds Zing Logo
You get three for $1 (that's 33¢ each). Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9 1/4" tall thin cardboard carton insert. They say "Take along 2 Ice Cold Coca Cola adds Zing to the Doings..  More Swing to the fun........". These logos date them to right around 1960. These are unused old plant stock in great shape.

#MS265 - 1960s Bunk Bed Car Print - Jay Ohrberg
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage late 1960s 10 1/4" wide thin cardboard print picturing the famous Bund Bed Car. It was built by Jay Ohrberg (famous for building many cars for movies - KITT from Nightrider and the DeLorien in Back to the future, and the Pink Panther TV series car to name a few). The reverse pictures mostly Reisner cars in black and white, and tells you how to get official show car decals. These are high quality prints that were produced around 1969, and are in excellent unused condition.

#TY610 - Pack of 2 1960s Duncan Yo-Yo Replacement Strings
Vintage 5" wide paper package contains two Duncan Yo-Yo replacement strings. Says they worked with all Duncan Yo-Yos. Reverse has directions for replacing strings. Unsold 1960s stock. Paper is a little rippled, but that his how these were made originally. Strings are still in there.

#TY779 - Cord Magic Trick - As low as $1 each
Vintage 3 1/2" tall rectangular box in brightly colored header bag. Says "Pull the cord slowly through the box and like magic it changes colour". Color of the box varies. Nice trick that is simple to perform. These are from the early 1960s, and so older than child warning labels. Out of an unopened case that was in dry storage. They are in perfect condition. We found these in a warehouse up in Northern Ohio recently.

Displaying 337 - 360 of 427 
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