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#ZZZ052 - Set of 3 different 1926 Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial Stamps
Three vintage 2" tall stamps. All are different colors and marked "150 Years of American Independence" "1776 - 1926" "The Sesqui-Centennial Philadelphia". These are in nice unused condition and this is a great price. Less than 35¢ each!!! Unused old stock.

#ZZZ063 - Japp's True-to-Nature Toupees for Men Brochure with Prices
Vintage 7 1/2" tall Japp's 1920s Men's Wigs brochure with prices. These are incredible. Here's what they say "The directors in Hollywood Movie Studios brought it about. They insisted that the men who were partially bald must have a full head of hair so as to look youthful. So, these directors demanded a Toupee that could not be detected on screen." "Hence, the new Hollywood Toupee". "Baldness is a handicap to any man both from the standpoint of appearance and health. Toupees make one look 10 years younger and also prevent colds in the head." Japp's was a high end beauty care company that specialized in wigs and hair care products. They catered to wealthy clients. These were found in the building many years ago and were made during the roaring 20s right before the Great Depression. During that time period, people had lots of money to spend, and the prices for these wigs were really high for the time period. You sent them a sample of your hair and a paper drawing of your bald spot to get the color and size right. Hair-Lace Front Toupees were $40. That would be $513.07 in today's dollars!!!!!!!! The building is still here in downtown Cincinnati where these were found and has been converted to a bar that is all about the history of the building. They even have tours down there now. These are the only group of these brochures found.

#ZZZ004 - 1960s Pepsi Payroll Check
Neat vintage 6 1/2" wide Pepsi payroll checks found in the old Pepsi bottling plant in Selma, NC. Has a picture of a bottle cap with the single dot logo. Nice condition. Dated in the 1960s.

#ZZZ036 - Frictionite Razor Hone Flyer
Vintage 6 1/4" tall two sided paper flyer telling about the new De Luxe and Frictionite Razor hones brought to you by the makers of Smooth-O. Tells about how to fill a leather razor strop and all sort of other info. Unused old stock in nice condition.

#ZZZ172  - Group of 3 Receipts from Kenny's Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co. - Pictures Harley Panhead and Knucklehead Motorcycle
Click the picture to see the entire receipt in detail. You get 3 for $6 (that's $2 each). Vintage 8 1/2" tall used receipts from Kenny's Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co. that was in Kansas City, Missouri. They are dated in the early 1950s, and have a great image of Harley Panhead and Knucklehead Motorcycles, not to mention the old Harley logo top and center. These are nice and really uncommon. Like most receipts, these may have punch holes or staple holes. Overall nice condition. Harley-Davidson is very popular right now

#ZZZ050 - Sheet of Bavarian Beer Notepad Letterhead
6 3/4" tall sheet. Has an image of a Bavarian guy raising a glass of beer and says "Bavarian type Premium Beer" "Mount Carbon Brewery" "Pottsville, PA". Circa 1960s. Letterhead is really catching on as a collectible. Still very inexpensive and great for framing and decorating.

#ZZZ171  - Check from a 1927 Studebaker and Star Automobile Dealership - Star Auto is rare
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9" wide used check from the A. J. Atran Studebaker and Star Automobile Dealership in Arbuckle, California. All are dated 1927. Star Automobiles were just around for a few years back then and the collectibles are very rare and hard to find.

#ZZZ175  - Van Camp's Pork and Beans Brochure Featuring Mrs. Josephine Culbertson
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 7 3/8" tall fold out brochure pictures Mrs. Josephine Culbertson on the front. She was considered a bridge (card game) authority back in the day. Inside are recipes for Pork and Beans including info about how to decorate your bridge table. These are from the 1940s and are in nice shape with a little mionor age mark here and there. We acquired them from the estate of Zane Shaffer who was one of the largest country store dealers on the East Coast. Excellent unused condition.

#ZZZ123 - Crow Lake Lodge 1940s Fishing Brochure
Vintage 6 1/2 " tall 8 panel flyer. Mostly pictures of period people catching giant fish. There is a map on the back.  Says they would furnish you with maid service, meals, and lodging for $10 a day (Said that was the American price). Fishing guides and bait were extra. Pictures large catches of Trout, Walleyes and Northern Pike. The lodge was located in Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada. Nice unused old stock in great condition from a friend up north who found them. They are a fun read. Click the picture to see a couple of full size pages from the brochure.

#ZZZ170  - Check from Kenny's Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co. - Pictures a Harley Panhead Motorcycle
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides. Vintage 8 1/4" wide used check from Kenny's Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co. that was in Kansas City, Missouri. All are dated in the 1950s, and have a wonderful image of a Harley Panhead Motorcycle. You can see the detail in the larger image. These are nice and really uncommon. Harley-Davidson is very popular right now

#ZZZ006  - Frisco Railway Letterhead
Vintage 7" tall notepad sheets with brightly colored Frisco Railway letterhead. The Frisco is a defunct U.S. railroad that operated in the Midwest and South Central U.S. from 1876 to 1980. These are an interesting story. This summer we took a vacation in Branson, MO and heard stories of a fellow who had gotten lots of stuff out of the old Frisco Railway depot when in closed around 1980. We never did find the fellow, but one of the local antique dealers had this stack of letterhead that he got from the fellow we never found. It was in an old string tied bundle that looked pretty beat up, but much to our amazement the sheets were like new when we got down below the first three or four. I'm not sure of the exact date as from what I've been able to look up there were many types of Frisco trains, but I'm guessing from the style of the one in the picture that they are probably from the 1950s.

#ZZZ162 - 1840s The Penny Magazine
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 11" tall paper "The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge". These are all from the 1830/40s. Yes, you are reading that right. These are extremely old. No two alike. They are 8 pages of interesting things from around the world. All have illustrations. They were published every Saturday by Charles Knight in London, England. Typical age imperfections, but still very readable and interesting. The one shown in the picture is typical.

#ZZZ169  - Printer's File Sample of Red Jacket Athletic Hose Header - Indian - Dated WWII Era
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides. Vintage 7" or large (sizes vary) thin cardboard header card. Back has a printer's file date stamp. A few have more writing like the one pictured. All are dated during the WWI era. Sizes and dates vary. Front pictures and Indian and says "Red Jacket Athletic Hose" while other side pictures on arrowhead and tells about their guarantee "Seneca Falls, NY". Very unusual and in excellent condition. Found in the files at the old factory.

#ZZZ185 -Group of 12 Large Sterilization Bags - 1950s Nurse Pictured
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $3 (that's about 25¢ each). Vintage large 8 1/4" tall bags say "Sterilized for your Protection" "The Recognized Sign of Cleanliness Everywhere". Great image of nurse with a cross behind her. Classic mid 1950s nurse hat and hairdo. These were used by hospitals and doctors offices back in those days. Unused stock in excellent condition. We acquired these from the estate of Zane Shaffer who was one of the largest country store dealers on the East Coast.

#ZZZ023 - 50 Different Magazine Pictures, Clippings, and Scraps
That's right, only 10¢ each. Super Bargain!!!! Vintage lot of 50 all different magazine clippings/covers/articles from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. A large percentage are from movie magazines. All are famous stars of their day. A pretty good split across all time periods with a little more from the 1940s and 50s. Almost all are illustrated and vary in size from 2" to 12" tall. No two alike and you will get clippings from many different famous people. The condition varies tremendously. Many have rough edges and paper aging. Some don't. They would be incredible for decoupage, scrapbooking, or resale. If you order multiple lots, they will be completely different. Every lot has some stuff from the silent movie era. They came from a collector, so there are many interesting pieces.

#ZZZ071 - Fancy 1932 The Sheriff of Roane County Check
Vintage 8" wide 1932 check (some are 1931). Fancy check with a picture of an old time Sheriff on it. These are used checks from Spencer, West Virginia. They say "The Sheriff of Roane County" "After deducting therefrom the amount of all state, county and other taxes and levies in his hands for collection against the said payee. Payable out of General County Fund." These aren't very common and they are really nice looking checks.

#ZZZ163.1 - Paper Orange Blossom Fruit Wrapper
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9" square fruit wrapper. Made of paper. Pictures three oranges on leafy branches and says "Orange Blossom Product of United States of America" These are circa 1930s. Unused old stock that was found in storage at the grower. Very uncommon. Excellent condition.

#ZZZ018 - Unused 1935 America's Exposition Postcard

Vintage postcard from the America's Exposition which was held in San Diego's Balboa Park in 1935-36. This one was from the "Palace of Photography". It has a JS copyright in the corner which stood for John Sirigo who was the photographer. The back has the official emblem of the exposition, other info, a place for a stamp, and a place to write a note. These are unused stock that are in near perfect condition.


#ZZZ037 - Six Different World's Fair Postcards
You get six different for $1.50 (25¢ each). Vintage World's Fair postcards. We have picked these up over the years at several different places. All are in unused condition. The group includes a mixture of the following: 1964/65 New York World's Fair, Expo'74 Spokane World's Fair, and the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair. All are well marked licensed postcards.

#ZZZ070 - Tamarack & Custer Cons. Mining Co. Pay Roll Check
8 3/4" wide Pay Roll check. These are all cashed checks from 1947 that were left after the operation closed. The checks are from Wallace, Idaho.  They are in really nice condition. This was a fairly large long running operation that mined mainly lead, zinc, copper, and gold. They ended up being a large company that bought a lot of other smaller mines. They ended up with 90 claims.  The mines became depleted over time and by 1957, they no longer did mining.  They just leased the rights. These are a nice piece of mining history.

#ZZZ192 - Group of 4 Columbia Plumbing and Heating Letterhead - Old Time Bathroom Pictured
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. You get 4 for $1 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage 11" letterhead says "Columbia Pumbing & Heating Co. Buffalo, NY". There is a great image of an old time bathroom on the upper left. Circa late 1940s. They are in excellent unused condition.

#ZZZ159 - Group of 4 Hearts Delite Advertising/Calling Cards
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $3 (that's 75¢ each). Vintage 4 1/2" wide thin cardboard advertising/calling cards. Very colorful. They picture a couple decked out in formal attire, with hearts in the background and an orange and lemon in the corner. Says "Hearts Delite Florida Citrus Fruits". Both are marked "Marion County Citrus Co. Weirsdale, Florida. Printer's tag was dated 1933. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#BA703 - Scarce Charity Football Poster/Cinderella Stamp Picturing Cheerleader
Vintage 1 7/8" tall poster stamp. These are circa 1940 and say "10th Charity Football Stadium Nov. 23". These advertised charity football games that were in Cleveland, Ohio and are ungummed (none in the series were gummed).  Poster (also called Cinderella) stamps were issued as advertising, but not for postal purposes. Most of them, like these, are larger than regular stamps. They are widely collected. These are in excellent unused condition and are uncommon. They were found at the estate of a Cleveland stamp dealer.

#ZZZ079 - 1919/20 Police Department Check from North Bergen, New Jersey
Vintage 8" wide 1920 check (some are 1919). Check with fancy logo that says "Township of North Bergen Police Dept. Check". These are used checks from North Bergen, NJ. These aren't very common and they are really nice looking checks.

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