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#ZLC095 - Venice Cove Crate Label with Rooster
Vintage 11" wide Pride of Venice Cove California Red Ball orange crate label. This is a great label for framing with a rooster and oranges pictured. Beautiful colors. These will brighten up a kitchen. They are unused stock from the Klink Citrus Association in Ivanhoe, CA. Got these from a kindred spirit who also loves looking for old store stock. I got him hooked on this stuff 20 years ago and he has been looking for it ever since. This is one of several outstanding labels he has been able to procure.

#CH073 - Large Snow White Flour Bag
Vintage paper Snow White flour bags. Nearly 15" tall with a great picture of Snow White rolling dough on them. Excellent unused condition. Unused old factory stock.

#CC192 - 1940s Coca Cola Ad Card with Lady with Apron Coke and Groceries
Vintage 6 5/8" tall Coke ad with carton pictured and coupon with lady attached to each other by a peforation. The card and coupon are attached to each other by a perforation as shown in the picture. They come apart cleanly, but some folks like to keep them together and frame them that way. They are in excellent condition and a vintage Coke item from the 1940s. We just bought part of a huge collection of Coke items. These were part of the lot. The fellow that had this stuff is a friend who searched old bottling plants and hauled most of this stuff out many years ago.

#PC057 - Joosy Twins Water Ice Bag - Great Graphics
Vintage 1940s Joosy Twins Water Ice Bag. 7" tall. These are unused stock from the Checker-Bar Ice Cream Co. in Cleveland, Ohio. Nice unused condition. Great picture of the "Stickids" as they were called.

#CC029 - Coca Cola Bottle Redemption Card
Circa 1940 Coca Cola redemption card. 2 3/4" wide. Very thick cardboard. Both sides pictured. Vintage unused old stock from a Coke plant down South.

#BEADS0036 - Group of 100 Green Wooden Czech Beads
You will get approximately 100 for $3 (that's 3¢ each). We counted several strands and they vary between 98 and 102 beads. These are an unusual green color. Vintage well made very old painted wooden Czech beads. These are unusual hard to find colors that are still bright and bold. Each bead is nearly 1/2" long. Most of the strands are broken and don't have their tags, so the beads will be loose for the most part. 100 beads measures out to nearly 45", so this is more than enough to make a large necklace. These came from a bead company warehouse a little north of here. Their records show they bought a huge quantity of them in 1950, but they were likely old when they bought them. The colors and weight of the beads (light) are more typical of the 1930s/40s. They had quite a few and sold them as hippie beads too when that day came too!

#MUSIC5002 - 1940s Opera News Magazine

Vintage 8 3/4 - 10" tall (depending on which issue) 1940s Opera News magazine. They show some typical aging but are in nice shape. These are uncommon and often go for $5 each and up on Ebay. Some go for a lot more depending on who is on the cover. We have several different ones and don't know one from another. No special requests please. You may get the real high dollar one. Hard to tell. Opera News was founded in 1936 by the Metropolitan Opera Guild with Mrs. John DeWitt (Mary Ellis Peltz) serving as the publication's first editor. It was initially intended to be a "useful, instructive, and factual weekly newspaper of Opera in New York". Its first issue was published on 7 December 1936 and consisted of only one folded broadsheet.


#PC078 - Borden's Elsie Super Ice Cream Bar Wrapper
Vintage 6" wide Borden's Super Ice Cream Bar wrapper. These were a joint venture with Borden's and Popsicle in the late 1940s. They are marked with the popsicle "Joe Lowe Corporation" mark on the front. Pictures "Elsie" on the front and "Beulah" on the back. Says to ask your Borden's Ice Cream man about saving the bags to get "Hundreds of Swell prizes". Also, says "Or send a postcard to Popsicle Pete". These are old factory stock in great condition.

#ZLW102 - Troika Vodka Label
Vintage 4 3/4" tall label that says "Troika Vodka" "Made from 100% Grain Neutral Spirits". These are gilded and have a wonderful image of a guy on a snow sled being pulled by horses. We bought these right, so we are passing that on. These are great labels. Unused old stock from around the 1940s that were found at Maisonette et Cie in Meadowlawn, KY.

#BA064 - Niagara Felt Pennant
Vintage 8 3/4" wide felt pennants marked Niagara. These are the old type soft felt and go back to the 1940s. I found them at an old souvenir distributor not far from Niagara Falls. He sold them as souvenirs to the local Niagara schools and also as Niagara Falls souvenirs back during the WWII era. They got misplaced and he closed them out to me.

#ZLC009 - Skookum Apple Crate Label
10 1/2" wide colorful vintage crate label from the 1940s. Unused old factory stock from the Skookum Packers Association in Wenatchee, WA. Excellent condition. Cartoon Indian pictured. Has a 1916 copyright date on it, but this is the 1940s version.

#ZZZ034 - Hershey Chocolate Invoice
Vintage 7" wide invoice. These are old invoices from the Brockmeyer Cigar Co. in St. Louis, MO. They are in good shape with typical paper aging. They have the Hershey Logo and were for mostly candy bars and syrup and other hershey items that Brockmeyer distributed. Dates vary, but all are from the early 1940s.

#CS015 - Flagship Coffee Bag
Pictures a neat old airplane. Unused stock from the Flagship Coffee Co. in Cedar Rapids, Ia. Very colorful. Vintage 1940s stock. 9" tall.

#ZLC001 - Wenatchee Chief Crate Label

Large 10" wide super colorful vintage apple crate label with Indian. Unused stock from the Wenatchee Growers Ass'n in Wenatchee, Washington. Dated 1948. Nice frameable antique label.


#ZLC110 - Breakfast Belle Citrus Label with Black Maid
Vintage circa 1940s Breakfast Belle Citrus label. Pictures a black maid ringing a bell, and grapefruit on the table. 9" wide. Very nice image. Unused stock from the Lake Garfield Citrus Cooperative in Florida.

#ZZMS044 - Yellow Cab Check
8 1/2" long vintage Pay Roll Check from The Ohio Yellow Cab Co. in Dayton, Ohio. They are in good condition and are all dated in the 1950s. The Yellow Cab Company is very famous, so these should be good sellers.

#ZLC229 - Duckwall Hood River Pears Crate Label
Vintage 10 1/2" wide circa 1940s Duckwall brand Hood River Pears crate label. Detailed and colorful image of a duck against a brick wall. These came from the Duckwall Bros. distributors in Hood River, OR. Very nice unused condition.

#BEADSC0081 - Copper Ladder Charm That Opens and Closes
Vintage 7/8" tall copper coated steel ladder charm. The ladder folds out. These are old store stock from the late 1940s in unused condition. The copper has a nice patina. Steel charms with copper plating were mostly made right after WWII when the price of these metals was very cheap. The price escalated rapidly between 1946 and 1950 and almost all of the charm makers went over to plastic. These are U.S. made and were bought from the original maker many many years ago. This is a very scarce and unusual charm.

#DA046 - Enterprise Creamery Butter Box with Cows and Land O' Lakes Mark
Vintage 4 3/4" wide one pound waxed butter box. Super colorful images of cows and a farm. They are marked Land O' Lakes Creameries on one of the flaps and also say "Churned by Enterprise Co-op Cry. Ass'n. London, MN". These are really nice and very uncommon. These kind of dairy boxes don't come around often. Shipped folded flat.

#CC025 - 1940s Coca Cola Ad Card with Lady
This item is an ad carton and coupon attached to each other by a peforation. Found at the old Coke bottling plant in Frankfort, Indiana. The card and coupon are attached to each other by a perforation as shown in the picture. They come apart cleanly, but some folks like to keep them together and frame them that way. They are in excellent condition and a vintage Coke item from the 1940s.

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