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#DA081 - Group of 4 Elsie Borden's Ice Cream Cups (2 different sizes)
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $4 (that's $1 each). You will get two each of the two different sizes. They are both identical to the one pictured. One is just a little larger than the other. The larger size is about 3 1/2" and the other size 3" in diameter. These were found at the Borden's plant in Portsmouth, Ohio when it closed. Circa 1960. Excellent unused condition

#CH005 - Bordens Elsie Starlac Sample Cups
These are very early Starlac sample cups picturing Elsie. Starlac first came out around 1951 and these are from around that time period as they say that Starlac was "new". These are the only examples I've ever seen and are in excellent condition. 2 1/2" tall. Antique and collectible.

#DA004 - Pride of the West Butter Box

5" wide waxed butter box found in storage at the Conrad Creamery in Conrad, MT. Circa 1950. Pictures a farm scene. Nice condition. Will be shipped folded flat.


#DA002 - Cowlitz Butter Box

Nice old vintage 1940s Butter box picturing cows. 6 1/2" wide one pound butter box. Excellent unused condition. Found at a farm in Longview, Washington. Old Phone number on the side with Letters. Writing and pictures on all sides.


#ZLCA043 - Roseco Evaporated Milk Label
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9 3/4" wide Roseco Brand 14 1/2 ounce Evaporated Milk label. This is perhaps the most beautiful dairy label you will ever see. Stone litho image. Very deep and vibrant colors. Cow with milking stool and bucket pictured. Also a gigantic rose image. These labels have a printer's code on them that dates them to 1933. They are an amazing find. They came from a brewery in Minnesota! During prohibition, the brewery turned to canning milk since they couldn't make beer any more. It was a large operation and they canned milk for companies all over the country. The companies would send them the labels and they would can the milk and send it back with the companies label on it. Incredibly, as soon as prohibition was over, they returned immediately to brewing beer and a ton of canning labels were left sitting in the basement all those years.

#DA044 - Four Different Large Tastee-Freez Punchout Toys
Four different vintage 12” long cardboard sheets with Tastee-Freez Punchouts on them. One says "T. C. Chicken... A Bank to Keep your Money in...". Another says "Bear of a Burger Magic Balancing Acts". Another is a pencil holder and says "I'm Little Tee, Put Your Pencils in Me". And another is a punch out board game that says "Tastee Dog and the Great Hot Dog Race". These are well made licensed items dated 1976 in perfect condition.

#DA099  - Waxed Blue River Butter Box with Cows - 1927
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the box. Vintage 5" wide (when folded together) waxed rectangular box. Pictures cows on both sides. Marked "Clark Dairy Blue River, Wisconsin" on the back, and copyright 1927 on the flap. These came from long time dealer Lorie Cairns who recently sold us her inventory. Lorie was one of the pioneers in this business, and we are thrilled to share her finds from years ago with you. Excellent unused condition.

#DA049 - Old Dairy Straw Picturing Milk Bottles and Slogan on the Wrapper
Vintage circa 1950s 7" wide dairy straw that pictures three milk bottles with straws on the wrappers and says "Refresh with milk" "At least three times a day!". These were found at the Sanitary Dairy in northern Ohio and are in excellent unused condition.

#DA094 - Coburn Dairy Milk Carton with Baby and Deco Design
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 7 1/2" tall (when folded together) cardboard milk carton from the Coburg Dairy in Charleston, South Carolina and marked as such. Baby holding up a bottle pictured. Deco design. Circa 1950 (shipped folded flat as in the picture). Old factory stock in excellent condition. This was a local find at the Dairy for a friend of mine who lives in the area. This is an uncommon one. Excellent unused condition.

#ZLCA079 - Foodland Evaporated Milk Label with Cow
Foodland Evaporated Milk can label that went on a 13 ounce can and  is 9 3/4” wide.  Colorful stone litho labels with gilding. Circa 1920s. From the Foodland Distributors in Cleveland, Ohio. Great cow picture.

#DA076 - Group of 12 Elsie Pinbacks - 1964 New York World's Fair Giveaway
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $9.60 (that's 80¢ each). Vintage 1 3/4" tall Elsie the Cow tab pinbacks. They have the Elsie copyright mark on them just to the left of her head. They were made for, and given away at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. You rarely find these in perfect condition, but these are just that. Excellent unused condition.

#PC107 - Mr Softee Chilleroo Cup
Both sides pictured. Click the picture to see a larger image. Vintage circa 1950s 3 1/4 tall waxed Mr. Softee Chilleroo cup. These are cups that were never used and they are in excellent condition. We were able to buy these at a really good price and so are passing it on to you as a real bargain.  These are very uncommon.

#DA062 - Group of 12 Very Old Waxed Vita Oleomargarine Boxes
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $12 (that's $1 each). Vintage 5" wide when folded together waxed box. They have a great image of a fist with electricity coming out of every side, and are marked "The Baltimore Butterine Co." "VITA OLEOMARGARINE" "Copyright May 18, 1925". They are from around the late 1920s. They are very uncommon and have gone for big prices before on Ebay. Also says "U. S. instpected and passed by Department of Agriculture" and has the same image on both sides, with writing on the other two and the "VITA" logo on each box end. Old stock from the long closed plants on Willard and Catherine Streets in Baltimore, MD.  These are folded flat and were never used. They are in excellent unused condition. They came from the estate of famous dealer and friend, Bob Secrist.

#DA071 - Vic and Kai Ice Cream Pail - Nice Graphics
Vintage 4 1/2" tall when folded up Vic and Kai one pint cardboard ice cream pail. This is the oldest of the Vic and Kai containers that turned up at the plant many years ago. It has nice graphics of snow capped mountains, an old time sailing ship, and a 1932 copyright date (they are from right around that time). Click the image to see the larger picture and great graphics. They are marked "The Peel-Pail" "Vic and Kai 665 Oliver St. No. Tonawanda, N.Y." The reverse looks the same, and the side says "We Prepare Sundaes, Banana Splits and Milk Shakes to take home". They came from the estate of friend and famous collector, Bob Secrist and are in excellent unused condition.

#DA100  - Nice Old Elsie Free Sample Waxed Ice Cream Cup
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 3/4" tall waxed Borden's free sample cup. Free sample is marked on the lid. Circa 1950s. Really pretty with Elsie on both sides. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#SIGN219 - Guernsey Maid Cardboard Fan Pull
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 7 1/4" thick cardboard fan pull. Pictures a profile of the Guernsey Maid with a churn and says "Guernsey Maid Dry Ground Cottage Cheese "Golden Guernsey Dairy Co-Op Milwaukee, Wis.". Circa 1940s. It looks to me like these were giant lids that were modified to be used as fan pulls. They are unused old stock in excellent unused condition.

#DA081 - Group of 12 Elsie Borden's Ice Cream Cups
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $9 (that's 75¢ each). Nice picture of Elsie with the Borden's Copyright mark. They are 3" in diameter. These are unused old stock that came from the Borden's plant in Portsmouth, Ohio. Circa 1960.

#DA093 - Hill Country Butter Box
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 3/4" wide cardboard box (shipped folded flat as in the picture). Marked "Hill Country Butter" "Creameries Brady, Fredricksburg, Texas". Circa 1950. Old factory stock in excellent condition.

#DA101 - Group of 12 Large Drive-in Dairy Waxed Milk Cartons
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $12 (that's $1.00 each). Vintage large (7 7/8" tall if you fold it together), brightly colored waxed milk carton picturing the old farmer. Says "Farm Milk Drive-in Dairy" etc. Reverse has the same image of the farmer, and says the dairy was in Salinas, California. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#DA054 - Group of 4 Bossie's Best Butter Parchment Picturing a Cow
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You will get 4 for $1 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage 6 1/2" wide parchment that were used to wrap butter. It pictures a cow and says "Bossie's Best" "Aberdeen Creamery". Both are nice unused old stock with great cow pictures. These are really old ones in excellent condition. The master box they were in says "Paterson Vegetable Parchment" "Pioneer Brand" "January, 1921".

#DA059 - Seasons Greeting Pamphlet from the San-a-Pure Dairy in Findlay, Ohio
Vintage 6" tall "Seasons Greetings" four page pamphlet. On the inside, they say "San-a-Pure Products" "We send seasons greetings and warmest thanks to you, our most appreciated customer and friend. Then there is a place for a signature that says "Your Milkman". The dairy was in Findlay, Ohio and they have a date code of 1968. They are in excellent unused condition.

#DA075 - Colorful Large Ad Sheet Offering a Deal from the Riverside Dairy
Vintage 8 1/2" tall paper ad sheet. These are from the 1950s and advertise a fancy plastic wastebasket you could get cheap if you bought a quart of Chocolate Milk, Orange Drink, Buttermilk, and a pound of Cottage Cheese from the Riverside Dairy in Cardington, Ohio. This is from the day when plastic was the new fashion thing. It says lightweight, chip-proof, durable, noiseless, and deluxe quality. This is a sheet the milkman left with your bottles. Says "Your Driver-salesman will deliver this great buy on his next call". You filled out the coupon and left it with your milk bottles, and it says you would get a "Basket of Dairy Values on your next Delivery". These are in nice unused condition.

#DA097  - Quality Chekd Dairy Foods Cloth Patch
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3 3/4" wide cloth patch from the Quality Chekd Dairies Inc. organization in Lisle, Illinois. They are in excellent unused condition. 1970s. We found an unopened bag of them. There was a tag in there identifying them as having been made by National Emblem in Los Angeles. These are unused old stock found at the plant are in great condition.

#DA023 - Paper Milk Bottle Carrier
Including the handle, these are a full 13" tall. They fold open and and were made to hold two quart milk bottles. Says "Half Gallon - Enjoy the convenience of two single containers". Neat graphics. Unused dairy stock from the 1950s. Nice condition. We had a bunch of these a lot of years ago and they sold really well at shows when we put them out with a couple of quart milk bottles in them.

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