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#ZZZ018 - Unused 1935 America's Exposition Postcard

Vintage postcard from the America's Exposition which was held in San Diego's Balboa Park in 1935-36. This one was from the "Palace of Photography". It has a JS copyright in the corner which stood for John Sirigo who was the photographer. The back has the official emblem of the exposition, other info, a place for a stamp, and a place to write a note. These are unused stock that are in near perfect condition.


#ZZZ037 - Six Different World's Fair Postcards
You get six different for $1.50 (25¢ each). Vintage World's Fair postcards. We have picked these up over the years at several different places. All are in unused condition. The group includes a mixture of the following: 1964/65 New York World's Fair, Expo'74 Spokane World's Fair, and the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair. All are well marked licensed postcards.

#ZZZ070 - Tamarack & Custer Cons. Mining Co. Pay Roll Check
8 3/4" wide Pay Roll check. These are all cashed checks from 1947 that were left after the operation closed. The checks are from Wallace, Idaho.  They are in really nice condition. This was a fairly large long running operation that mined mainly lead, zinc, copper, and gold. They ended up being a large company that bought a lot of other smaller mines. They ended up with 90 claims.  The mines became depleted over time and by 1957, they no longer did mining.  They just leased the rights. These are a nice piece of mining history.

#ZZZ077 - Weisert Tobacco hand written order sheets with Illustrated Front
Vintage 8 1/2" tall paper route receipt from the John Weisert Tobacco Company in St. Louis, MO. As pictured, the fronts have advertising for their 5 and 10 cent tins. The reverse was used as a route sheet. These are all used and dated in the 1930s.  They have hand written orders for all sorts of tobacco products on them. Used, but in really nice condition.

#ZZZ127 - Unused Steamboat Postcard - Excursion Steamer Washington on MIssissippi River - Quincy, IL
Vintage unused postcard that pictures the boat. Says "Excursion Steamer Washington" "Quincy ILL." Reverse is marked "Chas. E. Wetzel, Quincy, Ill.". Has a space that says "Place one cent stamp here". These are from around 1910, and are in great unused condition.

#ZZZ159 - Pair of Two Different Delite Advertising/Calling Cards
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get the pair pictured for $1.50 (that's 75¢ each). Vintage 4 1/2" wide thin cardboard advertising/calling cards. Very colorful. Both picture a couple decked out in formal attire, with hearts in the background and an orange and lemon in the corner. One says "El-West Delite Florida Citrus Fruits". The other says "Hearts Delite Florida Citrus Fruits". Both are marked "Marion County Citrus Co. Weirsdale, Florida. Printer's tag was dated 1933. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#BA703 - Scarce Charity Football Poster/Cinderella Stamp Picturing Cheerleader
Vintage 1 7/8" tall poster stamp. These are circa 1940 and say "10th Charity Football Stadium Nov. 23". These advertised charity football games that were in Cleveland, Ohio and are ungummed (none in the series were gummed).  Poster (also called Cinderella) stamps were issued as advertising, but not for postal purposes. Most of them, like these, are larger than regular stamps. They are widely collected. These are in excellent unused condition and are uncommon. They were found at the estate of a Cleveland stamp dealer.

#ZZZ079 - 1919/20 Police Department Check from North Bergen, New Jersey
Vintage 8" wide 1920 check (some are 1919). Check with fancy logo that says "Township of North Bergen Police Dept. Check". These are used checks from North Bergen, NJ. These aren't very common and they are really nice looking checks.

#ZZZ102 - Humboldt County Nevada Warrant
Click the picture to see a detailed image. Vintage 9 1/4" wide Warrant pictures Alexander von Humboldt (considered the father of modern geomagnetic and meteorological monitoring) for whom the county was named. It also has a detailed image running up the side of an old mill scene in Humboldt County and says "State of Nevada". These were issued by the Treasurer of Humboldt County to specific individuals for varying amounts. They are date in the early to mid 1920s. They are in unusually good condition. There are no post holes and they are very well preserved.

#ZZZ163 - Unused 1930s Eagle Milling Co. Check
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 8 1/2" wide unused checks from the Eagle Milling Co. in Edmond, Oklahoma. Dated 193_. Beautiful detailed images of the mill and an eagle. Really nice logos. Excellent unused condition.

#ZZZ086 - Early and Very Rare Eisemann Barber Supply Letterhead
Vintage 8 1/2" wide unused letterhead. Fantastic image of the old barber chair. Every barbershop collector needs one of these. Click the picture to see a larger version of the old barber chair. They were found with some Eisemann labels which you will find elsewhere in this catalog that all date from around 1900 - 1910. These are about the same age. As you would expect,the paper shows some minor paper aging. Phil Eisemann was one of the premier barber suppliers in the country in the early 1900s. Eisemann signs and bottles are high dollar items for the collector. This letterhead is extremely rare. We bought the lot from a collector who had bought them with a bunch of high end Eisemann's signs.

#ZZZ112 - 1916 Dr. J. B. Lynas & Son Fine Flavorings and Medicines Check
Click the picture to see a detailed image. Vintage 8 1/4" wide check says "Dr. J. B. Lynas & Son Manufacturers of Fine Flavorings and Medicines". These are from the famous Lynas Medicine Co. in Logansport, Indiana. A lot of labels and bottles and other things were found there many years ago, but these checks are pretty scarce. These are used checks in nice condition.

#ZZZ140 - Unused Steamboat Postcard - Excursion Steamer Landing Passengers, Quincy, Ill.
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage unused postcard that pictures a steamboat. Says "Excursion Steamer Landing Passengers" "Quincy ILL." Reverse is marked "C. E. Wetzel, Quincy, Ill.". Has a space that says "Place stamp here". These are from around 1910, and are in great unused condition.

#ZZZ142 - Early Double Sided Ad Flyer for Mosco Corn Remover "Cure"
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 6" tall two-sided paper flyer advertising Mosco Corn and Callous Remover. Advertising sheet with testimonials saying "It absolutely cured me", "Greatest remedy of the Age", etc. Pictures a period lady in a bathing suit on one side and a jar of Mosco on the other (both sides pictured). Marked "The Moss Company" "Rochester, N.Y.". These are from around 1900. We found them in an envelope in a Victorian scrap book. This is one of the few such products that has stood the test of time. It is still sold today!!!. Excellent unused condition.

#ZZZ084 - Ad Sheet for Glen's Barber Shop
Vintage 5 1/2" wide paper ad sheet for "Glen's Barber Shop" Says "Haircuts $.75 Children Welcome $.50" then lists the hours. Says "Come in and Try 656 East New York Street Indianapolis". These are from around the 1920s and have some nice old paper patina. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist.

#ZZZ092 - 1870s Check from the First National Bank of Indiana
Vintage 8" wide check. Marked "State of Indiana" "First National Bank". This blue color is the scarce and more desirable one.  We have a friend who lives out that way that turned these up. They were in a string tied bundle and are totally unsearched. We are not going to search them, so there could be a rare signature in there. These were used checks with typical bank marks and perforations. All are dated 1878.

#ZZZ121 - Blue Ribbon Coffee Advertising Ink Blotter
Vintage 6" wide cardboard ink blotter. Marked "Ask your grocer for Blue Ribbon Coffee" "The quality coffee prepared only for those who want something good in Coffee - and are willing to pay a fair price for an extra touch of that real Coffee flavor". From the 1930s and pictures the 1930s Blue Ribbon can. These are old factory stock in unused condition.

#ZZZ129 - The Stevens Perfume Company Unused Letterhead
Vintage 8 1/2" wide unused paper letterhead. Rampant lion pictured with the slogan "Quality First Always". They are marked "The Stevens Perfume Co. Manufacturers of Perfumery and Toilet Articles" "Logansport, Ind.". Has a place to mark "terms" and what was sold. They are unused old stock from the factory in really nice condition. Circa 1910s. Logo is pictured. Click the image to see a picture of the complete letterhead.

#ZZZ087 - Scarce A. H. Heisey Glass Check
Vintage 8" wide check from A. H. Heisey & Co. in Newark, Ohio. Heisey Glass was some of the the finest made in America. These are from 1957 which was the year the company closed. They are marked "A. H. Heisey & Co. for more than 50 years Makers of America's Finest Handwrought Crystal". They are in used, but good condition. These came from the estate of friend and famous collector Bob Secrist.

#ZZZ111 - B. P. O. E. Elks Home No. 173 linen postcard - Williamsport, PA
Click the picture to see a detailed image. Vintage 5 1/2" wide postcard pictures and says "B. P. O. E. Elks Home, No. 173, Williamsport, Pennsylvania". Back is marked "Mebane Greeting Card Company Wilkes-Barre, PA." and has a place for a stamp. These are unused old stock from the 1940s in perfect condition.

#ZZZ137 - Brochure for Aqua-Tite Waterproofing - Large devil pictured - As low as $1 each
Click the picture to see a large detailed image. Vintage 8 1/2" tall 6 panel brochure folds out to show a large devil with a pitchfork saying "Ah No Protection" and preparing to poke a chimney. The brochures are from around 1950 and advertise Aqua-Tite Waterproofing with a nice picture of a can on the cover. These are in excellent unused condition.


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#ZZZ003 - 1960s Pepsi Check
Neat vintage 8" wide Pepsi check found in the old Pepsi bottling plant in Selma, NC. Has a picture of a bottle cap with the single dot logo. Nice condition.

#ZZZ047 - Unused 1915 Panama-California Exposition Postcard
5 1/2" wide vintage postcard. Says it is an official view card on the front. Says "On La Via De Los Estados, Toward Plaza De Panama". Reverse says "Panama-California Exposition San Diego 1915" and has a place for a 1¢ stamp. These are in nice unused condition.

#ZZZ068 - Schneller's Eye Salve and Eye Water Literature
10 3/4" wide paper telling about Schneller's Eye Salve and Eye Water products. This was literature that was put in product boxes and is old stock that was never used from the 1920s or earlier. Nice image of the Schneller Sanitary Bottle and Dropper. Talks about how safe and effective these products were. One of the ingredients listed in the Eye Salve was Mercury which is very toxic, but......  every bottle was guaranteed. Writing on both sides. 

Displaying 25 - 48 of 58 
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